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WHO Lifts Ban On Hep B Jabs -
2-Mo. Old Babies At Risk

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Despicable, babies age 2 months and older are, once again, at risk. The risk is from WHO and the Euvax B vaccine. If one believes the literature on Hepatitis B, the risk factors are mainly, for IV drug users and/or those having unprotected sex with an infected partner. We are talking about 2 month old babies here.
IF there is a chance that the mother has risk factors for HBV, or is infected, then test the baby for HBV. Would the vaccine even protect a baby already infected with HBV? I doubt it, sincerely.
There really is not ONE reason in the world, that I can see for giving babies and young children this vaccine. i.e. unless one wants to harm the child.
We are giving our children and babies far too many vaccines, and I think it despicable to, once again, begin injecting innocent babies with this form of poison, Euvax B.
Vaccine is a very unnatural way to challenge a babies immune system. We pump the baby full of vaccines, many given at one doctor visit. However, we then proceed to use sanitizers and sterilizers to make sure a child has a pathogen free environment. We use dangerous hand sanitizers on babies and childrens' hands. By so doing we are not challenging a child's immune system naturally. A child cannot fight off germs if that child grows up in a totally sanitized environment. We follow this insanity of sanitized environment with a massive conglomerate of all sorts of vaccines that contain all sorts of poison, even viruses as we saw with polio vaccine which contained cell lines from monkeys and SV 40 etc etc. We risk infecting them with prions as a result of bovine cell lines and the mixture of so many different vaccines, in my opinion, is fool hearty and dangerous.
A truly wise person would not take a handful of pills at one time. I always believe in separating different medications by 30 to 45 minutes. One medication could work against the other. So, too, I believe vaccines should not be lumped together in one doctor's visit. Frankly, I would limit the vaccine we give our children. There are just too many and it is harming them and their immune systems. I think that many parents are starting to feel that vaccines are not helpful and do harm. Doctors, of course, who are courted by the pharmaceutical industry with many perks and bribes, will be the last hold outs re vaccines. As long as the pharma industry forkes over the perks, doctors will continue to inject our most precious resource, our children, with poison.
It is a sad day when the WHO lifted the Euvax B vaccine.
WHO Suspension Of Euvax B Vaccine Lifted
By St. Maarten Government Information Service (GIS)
GREAT BAY, St. Maarten (GIS) ­ Local health care providers have been informed by Sector Health Care Affairs (SHCA) that the Euvax B vaccine which was suspended in May 2007 can now be used again based on the conclusion and recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO).
The World Health Organization (WHO) removes, with immediate effect, its recommendation for temporary suspension of specific lots of Euvax B vaccine on May 31 and June 20, and that all lots of Euvax B under temporary suspension are released for use.
The WHO has concluded its investigation of serious adverse events following immunization, temporarily associated with administration of Euvax B vaccine in infants in Vietnam.
Samples of suspended vaccine lots, collected from the manufacturer and from Vietnam, have been tested for bacteria and the final test results show that the lots comply with WHO quality standards.
The WHO concluded that there were no problems with regard to the quality, safety or potency of the Euvax B vaccine.
The clinical, epidemiological and multiple vaccine quality investigations provided no evidence of a quality problem with specific lots of Euvax B, or with the vaccine in general.
Therefore, the WHO removes, with immediate effect, its recommendation for temporary suspension of specific lots of Euvax B vaccine and that all lots of Euvax B under temporary suspension are released for use.
Sector Health Care Affairs advises parents to contact their healthcare providers to ensure that their children's hepatitis B vaccination status is up to date.
Hepatitis B vaccination is given at the age of two months, three months and 11 months, according to St. Maarten's vaccination schedule.
Hepatitis B is a serious but very common infection of the liver which comes from the Hepatitis B virus. The vaccine prevents hepatitis B virus infection and its serious consequences. There is no cure for hepatitis B. Treatment includes rest and proper diet.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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