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Hit Movie Exposes
Hollywood's Luciferian Game

By Henry Makow PhD
Before the film* starts, they tell you they are Satanists.
The logo of Universal Studios features a globe emitting "a thousand points of light," an occult concept popularized by George H.W. Bush in 1991. It refers to the Illuminati initiates.
The Illuminati are Luciferians who have harnessed man's divine spirit for evil. They believe evil is good and good is evil. Thus these "light bearers" are really evildoers. This is the origin of Orwell's "doublespeak." (Technically, Satanists differ from Luciferians in that they know evil is evil and revel in it.)
The new hit movie "Knocked Up" portrays crude demeaning behavior as acceptable. An evil spirit, this film is hailed as "an era-defining classic" --"the American comedy of the decade" by film reviewers. It received anunusually high 91% favorable rating at rotten tomatoes.com Thus, our double-speaking masters pass off the disgusting as acceptable and funny. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/knocked_up/
The film is about a beautiful TV entertainment reporter (Katherine Heigl) who picks up a slacker (Seth Rogan) at a bar, accidentally gets pregnant and tries to make the relationship work. This is the post-feminist version of courtship and marriage. First you get pregnant, then you date. In the movie, her sister also got married this way.
Luciferians would prefer Katherine had an abortion but hey, you can't make a comedy about that. So, with little explanation, she decides to have the baby.
This "comedy" was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The train of course is Western Civilization.
The movie's idea of comedy is to throw acid at our sense of taste, decency, intelligence and style. Just when I thought it couldn't shock me again, it did. I'll give you a few examples.Warning: This is disgusting.
The "hero" Ben Stone lives with a bunch of lowlifes in a comfortable suburban home in LA. They spend their time watching porn, getting stoned and riffing on entertainment trivia.
Stone has no occupation or money. A Canadian Jew, he lives off a small insurance settlement he got when a postal truck ran over his foot. His career program consists of starting a website that tells viewers when in a movie the star gets naked. "Want to see Meg Ryan's bush? That's 22 min 14 seconds into..." he says with a straight face.
OK, hold your nose. His roommates get "red eye" infections from a prank: farting bared-assed on each other's pillows. Apparently this is what happens when you get poop in your eye. "American comedy of the decade!" "Era Defining Classic!"
His future niece, an 8-year-old girl says everyone calls him a "prick." "What's a prick?" Does he reply, ask your mother?
No. He tells her. "A penis." The daughter of the writer-director, Judd Apatow, plays the niece.
When Katherine goes into labor, her MD is out of town, although he promised he would not be. Seth blows a gasket. He leaves a three- minute tirade full of expletives and obscene threats on the doctor's answering service. Classy.
When Katherine is having the baby, Seth's lowlife friends gather in the waiting room. They are "family." Hearing her screams, a particularly repulsive fellow rushes into the operating room in time to give the theater audience a full frontal of Katherine's dilating vagina. He retreats in panic.
Funny? I guess that's what Apatow meant when he said the studio urged him to "earn his R rating."
When did a scatological obsession with sex, genitals and excrement become the new "funny?" Let me explain.
Since the "Enlightenment," Western culture has been based on the denial of God. Sure we pay lip service to God, but that's all it is.
Western culture is Luciferian. Freemasonry, the church of Lucifer, is the real religion of the modern world. The Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry. Our "culture" is predicated on replacing God with man, hence we have "humanism," the religion of man, sex and excrement.
In practice, the central bankers take the place of God. When man puts himself above God, he becomes Satan. The Illuminati know this and actually channel evil.
Western history is punctuated by a series of "revolutions" sponsored by these bankers ­English, American, French and Russian. "Revolution" means replacing the Old Order with the New World Order, replacing God with banker. They create money of thin air; they think they are God. They disguise this process with social reforms which we pay for and democracy which they control.
Truly, what is God? God is Reality. Even if we don't believe in God, we all have a sense of truth, goodness, justice, love, peace, and beauty. This spiritual sense and craving is our connection to God. It defines us as human.
Just as God made the natural world with exquisite design, so humanity is also governed by natural and spiritual laws. It's our job to discern these laws and live accordingly.
Luciferians want to obliterate our sense of the Divine order. They want to replace God with Satan. By offending us in movies like 'Knocked Up," they thumb their nose at God and worship their master Lucifer.
