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Palestine - Anti-Semitism In Action
By Mary Sparrowdancer
© 2007 By Mary Sparrowdancer
Within hours after publishing my last paper, "Palestine: The Invisible Holocaust," which focuses on the horrifying human rights violations being committed by the Israeli Zionist military against Palestinian civilians, something rather odd and unsettling happened. A stranger hiding behind anonymity phoned my 21-year-old son, John, on his cell phone with an insulting message designed to intimidate.
John lives in an apartment not far from my house, my house being the home in which John and his sister grew up. John and his sister are known by their father's last name, not mine.
Although I have never used John's cell phone, I phone my son frequently from my land phone here, and he phones me from his cell phone. It has been reported that records of all phone calls made in the U.S. routinely go through an Israeli-based company known as Amdocs, Ltd., which has offices throughout the United States. It has also been reported that private records of individuals' calls have been easily accessed and obtained by others. This was discovered after a group of bloggers obtained the phone records of General Wesley Clark for $89.95. (1) (2)
"Hello," the anonymous phone caller said to my son, "Is Mary Sparrowdancer there?"
"No," John said, surprised, because no one had ever phoned him before on his cell phone asking for his mother.
"She's not here, but she is my mother. Can I help you?"
"Yes," the caller replied. "You can give her a message for me."
"OK," John said.
"Please tell Mary that she is an anti-Semitic bitch.
Thank you." The anonymous caller, whose own phone number was blocked from John's view, hung up.
John then phoned me to tell me about the unusual call and to make sure I was safe. He asked if I had recently published any new thought-provoking articles, and I told him I had indeed just published one exposing the atrocities that the Zionists in the state of Israel have been committing against the Palestinians for almost sixty years. John's other question had to do with the new accusation that I was "anti-Semitic."
"What, exactly, is an anti-Semite?" he asked.
He asked me this because he was confused. He knew that my last religious affiliation, long before his birth, was with Judaism. He knew that when I converted to Judaism from Catholicism, I was sent to Hebrew school by my elderly rabbi where I learned the Hebrew language. He knew that the rabbi named me Miriam when the conversion was finalized, and that I became known as "Miriam, granddaughter of the rabbi." He also knew that I had left Judaism after I began having Gnostic encounters with the Messiah, encounters that have been occurring in this house and elsewhere for almost twenty years now. In addition to all of this, John also knew that I have friends who are Jews, including the current editor of my upcoming book. John knows well that I still frequently read and translate Hebrew writings into English. So he was not sure, therefore, if his understanding of an "anti-Semite" was correct. On this day, it appeared to have taken on a completely new meaning.
John is not the only person who has been confused about the use of this highly intimidating insult. Recently, among a growing number of people insulted and unfairly branded in this manner, have been, incredibly, people such as President Jimmy Carter, a man of enormous ethics who has devoted his life to being a neighborly servant to humanity. President Carter was insulted because he dared to speak on behalf of the Palestinians while criticizing the illegal activities of the Zionists.
I wondered how many others were being deliberately misled by the media about the true meaning of a Semite. Was this being done in order to intimidate people into remaining silent about the barbaric acts carried out by Zionists?
The World Book Encyclopedia describes a Semite as, "A member of a group that speaks one of the Semitic languages." It further states, "The Semitic languages are very old. They are now spoken mainly in Arabia, Palestine, Syria, and Iraq, and in Egypt and other North African countries. The Semitic languages include Assyrian, Aramaic, Syrian, Canaanitic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic, and Ethiopic." (3)
I noticed that while Palestine was listed among those countries, there was no mention of the state of Israel in the 1969 encyclopedia. I assumed this was because Palestine was still Palestine at the time of publication, and Israel was still a small state within Palestine, its borders constantly blurred since its announced statehood in 1948. Israel's borders have changed on a daily basis since its Six Day War in 1967, when it stepped up its occupation, destruction and confiscation of Palestinian homes and lands. The Zionists have roped lands off with razor wire and high walls, while absorbing the lands all around them that belong to the Palestinians. These are lands that had been inhabited by the Palestinian Christians, Palestinian Jews, and Palestinian Muslims for many centuries in peace, but most people in the US do not realize this.
