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Hickenlooper Of Denver &
Booker Of Newark -
Twisted Twins

By Frosty Wooldridge
Two weeks ago, Jose Carranza and Rodolfo Godinez, two illegal aliens, one an MS-13 gang-banger-- forced three college bound teens to their knees before assassinating them in Newark, New Jersey. It's been called "The Newark Massacre."
Two years ago, illegal alien Gomez Garcia executed Denver Police Officer Don Young in the back of the head.
What do the two crimes share in common? Both events and criminals enjoyed "Sanctuary Policy" in those cities. That policy disallows any information as to a criminal's illegal immigration status. It protects them from the rule of law. Denver police stopped Gomez-Garcia three times while letting him go each time. Carranza and Godinez sported rap sheets a football field long including rape of a five year old girl.
What do Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper and Newark's Mayor Cory Booker share in common? They both allow a "Sanctuary Policy" in those two cities. What else do those two mayors share?
Denver, Colorado features 12,000 gang members while being named the "Drug Hub" capitol of the West. Its I-70/I-25 corridor proves the people smuggling route of choice for illegal alien traffickers.
If you think Newark suffered a heinous killing act, think again. Boulder, Colorado adds its name to the sanctuary cities of America. In the past two years, eight women suffered rape, Dale Englerth suffered death from a drunk driver, CU quarterback John Hessler suffered a head-on and a bicyclist suffered death while standing at a stop sign. What did those victims share in common? Illegal aliens who had been arrested multiple times but let loose-killed Colorado citizens.
Denver proves even worse as Justin Goodman and Young suffered death while other illegal aliens suffered death such as Gilberto Cruz shot-gunned his girlfriend to death. Additionally illegal alien Navi dragged his girlfriend to death at the end of a rope.
Meanwhile, Alejandro Rivera Gamboa, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested four times on drunken driving charges in Oregon.  But until police charged him last week with choking the life from Dani Countryman,
15-year-old girl, immigration authorities had never heard his name.
Juan Lizcano, another illegal alien featured two run-ins with the law in Texas.  Both went unnoticed by immigration officials until Lizcano, who entered the country illegally in 2001, was charged with killing Dallas Police Officer Brian Jackson in 2005.
In New Brunswick, Ricardo Cepates, an illegal alien from Honduras, already had an outstanding deportation order when he was arrested for holding a knife to a woman's throat in 1998.  But he, too, fell through the cracks and was released. In 2004, he was convicted as a serial rapist who had terrorized a large swath of the city for two years.
What do those killers share in common? They live in sanctuary cities. What do those illegal aliens portend for Denver? How vulnerable are Colorado citizens? I charge you to enable Denver police officers to arrest, detain and hand over to ICE--all illegal aliens.
Short answer: VERY VULNERABLE!
Perhaps Mayor Hickenlooper's office might feature bumper stickers that read, "Have you hugged a gang-banger today?" Maybe Booker could change his New Jersey's auto plates from "The Garden State" to "The State of Execution."
By supporting sanctuary, is it possible that Hickenlooper and Booker's idea of inclusivity and multiculturalism include MS-13 gang members?
With all the violence and death perpetrated on American cities via illegal aliens driving drunk, killing citizens, wreaking havoc in our schools, overwhelmed hospitals and prisons-wouldn't you think Hickenlooper and Booker would stop their support for sanctuary policies in their cities?
The sad, pathetic answer is: NO!
These two mayors prove to be 'Twisted Twins' that protect illegal aliens while allowing greater mayhem on citizens.
I charge Denver John Hickenlooper to stop the sanctuary policy that invites illegal aliens to make Denver their home. I charge you to stand up for the rule of law instead of the rule of anarchy against Colorado citizens. I charge you to stop illegal aliens from living and working in Denver by rescinding sanctuary policy. I charge you to speak up to ICE in Denver by promoting their raids on employers of illegal aliens. You might start with your own Cherry Cricket restaurant where Gomez worked before killing Young.
Why? I don't want my friends, family and fellow Coloradans to become the next "Denver Massacre" victims.



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