The writer-director, leading man and many supporting characters in this movie are Jews. I am not being anti-Semitic. They chose to present Jews in this bad light.
Jews should hearken to Harold Rosenthal who said, "Jews don't realize it but their God is Lucifer." Also, when he said, we "pit management against labor [Right vs. Left] so they will never unite and attack us [capital, the Fed] and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia." <http://www.savethemales.ca/000334.html>
I used to be a Luciferian Jewish dupe so I understand their mentality. The Luciferian Leftie Jew is taught that society is dominated by repressed racist greedy right-wing Christians who own the evil corporations. These hypocrites engage in imperialist wars like Vietnam and Iraq. Only Liberals and Socialists can keep these awful people in check.
For Luciferian Jews, being obscene and tearing down the moral and social order is rebellion against hypocritical mainstream society. They don't realize that they are being manipulated. The Masonic bankers want to degrade, demoralize and alienate Americans. They sponsor both Left and Right. They control the corporations. They own the studios. Luciferian Jews like Judd Apatow aren't rebels. They're dupes serving the establishment's long-term occult world-government agenda.
It's time entertainment and media Jews stop acting as NWO shock troops. It's time they stop creating anti-Semitism. It's time other Jews disassociate themselves from the banker agenda.
The movie has one redeeming quality: it exposes the overbearing out-of-control American feminist. Katherine got pregnant because she told Seth, struggling with his condom, to "just do it." He misunderstood her meaning and tossed the condom. Giving birth, she tells the male MD how to deliver her baby.
My favorite scene is when a nightclub doorman won't admit her because she is big-with-child (after a fight with Seth, she goes back to the nightclub pregnant); and her sister is "too old." The sister (played by Apatow's wife) vents in typical foulmouthed fashion.
But this movie cannot be mistaken for sophisticated social observation. (To Hollywood's credit, Richard Gere's "The Hoax" was.) "Knocked Up" is an assault on the collective psyche, degrading and perverting societal norms and sensibilities.
Culture is based on setting up spiritual ideals and elevating our lives accordingly. It is choosing the higher path over the lower. The Luciferian NWO is based on reversing the two, making evil seem good, and crushing the human spirit.
"Knocked Up" is a trip down a psychic rabbit hole populated by perverts, creeps and losers. Hollywood wants us to emulate them. Judging from the rave reviews, we are willing to oblige.
Related: Texe Marrs, "Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light." (1992)
"Jews Have Debased American and Jewish Culture" http://www.rense.com/general62/deb.htm by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
and my "Jewish Comedienne Wants to be Loved" http://www.savethemales.ca/001942.html
--- Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. hmakow@gmail.com
'Knocked Up' Comments
'Knocked Up' - Death Knell Of American Morality
Jeff Rense
I went to see a film at the local multiplex but was late, so I strayed into 'Knocked Up' out of curiosity...to see what the media (straight 'A' reviews)...and 'public'...are raving about.
I am anything but a prude, am not a 'Christian' fundamentalist, and I am certainly appreciative of good contemporary and classic film comedy. 
This 'film' is so staggeringly hideous, so grotesquely destructive, so primitive, so infantile, so evil in its contrived intent ... and, tragically reflective of the massive malignancy called today's 'pop culture' and socia ethos, that I walked out after an hour. I literally could not stomach it any longer. I felt soiled, violated, but above all, sorry, pathetically sorry, for our young people whose values and behaviors are being engineered and programmed by this kind of film excrement.
Thanks to this trash, and the 'US' and 'People' and 'e' tee-vee culture, many young people will never know that it IS 'cool' to exercise restraint and to honor and show true respect for the opposite sex, or to think of life with a *kindness* that has been essentially consigned to the dust bin of history nowadays.
This, of course, is the intent of the globalist 'entertainment' media, and has been for years, in its drive to take America down. Permanently.
This despicable mind control spiritual butchery and cultural car wreck of a movie is termed " a terrific film - one of the year's best, easily " by the Village Voice, and " an instant classic..." by the NY Times, and get this one:
"more explosively funny, more frequently, than nearly any other major studio release in recent memory." said Variety.
An 'instant classic'? 
A 'terrific film'? 
And 'more explosively funny' than any major film in 'recent memory'?