"The number one myth that Westerners have about this conflict, is that Arabs and Jews have been fighting for thousands of years, and they are going to continue to fight," said Douglas Dicks of Catholic Relief Services. He is one of the many professionals interviewed in the highly acclaimed, award-winning documentary, Occupation 101, directed by Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish.
"Forget what you think you know," the trailer of their documentary states. "Forget what you've seen on CNN," the Lansing State Journal states. (4)
"This is really quite bizarre," James Akins, U. S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1973-75), continues in Occupation 101, "because all it takes is a little bit of reading to find out that this just isn't true. There is no congenital, historical enmity between the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews flourished in the Arab world at a time when they were being persecuted throughout all of Europe."
The fighting in Palestine did not begin until the European Zionists (European Ashkenazi Jews) declared that they wanted a land for Jews only, and specifically, they wanted Palestine. This created two immediate problems. The first problem was that Palestine was already inhabited by almost one million Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Palestinians. As stated, they had been living in peace on this land for many generations. This was, after all, land considered Holy to all three religions.
The second problem created was in identifying what the word "Jew" meant, because it is not a single and distinct race, and it is not even one religion. A large number of Sephardic Torah Jews are quite opposed to Ashkenazi Zionism and Zionist Israel, stating that "traditional Jews are not Zionists." For them, the state of Israel is a violation of the laws of God, because the Jews are to remain in exile until the coming Messiah. That it might offend God does not matter to the Zionists, however, because many Zionists are atheists. One must at least wonder, then, how they can claim that they are the rightful owners of land belonging to the Palestinians because "God gave it to us." (5) (6)
The Zionists were not concerned with Jewish law, nor do they appear to be concerned about international law, which they have also violated. They appear to view themselves as the untouchable elite who are above any law. As settlers arrived, the Zionist military began confiscating even more property belonging to the Palestinians, and this is when the fighting began. The fighting has been going on for about sixty years now, (escalated for the last forty years) because the Palestinians have utterly no place to go and they have been wondering why the world has not heard their cries for help.
At least a portion of Israel's need to "take" land that does not belong to Israel stems from the Zionist policy of not only inviting Jews (and others) from all over the world to come and be a "settler" in Israel, but also because they offer lucrative cash incentives for those willing to be new "settlers." I am familiar with the first part of this policy, because when I converted to Judaism, I received papers entitling me and all of my future offspring citizenship within the land Israel was claiming it owned.
As the settlers (whether atheists or not) arrived, most of them presumably believed that the promised land they were being promised actually belonged to Israel. This assumption, we now learn, was and is inaccurate. This was not the Promised Land of God. It was the promised land of the Zionists, consisting of the homes and lands of the now homeless Palestinian Semites. Their homes have been bulldozed and the owners made homeless in order to make way for the invited settlers, many of whom, it now appears, are not Semites, at all. According to an article appearing in the Washington Report, as many as 50 percent of recent immigrants into Israel are not Jewish according to Jewish law. (7)
The Palestinians' homes continue to be destroyed, unarmed civilians massacred, their lands taken, and their ancient orchards and farmlands uprooted or paved over with new highways that the Palestinians are forbidden to travel upon. If the Palestinians can manage to pass through the many Nazi-like, Zionist checkpoints now set up within their neighborhoods, the Palestinians are forbidden to use the new highways built for the elite. They must take the low roads and travel on the bombed out, dusty, pockmarked roads left to them. Many of their old roads now lead to nowhere except another checkpoint, or a fence or wall. Every step of the way, there is nothing but a dead end for the Palestinians.
While most of us have stared in a daze at the television and have held hands and sung comforting Kumbaya songs convincing ourselves that all is right with the world, the Palestinians have been beaten to death, mortared to death, run over by tanks and bulldozers, falsely imprisoned, held without charges and tortured. They have had their bones broken during the Israeli Zionist "bone breaker" campaigns carried out by the Zionist soldiers. They have been stripped naked in their own neighborhoods and forced to march naked behind tanks. They have been used as human shields, they have been denied all human rights, and they have been openly gunned down and slaughtered by the Israeli Zionists. This has been going on for almost sixty years. Kumbaya, lord.
