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Israeli Co Is New Pentagon
Computer Security Supplier!

From Jeff Blankfort
The Israeli company for computer security Check Points has been appointed as the official supplier to the American Ministry of Defense. In particular, the company will supply American Federal agencies with a protection system for data stored on laptop computers. (Guysen.International.News) July 17, 2007
Whatever one may think of the old Protocols of the the Learned Elders of Zion, the protocols of the current elders seem to be working very efficiently. Let's see. They control Congress and the White House, security at all our major airports, through the Israeli company Amdocs they manage the billing of 90% of US private telephone companies, and now they have a direct line into the computers of every federal agency because one may be assured that if they have a system, they know how to bypass it. Of course, by calling it "Check Points," that is equivalent to the Nazis of an earlier generation calling their school yards, "Concentration Camps." Different era, same mentality.-JB



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