In fact, 'Knocked Up' is the most vile, most despicable rape of what's left of morality and decency...and *boundaries*... in America this viewer can imagine. It is a de facto celebration of the devastation of our young peoples' sensitive, forming minds and hearts, and teaches them that animal
behavior and gross irresponsibility is the NORM...that it's OK...that it's a desirable, trendy, good times lifestyle that counts.
In fact, this beyond vulgar film is emblematic of the depths to which the majority of our younger society has been led...sunken to the bottom of a cesspool of drugs and sex...and drugs and sex. Oh, and 110 decibel 'music', too. Just ask any honest, socially-active teen.
The degradation of women and the mindless, cretinous behavior of the central group of young 'men' in this 'screenplay' sent the message loudly and clearly to the audience: no responsibility, no restraint, no respect, no reverence for common decency and no serious self-control.  
"Explosively funny" said Variety. Huh? It was explosively *frightening*...to hear the audience howl and laugh ON CUE, as they have been conditioned to do by corporate 'entertainment' moguls who literally are engineering culture...and mind-molding generations...with this and similar exploitation films.
The audience wasn't served humor...it was fed pure TRASH...and the most UN-funny, crushingly boring dialogue, and crass amateur 'acting' this writer may have ever witnessed.
Yet, the de-sensitized zombies and mind-controlled dolts in the theater ate it up and screamed with porcine delight.
Each time the script cadence said 'laugh', they howled. Everything is 'funny' now. Especially when the feminine lead goes into the bathroom and farts. Great humour, indeed. Witty, sophisticated and fabulously creative.
Our children have been irrevocably mind-melded by the ghouls who churn out this kind of wretched product...nothing less than a putrid debasement of the values that once put America on top of the planet in setting the example of personal kindness, decent values and social morality.
This kind of moronic, degenerate role-modeling is being used and misused by millions of young people trying to figure out the mess they are living in. Pathetically, this film and its brethren will do nothing to aid in that process. Instead, this kind of garbage will be conveniently employed by impressionable and malformed youth to justify and mitigate their failure to achieve...or even to strive for...much of anything in life beyond wage slavery. And today's staggering *peer group pressure* makes it a perfect partner to mind control/influencing films like this.
Our young people will never know the gentleness, kindness, care and civility of the times in which American culture achieved its zenith. Those days are gone. Replaced by the new, despicable baseline behavior so luridly splayed across the screen.
As a footnote, the editing was pathetic... including the three-times disappearing seat belt of one of the two little girls in the back seat of the car in the opening minutes of the film. What a joke.
And the woman who played the foul-mouthed, quasi-unfaithful wretch of an older sister was so overly made-up, she made the Stepford Wives look like paupers.  One scene has her sitting in her fluffy bed in pajamas, painted up like a halloween mask, wearing at least a pound of lip gloss and with every little strand of hair, curled and locked into perfect precision. Absurd.
This incredibly destructive, debasing 'film' is, of course, reflective of what America has become. It IS the new NORM. The only question remaining is, one supposes, how much lower can it go?
Now read the major print reviews of it...and then, if you dare, go see this celluloid barf bag. And pay heed to the verbiage of the reviews below - there is much to learn therein...
Movies.com Reveiwer
Dave White:
"...it's a blast and never lets up being gut-bustingly funny, but I feel the need to defend its very well-rounded brain, too, because there's an older audience out there that's going to want to ignore it without giving it the chance it deserves."
"It's like an Eric Rohmer film full of really talkative (make that really, really talkative), really interesting people who all seem like characters y ou want to follow. And then it doesn't disappoint you by not following them . You get it all, from everyone, even the supporting players. Instead of be ing about this-happened-and-then-this-happened, you walk out talking about all the great things the characters said to each other. It's the kind of mo vie you go back to twice because you want to hear them say it again."
Print Media Critics' Reviews: A
Chicago Tribune 312 stars/4 "Not even an overgenerous 129-minute running time and the late-breaking clichéd conflicts of the story line can kill it."
Entertainment Weekly  A " the very model of a great comedy for our values-driven time "
Hollywood Reporter " sight gags rank a far distant second with a cast that can get so much mileage out of the snarky taunt, the deadpan understatement or the out-of-left-field pop culture reference."
Los Angeles Times " a promising premise, and Apatow takes it unexpected directions."
New York Times " an instant classic, a comedy that captures the sexual confusion and moral ambivalence of our moment without straining, pandering or preaching."