Some of the more fortunate homeless Palestinians have been able to move to other countries where they can experience peace at last, but for at least forty years, Palestinians have lived under conditions so horrific, at first one can hardly believe what one is witnessing in the independent news media. Many have been forced to live in tents as the bloated, ill-defined borders of Israel continue to ripple and undulate as needed for its new settlers.
Israel will always be in need of more and more land, because of its policy of inviting unlimited new settlers into "their" country, which still has no Constitution. Only some people have rights in that strange, strange state. Its waxing and waning borders are so blurred the rest of the world still does not know where the boundaries of the "State of Israel" begin or where they will end.
Our controlled, major news and entertainment media, which some currently feel are controlled by those with Zionist interests, are sources from which most of us have historically received our selective "news" about world events. These media, with the help of entertainment, are extremely powerful in shaping our ideas about the world. We have assumed that the media have been fair and honest. Now, with independent journalism gaining in popularity over mainstream media, we find that we have been told lies. The controlled media have badly misinformed us about almost everything, and in particular, they have hidden from us the truth about Zionist Israel and the Holy Land.
"You are about to witness images and testimony largely hidden from mainstream America," Alison Weir calmly states in Occupation 101.
She is an independent journalist, and the founder of If Americans Knew, which is dedicated to providing accurate news coverage of events in Palestine. She continues providing this information despite a death threat from an anonymous phone caller claiming to have been trained in the Israeli army. She continues because once one sees what has been hidden from us, one must raise one's voice on behalf of those who have no voice. Thanks to the state- controlled media, the Palestinians have had no voice for almost sixty years. (8)
One of the first things Americans need to have clarified for them is the definition of "occupied land." This is a sanitized phrase commonly used by the mainstream media when describing the Israeli-Palestinian situation. For most Americans, "Israeli- occupied land" means absolutely nothing. It is simply a land description, perhaps implying Israeli ownership or that the Israelis are simply trying to defend their biblical homeland from the Palestinian terrorists. For the Palestinians who actually own the land that is being "occupied" by Zionists, it means that their land is under attack by a highly armed, deadly, frightening, foreign military that appears to be lawless and unaccountable.
That army, which is being supported by billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers, has been destroying and taking everything in the paths of their tanks and bulldozers for six decades.
Although the Palestinians have lived for generations on their land, with some families tracing their ownership back over one thousand years, despite this, under illegal Zionist occupation, the Palestinians have no civil rights. They have no rights to their own homes, no right to privacy, no citizenship in the "State of Israel" that is occupying Palestine, no right to travel within their own land, and no right even to life itself. They are at the complete mercy of the military that is "occupying" Palestine, and this is a military that has never been known for its mercy.
Bishop Allen Bartlett is among those interviewed in Occupation 101. He stated that once the Palestinian land is "occupied," then certain areas of the land are selected by the Israelis, and "whatever is there, whether it's roads, or whether it's villages, the homes, they are bulldozed and a new town is built on the hilltop." The new settlement is for the newly arriving "settlers" streaming into Israel. The Palestinians are not permitted in the "Israeli settlement" areas that have been built upon Palestinian land.
According to the interview of Richard Falk, (U.N. Human Rights Fact- Finding Commission), "These are armed settlements, about 190 of them spread all over the West Bank." The placement of these armed Israeli settlements within Palestinian land is in violation of international law, and it serves to keep the Palestinians confined to increasingly smaller, isolated islands that now resemble prison camps, some completely bombed to the ground. "The refugee camps," Falk states in the documentary, "even if there was no conflict with Israel, are just humanly horrible." (9)
Some of the refugees have lived through multiple home demolitions and forced relocations as more and more of their choice land is confiscated. Those who have protested have been imprisoned or worse. As tanks and bulldozers shake the grounds and armor- piercing shells are fired at the Palestinians homes and unarmed crowds, there is indeed not a trace of mercy to be seen anywhere.
