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Your Money Or Your Life
From Judith Moriarty
From Judith Moriarty
To: letters@cmonitor.com
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Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 12:11 PM
Subject: Your Money or Your Life?
June 15, 2007
Dear Editor:
I would suggest we find the $2.3 TRILLION, that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated, 'could not be tracked' (Sept 10-2001). Then came Sept 11-2001, and these missing Trillions got lost in the fog of war? I say send the Marshall's to the Pentagon and start searching.
The billions that can not be accounted for under Paul Bremmer's watch ( hard cash sent on pallets to Iraq) - should have a higher priority than killing the Brown's in Plainfield, NH for the monies that it's claimed they owe? Heck, the President gave Mr.Bremmer the Medal of Freedom for losing all our tax money! A siege around Halliburton headquarters might enlighten us all to the billions misappropriated - overcharges for military supplies in this war before we kill the Brown's?
The point is - men 'just following orders' should not kill their fellow citizens over something as mundane as money. If they were given their day in court to have their concerns and questions answered - any and all bloodshed could be avoided. As I understand it; they simply want to see the 'law' under which they are obligated to pay Federal Income Taxes? That seems a pretty reasonable demand to me. I could not imagine myself going to the extremes of the Brown family and ending up with an army taking me out! I respect their 'freedom' to do so. Ted Bundy got more than a decade on death row and good ole Charlie Mansion (these are real criminals) is still kicking. The money that the Brown's are charged with owing isn't going to pull us out of our massive debt that is costing us approximately $41 million per hour in INTEREST payments. The real crime here is bankrupting our nation in this insane borrowing (from foreign countries) to perpetuate forever war. PLEASE DON'T KILL THE BROWNS.
Judith Moriarty
Claremont, NH



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