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No Comprende: Illegal Kills
Cop - We Pay For
His Attorneys

By Gene Malone
"An illegal-immigrant pleaded not quilty Tuesday to murdering Kenosha County (Wisconsin) Sheriff's Deputy Frank Fabiano, Jr." reads the first paragraph of the local newspaper, the Kenosha News today.
Remember the illegal - wandering around the US leaving a road of crimes behind now noted elsewhere - shot and killed a Kenosha police officer on a routine traffic stop recently.
Two attorneys and an interpreter have been hired (at tax payer expense) to offer legal aid for the jailed illegal, in this land where illegals commit crimes most Americans would not - even hiding one's own name as does the presumed cop-killer, 'Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero' (a name created for the sake of the trial). It is unknown who sought the legal aid for the accused (that will be interesting, but you guess).
Oh, the accused gunman remains in jail on the homicide charge
($1 million dollars bail). He plead "Not Guilty"" while the funeral of the police officer was held with hundreds of legal Americans and police officers attending...and a grieving family remaining.
Oh, the legal charges against the accused are "first-degree intentional homicide and carrying a concealed weapon." Readers note carefully: there is NO charge listed on roaming the country illegally, having no identification, using 5 aliases, using multiple social security cards, and most likely much more. None
of these are crimes, apparently, for an illegal who wishes to be an adventurer,
a terrorist, "migrant worker" or an exploiter of our land and laws - after all these years of invasion by the illegals gladly accepted by our own government for votes, cheap labor, and underwritten by our political apathy.
By the way, who , individually, is responsible in government for all this rampant criminality? I have a few suggestions:
The globalist, Mexico-First President GWB; the political parties and their choices for elective office who serve them rather than the Republic; the hordes of special interest groups with ties to the illegal invasion seeking power and plunder in our country, and the present
director of so-called Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff,
recently appointed to encourge our nation without borders or security,
and to be enfolded in the now-exposed scheme called the NAU, North American Union, and all its tentacles.
And, perhaps YOU and all the others who have not figured out the simple plan: massive unchecked illegal immigraton to diminish the sovereignty and well-being of our nation.
Deport all the 'illegal' politicians in Washington DC, those elected men and women who have ignored their duty by law to protect the security and sovereignty of the United States of America. The ultimate 'illegals' are, in fact, those we elect who have betrayed our nation, you, and our posterity.
Throw the illegal politicians out, one by one, as they finally show their loyalty elsewhere in their votes in Congress and actions from the DC bureaucracies including the Mexico-first President GWB and his gloablist cronies.
Then elect Americans which would include, obviously, LEGAL immigrants who have taken the oath to defend their new country.
Gene Malone, legal Kenosha, Wisconsin
* I would think anyone in office, or any taxpeasant, who has not read the US Constitution or intends to disobey it, is not a legal citizen either, as ignorance of the law makes citizens potential, daily enemies of truth and social order. Hint: learning the language of unity, English and the history of this country's defense of freedom even now would eliminate civic confusion that presently is promoted by those who seek to weaken our Republc.
** Question- Do you think the accused murder in Kenosha will be sent quietly back to his socialist/lawless nation of origin, Mexico, by public leftists in our community and "legal " system when all is said and undone? It's a real possibility.



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