There is only blood, demolition, destruction, despair, terror, death, unbearable noise, and now something new: hunger and thirst. The Palestinians are being cut off from their food and water supplies. (10) (11)
It is not uncommon for the Israeli soldiers to ransack the refugee camps at night in order to further terrorize and torment the Palestinian Semite refugees in their own homes, sometimes breaking through the walls of their homes with tanks or explosives, and other times demanding to see the IDs of the Palestinians who had been sleeping in their own homes. The children are so traumatized by all of this that some no longer wish to live. Suicide, in a setting such as this, is always an act of despair. The world should keep this in mind as we hear of the daily accounts of suicide bombings. We should be asking, at last, what the cause of this great despair might be. (12) (13)
Among those who have been severely targeted by the Zionist army have been the Christian Palestinians. The American Christians who have been led by mainstream news, by televangelists, and Hollywood to think that all Palestinians are "Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists," should perhaps stop watching TV long enough to consult their own Bibles. They will discover that it was the Palestinians who were among the first converts to the teachings of Jesus. It was to the Palestinians that he chose to appear during his last attempt to help us, thus making Palestine the cradle for his new teachings of love, peace and acceptance. Palestinians Jews were the first of his Chosen People. Yet, apparently this has been forgotten for now, because Christians are being turned into Christian Zionists, which is an oxymoron. One cannot support the brutal, inhumane treatment of others and also claim to be following the teachings of the Messiah.
In the documentary, Dr. William Baker, former Professor of History and Biblical Studies, states, "The Christian Quarter has been really, really decimated and taken over." There is apparently some concern now that there will be no Christians at all left in the Holy Land after the Zionists are finished with their ethnic cleansing. (14)
One can only hope that the U.S. Christian Zionists, who have been marching in blind support of Israeli Zionism, have done so because they were unaware of what they were supporting. One hopes that these American Christian Zionists were unaware that they have been supporting terrorism (which is illegal), and war crimes, including war crimes against their fellow Christians, the Palestinian Christians. One must cling to such a hope in this hour when it appears that U.S. Christians have helped to make the Palestinian Christians, as well as other Christians in the Middle East, homeless.
Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal is an American man of the Jewish faith who was born in 1913. For decades, he has been one of the most passionate defenders of the Palestinian people, and one of the most outspoken opponents of Zionism. There are, in fact, hundreds of thousands of other Jews who share his feelings. We are largely unaware of this because those Jews who oppose Zionism have not received any mainstream airtime. Trying to combat this, many of these Jewish leaders have begun to publicly march and demonstrate in order to show support for the Palestinians, and to explain to the confused public that contrary to what we have been led to believe, Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism does not reflect Judaism or its principles, nor does Zionism adhere to Jewish teachings.
Zionism is something else, many rabbis are saying as they demonstrate against the state of Israel in public while carrying the flag of Palestine.
In a very memorable and telling confrontation between a "Zionist" and a group of Jewish Torah rabbinical leaders, Rabbi Chaim Lefkowitz begins to explain to the camera the difference between Zionism and Judaism. Zionism, he states, "is an atheistic national movement, extremely opposed to the basic faith of Judaism." After the Holocaust, Rabbi Lefkowitz explains, most of the Jewish rabbinical leaders at that time had perished, and "the Zionist leaders, they took over the power of the name, of the true name of the Jewish People." Therefore, he states, the true voice of Judaism is hardly ever heard throughout the world at this time.
It is at this moment in the video when a "Zionist" confronts the group of Jewish rabbis, screaming insults, vulgar names and curses at them. He shouts that they all should die, and "your children should piss on your bones." But the most interesting thing he said to the rabbis and Jewish scholars, was, "You aren't Jews! You are anti-Semite bastards!" Indeed. No matter who you are, no matter how devoted or respectful you are to Judaism, no matter how handsome and rich your Semitic roots might be, if you oppose Zionism then you are an "anti-Semite" bitch or bastard, deserving death.
