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A New Solar X-Ray Phenomenon
By Ted Twietmeyer
There exists a group of NASA satellites known as GOES. In orbit around the sun, these satellites have monitored the infrared and ultraviolet, visible light, X-ray emissions, magnetic field, proton and electron flux. Although highly chaotic, our nearest star is extremely complex and ever changing. This author has monitored it daily since the mid 90's, and satellite data show that it appears to have generated some peculiar timed radiation patterns. These patterns have been seen in the past. However, they were always accompanied by other phenomenon. For example, solar flares or other elevated levels of activity. Currently our sun is entering a new 11 year cycle which will peak around 2012. (Please don't write me about 2012 - I'm already aware of that date's many implications.)
Today there were five evenly spaced X-Rays pulses which were observed by this author:
White circled area shows five perfectly timed X-Ray pulses. Only GOES 12 shows the source of the X-Ray emissions. All other satellites are quiet at these hours circled above.
Yet there is no other accompanying solar activity. There are no solar flares, no elevated proton or electron flux levels, no change in the magnetic field, no change in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum or any other known electromagnetic energy. A side note - the higher the Kp levels (green bar graph above) the further south one can see the Aurora.
Here is an enlargement of the white circled area shown above:
Each of the different colors shown above represents data from a different satellite, and each pixel (not easily discernable in this JPEG) represents 5 minute data. Note the evenly stepped drop-off in detected X-rays over three hours detected on August 16 which appears to be detected by only ONE satellite (orange line.) We also see a similar effect by the same satellite shortly after 0000 hours UTC on August 18. And there are three pulses from this satellite shown above, each one EXACTLY 21 hours apart. How can a random, chaotic star generate these patterns?
We also see that five almost perfectly spaced X-Ray emissions were detected by FOUR satellites, not just one. The graph above shows elapsed time in 3 hour intervals. These pulses appear to take place every 3 hours. When I observed other timed X-Ray pulses like this several times in past months, there was increased activity with electron, proton and magnetic field levels making any determination of independent X-Ray pulse generation difficult. I remained silent until the big question could be answered - could this happen without an accompanying increase in any other Solar radiation? Now we know.
One possibility I first proposed several years ago is that Planetary Time Jumps (PTJ) could be related to outside "corrections" made to prevent collision with orbiting near-Earth asteroids [2]. If these celestial bodies were emitting X-Rays as they passed by satellites, we would see a delay in the detection of X-Rays by each satellite. That is to say, the X-Ray peaks in the GOES chart would be out of phase with each other, or simply put, overlapping and not exactly on top of one another. This was not observed. Instead, we see four different satellites showing the same X-Ray peaks simultaneously. This also eliminates any possibility of satellite malfunction, since the odds of all four satellites malfunctioning simultaneously thousands of miles apart is beyond discussion.
What is not yet known is how or why these pulses were generated. However, it's clearly beyond all doubt these timed X-Ray emissions took place. My work on planetary time jumps three years ago appears to show an X-Ray response from the Sun whenever a PTJ occur.[1] If true, then at least FIVE such jumps have recently taken place. But how can this be?
To perform a PTJ is not simple technology. It is clearly outside publicly known technology and physics. However, it could provide a means to prevent annihilation of the Earth if it were to intersect the orbit a near-Earth object. Most probably it would be used to avoid being exposed to an outburst of a massive, deadly coronal mass ejection from our Sun that could extinguish all life on Earth. Who could do this? Perhaps others "out there" want to protect the Earth for their own selfish reasons and not because they want to protect human beings and other life-forms. Massive evidence already exists that others visit the Earth to mine it for various natural resources, such as water and our DNA.
Other planets in our solar system are effectively dead when compared to Earth. These would simply be left behind in the jump. We wouldn't even notice a time change by looking at other celestial bodies, since very little changes on these planets over long periods of time. The implications of this become quite interesting ­ still-functioning spacecraft around Mars, the rovers on Mars and the Voyager spacecraft we receive signals from, would be from a different time. These may provide the best indication of time jumps yet: The Voyager spacecraft have been transmitting signals more than 20 years BEYOND THEIR DESIGN LIFE. And the rovers on Mars ­ should have ceased operating about 6 months into their missions. Yet all continue to operate! Why?
We know today that Mars is heating up and its polar ice is receding. Other planets and moons in our solar system are probably heating up, too. It may also be that although time jump technology can time jump a planet, it cannot jump something as massive as our Sun. If a time jump were to use exactly 24 hour increments, most people wouldn't notice it happened at all. Its human nature to only pay attention to things we're conditioned to see, and ignore everything else.
On my website www.data4science.net , I've documented in the Time Jump section several repeated events observed by various people around the planet For example, passing the same car twice on a highway over a short period of time, or seeing the same person exit a building twice with only one open entrance. Or hearing part of a sentence rapidly repeated on a live radio show as this author did. These may be some of the artifacts of a PTJ. There probably exists tens of thousands of undocumented time jump observations made by countless people worldwide, who simply ignored it as a "figment of their imagination" or just a misconception. PTJs may be the biggest secret of all time, no pun intended.
With regard to the recent X-Ray pulses observed on our sun, this may suggest that as many as FIVE such jumps have recently taken place. If the sun is responsible for the end of time in 2012, it may be that a PTJ could post-pone that event. It may also be that these pulses were created by an outside intelligence, and are being used to communicate with us. Or, an advanced weapon has been used on Earth and we are seeing a response from the sun as space-time was altered. There are other implications too unsettling to discuss.
Ted Twietmeyer
Some of my earlier essays on Planetary Time Jumps:
[1] - http://www.rense.com/general51/mag.htm
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[3] - http://www.redicecreations.com/news/2004/meteor.html


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