Rolling Stone 312 stars/4  " the summer's best comedy."
TV Guide " Judd Apatow further refines the combination of gross-out frat-boy yucks and chick-flick feelings "
USA Today  312 stars/4  " a perfectly tuned romantic comedy that is consistently funny, whether reveling in bawdiness or laying bare its soul."
Variety " more explosively funny, more frequently, than nearly any other major studio release in recent memory."
Village Voice " a terrific film - one of the year's best, easily "
Glenn McCarthy
Dear Mr. Makow:
Has it ever occurred to you that your worrisome, paranoid, griping is based in an a self-inflicted ethnocentric world view created by the extremely hypocritically, violent, and racist Calvinist Victorian "Christian" morality. Why is it so hard for you to grasp the academic fact that Christianity is an ever-morphing version of much, much older "pagan" traditions, which will provide whatever fairytale a public is willing to believe as long as it also provides a means of social control for an elite group of completely amoral aristocrats. If not for the fact that "true believers" like yourself were such a danger to a free and democratic society I would have pity on you. But until you have your prophesied apocalypse's I'm not willing to feel anything but contempt for your penchant to drag others along on your holier-than-thou blind leap into the care of a violent omni-phobic god. To put it in terms that a right wing conservative should be able to understand: Stop poking your nose into other peoples business and take some responsibility for yourself. If you don't like Hollywood movies don't watch them, and If you don't value the First Amendment shut up!
Glenn McCarthy
Alton Raines
We can always count on Makow's utterly paranoid overreaction to the trivial Hollywood 'product'; A Satanist Jew behind every script, the new 'red-menace,' Be'elzeboss himself in spandex with a bifurcated tail and hayfork seeking to ruin the minds of young people through the evils of 'situation comedy.' Reminds me of a Jack T. Chick evangelism pamphlet/cartoon that used to go around, teaching that "Bewitched" was indoctrinating middle America in the ways of the black arts. I watched Bewitched as a kid. I learned absolutely nothing about the black arts, but I did learn how to make a killer Martini or how to make a double scotch on the rocks. You know, the LEGAL dope. Oh brother!
Certain rattle-trap brains are a sheer embarrassment to the Christian community. Makow, so easily shocked by "dirty" words and interchanges must go into a complete tizzy when reading most of the Old Testament (most notably, Ezekiel 23:20 and 2 Kings 18:27. And I'm sure the entire opening of the Song of Solomon causes him to pass clean out!)
Makow's opening comment about the Universal logo is so insipid as to be undeserving of a rebuttal. But this harrowing scene of debauchery and Satanic madness in the film simply cannot be topped:
Makow writes, "His future niece, an 8-year-old girl says everyone calls him a "prick." "What's a prick?" Does he reply, ask your mother?
No. He tells her. "A penis." The daughter of the writer-director, Judd Apatow, plays the niece."
I'd tell her it meant a penis also. An eight year old need not wander around in stupidity and it's a straight forward, no-nonsense question. Ask your mother??? No, answer the question and stop making a big mystery (and via this, something "cool") out of commonplace sexual quips, insults and double entendres. Kids don't need to be in the dark, that's what screwed up several generations in the first place.
The film may be absolute trash and a worthless, crude comedy, but it's not some Satanic plot. Get real.
Kieth Norman
Response to Glenn McCarthy's comment on Prof Henry Makow's article
Glenn -
" worrisome, paranoid, griping is based in an a self-inflicted ethnocentric world view created by the extremely hypocritically, violent, and racist ... et al"
If indeed,Prof Makow arouses such "worrisome"-ness in the atheistic/polytheistic(?)memory patterns of Mr Glenn McCarthy's cerebral frontage,then one would expect a promulgation of that which worries Glenn so much..Alas, we are treated to the childishness and inherent exhibition(stolen for affect only) of the Judaic Zionistic Terzetto Operation (JZTO) otherwise known in the Smear Industry as the "The Three Stages of Trashing Truths and Triads". normally sponsored by those patriotic American-Israelis such as Wolfowitz-Rhode-Feith-Ledeen-Perle- Pipes -Bolton -Elders of Zion(all)- Zakheim - Luti -Maloof -Negropointe- Dershowitz-Frum- Chertoff -Kristol -Woolsey-Wurmser -Podhoretz -Kagan-Libby-Abrams- Kissinger and Madonna(when not importing)....and possibly Mr McCarthy himself.(citation reqd)
It is probably quite natural/normal  for "Mac" to respond favourably/positively to the imagery of Paganistic Punks and the Wicca Wonders of Woolwich....for Mac has not achieved privilege(as yet) to the abundant wondrous PRIVATE and Semi-PRIVATE libraries that are secured from those 'conspiritualistic' revisionists that seek truth and justice...Does he really think that the College and Internet Libraries are all that there is.