The humor of this outburst accusing the rabbis of being "anti- Semites," did not escape Rabbi Lefkowitz, who, smiling, said to the screaming man (without raising his own voice), "You speak like, like an Zionist." The rabbi then turned around and, still smiling, nodded to his fellow rabbis. He had just settled the argument. The Zionist had accused the rabbis of being "anti- Semites," but the Orthodox Semite Jews had identified the Zionist as being a Zionist by way of his uniquely insulting and vulgar speech. Rabbi Lefkowitz did not need to utter insulting words. He only needed to utter the truth, which he did. The Zionist then left, defeated.
"You see?" the rabbi said, still calm, returning to the camera, "What you saw here is a very perfect example of what is going on in these days. You see a fellow without his religious faith on him, just calling himself a 'Jew,' and when true Jews here, rabbinical leaders and noted scholars, are trying to say a true Jewish word, we got obstructed immediately, and that is what happens over (and over)." (15) (16)
Zionism appears to be something dangerous to individual freedoms, raging with hatred, above the law, and it is hiding behind Judaism, claiming that it is Judaism when it is not. Zionism is using Judaism as a front while also claiming a need for protection from the entire world. In fact, it appears that it is the entire world that needs protection from the Zionists. According to the late Jack Bernstein, who was a Jew, "Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism/ socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one One-World Government under the control of the Zionists, and the Zionist- oriented Jewish international bankers." (17)
Dr. Lilienthal has repeatedly clarified for us all that criticism of Zionism has nothing to do with "anti-Semitism."
In fact, on more than one occasion, Dr. Lilienthal has explained that most of the people who call themselves Jews today are not a race of Semites at all. In his July 14, 1986, Commentary in the Washington Report, he asserted, "Jews constitute no more than 10 percent of the world's Semites. The overwhelming majority of Semites are Arabs. Furthermore, most Jews today could not trace their ancestry back to the Holy Land and, therefore, are not true Semites at all. Ninety percent of the world's Jews are descended from converts to Judaism, mostly the Khazars in what is now the southern USSR. The Khazars accepted Judaism as their monotheistic faith. They did not have the remotest connection with the Semites of the Holy Land." (18)
One might be thinking at this point that matters could not possibly be worsened for the Palestinians, but Zionists have devised a plan to make things much, much worse. Israel has built a wall that is over 20-feet high, snaking through Palestinian land, snaking through at least one schoolyard so far, separating Palestinians from their own yards, from farmlands, from their own neighbors and neighborhoods, destroying their access to jobs and grocery shops, destroying access of the shop owners to their local customers, and making life as unbearable as possible. Erected at various points along the brand new "Wailing Wall" that Israel has built within Palestinian lands, are enormous, cold, ugly guard towers from which guards can watch and fire shots. The entire scenario bears a chilling resemblance to Nazi prison camps. (19)
Now that we finally can look at the facts in front of us, it becomes clearly visible who the most atrocious anti-Semitic state in the entire world is: it is Zionist Israel. The Zionists, while throwing desperate "anti-Semite" insults at anyone who would dare question them, have created a Holocaust for the Palestinian Semites. (20) (21) (22) (23)
If you are supporting the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, then you are helping to support terrorism and in doing so, you are practicing open anti-Semitism against the Palestinian Semites.
This is an abomination that must immediately stop.
Today, in looking with horror at a map of the Middle East, I saw that Palestine was completely missing. There is no mention of her. The entire land that was Palestine yesterday, the cradle of the Messiah's teachings of peace, is now, with a stroke from an arrogant pen, simply a state of changing borders and hidden atrocities called "Israel." This makes almost four million Palestinian Semites refugees in their own country.
Confiscation and redistribution of properties, blurring of borders, maltreatment of human beings, rewriting of history by state- controlled propaganda media, spying on citizens and terrorism are all totalitarian communist concepts in which the state becomes all important and the individual is of very little importance. Such a state would not be interested in creating a Constitution, because the actual goal of totalitarian communism is strengthening the state, not establishing individual human rights.
While the state-controlled media has told us for many years that "communism is dead," quite the opposite is true. It is clearly apparent that totalitarian communism is alive and prospering (for the very few elite now controlling the rest of us), and it has been established right in front of us while we believed "communism is dead." It is merely the word "communism" that has been quietly retired, while another word that demands instant sympathy and protection has been substituted in its place. The descriptions of the earmarks of a communist state can be found in Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.
Communism has always been established by a minority of people who dream of being in control of everything and everyone. At this time, their dream has briefly come true. The rest of us are now awakening to find ourselves in a nightmare.
The Zionists began taking over the world in the early 1900s, which is also when paper plans were made to take Palestine away from the Palestinians. This is when the Bolshevik Revolution also occurred. It was a busy time for the communist elite. In the United States, they established plans that began to erode and violate our Constitution, including the establishment of the "Federal Reserve" of private bankers and the creation of a "federal income tax," that purports to be a tax on the labor of Americans. Both violate our Constitution. The communist totalitarian desire is for an endless supply of uneducated workers with a hive mentality, not the highly educated Citizens that we were meant to be. We were meant to be intelligent guardians of human rights and civil liberties. Highly educated Citizens are the enemies of a totalitarian communist state.
The world is now on a collision course of becoming a totalitarian communist New World Order of merged borders. Evidence of this can be seen dangerously taking place in Europe with the "EU." This is truly a very grave situation. Totalitarian communism always involves a loss of human rights, loss of borders, and eventual utter chaos, which happens when simple local governments are taken over by huge, uncaring, and inefficient "state" or "federal" governments. Although this type of government takes control of everything and everyone, it is the most inefficient form of government and the most heartless. It cares nothing about the individual, or about individual rights, property, safety, or security. We can see this in Palestine. We can see this in the contempt that the U.S. government has shown for its own Citizens during the last hundred years when Citizens have been gunned down and massacred by a government that also holds itself above the law. We can see it reflected in the soldiers dispatched to fight and die, ill-equipped, on foreign grounds. We see it as our own borders begin to fade, and in the still unresolved disaster of Katrina. Big government accomplishes nothing for the people, and everything for the few elite "in charge of everything" but accountable for nothing.
Neither should we be fooled by the word, "democracy," which is constantly being repeated these days as though this were a supreme goal. Democracy is mob rule, and as such, it is a recipe for disaster. America had a Constitutional Republic, in which individual rights were honored, rather than just the rights of mob rule. "Democracy" is the favorite buzzword of the totalitarian communists who want "democracy" set up everywhere. It will result in utter chaos, because "democracy" never addresses the individual, and the world is in fact made up of individuals who wish to be heard.
This can all be changed. We can take our country back. We can take the world back, but we must educate ourselves, first. Read
the Constitution and demand that it be upheld. Read about communism and know that it can hide behind other names. Demand an immediate cessation of support for Zionist Israel. We need to rid our government of the Zionists who are now running everything while placing themselves entirely above the law. The most important thing we can do in the U.S. is to make sure that we fill government seats with people loyal to their Constitutional oaths. We should demand that there be no formation of a "North American Union" like the "Union" being coerced in Europe. We need to keep our national boundary lines, and we need to govern on a small and compassionate scale, from within, as opposed to being governed by one small person from an impossible distance. This way, our voices will be heard.
I wondered as I watched in grief the documentaries listed below, if the Palestinian people were the last people on earth who are capable of crying. The photos almost seem to indicate this. The men cry openly and without shame. They embrace one another openly and without shame. I wondered if this was why Jesus selected them as his first Chosen People the last time he went public and tried to correct things. Are they the only ones who are still capable of a full array of human emotions while the rest of us have become unfeeling robots, marching stiff-lipped and obedient to communist Zionism? Then, I began receiving emails after that last paper, revealing that others were crying, too. Many of us who are waking up from this 100-year nap are crying. We should all learn to cry again, to hug again, and to ask for a better world. Even a growing number of the Jews in Israel are waking up and seeing that what is happening there is not right. Some are refusing to serve in the army. Others are holding small meetings with the Palestinians on their own, searching for a way to peace. The tears are inevitable at those meetings, because communism is not a natural, human state. We were never meant to be a hive of communist robots. We were meant to be loving, educated individuals watching out for ourselves and one another. We were created as a people with a full range of emotions.