Glenn said
"Christianity is an ever-morphing version..et al " 
Get smart Mac..you are blatantly showing a cognitive content whose perception, discovery, and learned range is that held within a "Spider Man" comic..The Internet, estimated by Oxford and Cambridge Scholars in 2005 carry between 20-27% historical fact ONLY....the rest is undetected as yet or stored in private archives,rooms and cellars for release at a time of choosing by the elite that govern and control the air you breath and the woods you walk in..
For simplicity and just an instant only, ignore the Historical Academics and research the religious understanding of Scientists and Scientific Research Engineers, relative to the Christian and Torah Bibles..You would be amazed at their trust in God and the agony that mathematics can be at times.
If you feel so strongly as to the detrimental affects that Christianity has on people, then spend 5-6 weeks as would a professional and play devils advocate WITH YOUR CURRENT "assumed position"...This writer personally corresponds with 15-17 anthropologists, archeologists and palaeontologists ...Fourteen of these professionals are religiously inclined..
I strongly recommend that you(Mac) stop indulging in fantasy with what is readily procurable AND DISPOSABLE on the Net and assume a position that lends yourself to public debate(real stuff) and I submit that Prof Makow is attempting to do what tens of thousands have done over the past 2000 years...in that he realises that Christianity was INITIALLY a far better way to achieve peace and understanding than anything that existed at that time.. or 3000 years prior...
However,the Professor now has to contend with the "Amateur Religious Monks"(ARMs) who for reasons only they comprehend ,prefer to support the evil side of humanity than to build on the WEAKNESS of WHATEVER the peoples philosophy for peace love and freedom maybe..
At times I fear that SOME people get extremely agitated when those three words..peace,love and freedom are spoken openly...How long before they will come to mean anti-this or anti-that or even possibly anti-Semitic
The manner of corruption and evilness in JC's time, particularly by the Romans and Phariseetical sects of that era against the principles of peace and public security has lingered for near 2000 years..The Professor fully appreciates(I believe) the challenge that he has undertaken and comprehends the historical scenarios and subsequent corruptive activity that has evolved over this last 2000 years..Your comment in generality cannot be taken seriously as you spin collective phrases that wreak of Internet search engine activity..I did it myself 20 years ago until I find that the Colleges and Univs were really starved of facts and truth...The improvements in today's engines are frowned upon by those that attempt Control and Globalisation..
Wake up.Glenn.... the ROSES have a limited lifespan.
You mention "Calvinist Victorian "Christian" morality."...and then lay siege to this religion that has survived quite easily for almost 2000 years..warts and all Were you aware that John Calvin's...(Swiss theologian born in France) works were amended and corrupted (after his death) by religious and political sects that wiped out an enormous amount of 2nd century content from his writings..Some of which were the extracts that were originally deleted and modified by the Emp. Constantine in the 4th century
Calvin had re-inserted these religious writings in the 16th century...So you are incorrect Mac in referring to the part subject as "Calvinist Victorian"...
Victorianism was just the puritanical,priggishness,morally rigorous and strictness that exacerbated the ordinary 19th century Brits..Very few Brits even attempted to adhere to the Puritan method of righteousness..The Puritans of yesterday have been replaced by todays Christian Zionist(the ultimate oxymoron)..So go after them
When we NOW look at your statement above Glenn,the exaggeration through ignorance of the REAL reasons for its emergence and outgrowth is very visible ...and quite fragile in its intent
Would you leave(alone) your 10-13 year old daughter in a movie place to see the movie that the Professor has taken to task...If not.. WHY....Alternatively,would you personally take your 10-13 year old daughter in to see that movie..If not WHY...Otherwise it would be most interesting to hear your rationale for leaving her or taking her to see said movie.
"Glenn McCarthy.... King of the Wildcatters"..no relation to the Oily Texan I assume
kieth norman(WelshBrit)



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