In watching the videos about the Palestinians, I read the disparaging remarks and comments being written by viewers about "Jews" who are now, again, being detested more than ever. This indicates the viewers do not realize how confusing the situation is as a result of the Zionist atheists calling themselves Jews and Semites. We need to educate ourselves about this so that we do not blame the innocent. Zionism created Israel. The true Jews did not. Zionist atheists have had enough primetime. We need to listen to the Torah rabbis now who have the compassion and wisdom that the world needs at this time. True Jews did not create the abominable conditions in Israel and the world. Zionist fanatics did. We should never again be afraid of criticizing Zionism. We should protect the Semites and we should protect each other from the "elite" unaccountable.
It took us only a few years to end The Holocaust that happened in World War II, but it has taken us nearly sixty years to even discover this Holocaust in Palestine. We need to end it immediately. We should demand that the "occupied" lands in Palestine be given back to the Palestinians immediately and all who supported the destruction should now help to rebuild their homes and what is left of their tragic, destroyed lives.
Take down the ugly walls and the Nazi-like guard towers hovering over the prison camps of the hungry Palestinians. For God's sake, give them food and water. Give them the comfort they have not known for sixty years. Get rid of the Nazi-like checkpoints. Take down the razor wire and the electric fences. Get the Zionist tanks and bulldozers out of Palestinian living rooms, residential neighborhoods, groves, orchards, and farmlands. Put an immediate cap on the number of "settlers" that Israel can invite to come in and occupy land that Israel does not rightfully own. If this cap is not done, we will never know what the ultimate borders of "Israel" might be.
Stop supporting Israel, and listen to what the rabbis are suggesting: the state of Israel needs to be peacefully dismantled. Let the whole land be called Palestine again, and let it be set up as a Constitutional Republic, guaranteeing the rights of all who might be present there, not only the elite. Let the divine rights of all be protected.
Listen to the Jewish rabbis who have also had no voice until now:
Zionism does not represent Judaism and it never did. Allow the Palestinian Christian, Muslim and Jewish Semites the right to return and to live in peace again on their ancestral lands. Allow them all to live with dignity as human beings, as they were before Zionism took over the area. It will be a sad day when the only people "occupying" The Holy Land, are atheists. Will they bulldoze into eternity the holiest of sites to three religions in order to make a cheap new settlement? What right did an atheist movement have in claiming as their land the land that is holy to three religions?
Get the U.S. and Israel out of the Middle East. Help rebuild the countries we have shamefully destroyed or helped to destroy.
Don't even think about invading Iran. Turn the ships back. Bring all U.S. soldiers home unless they are handing out food, water, liberation and free hugs to those who have had no voice. Tell them to take pictures and publish them so we can see exactly what is happening.
Apologize. Apologize to the countries you attacked and ransacked when We The People told you not to do so, and then apologize to us, the American Citizens you "leaders" failed to represent.
When all of this is done, then there will be peace in the Middle East. There will be peace on earth. It all begins by demanding a stop to the real anti-Semitism happening in this world: the anti- Semitism that is being carried out by Zionist Israel. Give Palestine back to the Palestinian Semites. Free Palestine.
This is what Jesus would do.
* * * * * * * *
Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song, about the Messiah who is now walking among us. He is an interesting fellow who showed up exactly as predicted, 40 years after the creation of the state of Israel. He announces nothing about himself, he is not affiliated with any religion on earth, and he only becomes a Messiah if one accepts his terms of peace. He is not a "failed messiah." We failed by not accepting his terms the last time.
Can we try again, please? The first edition is sold out. The Special Edition is about to be printed. Mary is also the author of numerous articles about health, religion, science, human rights and politics. www.sparrowdancer.com sparrowdancer1@earthlink.net
* * * * * * * * *
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"Try not to cry" 6/24/2007 (I say let us all cry ­ mary)



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