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Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research
Release Date: July 18, 2007
Kelowna, British Columbia AWAC Aircraft And Helicopters (Connection With Major UFO Event ?)
HBCC UFO Research Note: Reports have been coming in over a AWAC Aircraft flying in and around the Kelowna, B.C. area, also numerous helicopters. I don't know right now, but does this possibly have anything to do with the recent UFO sightings in Kelowna, B.C. where two UFO battled it out over the lake, one crashing into the lake and coming back out again ?
Message: Hey Brian it's (name removed). So like I'm sure you have been told, there was an AWAC aircraft over the lake a couple days ago. Today, while I was fishing, there was a helicopter flying extremely high (tons higher than a normal helicopter would fly) and he was circling the Westbank area for a good hour. Thought I'd let you know as I saw your posting.
Thank you to the witness for the important information.
Kelowna, B.C. AWAC Aircraft And Possibly The Wording On It Was NATO (?)
HBCC UFO Research Note: From the reports I have been receiving the aircraft was a AWAC Aircraft, looks like a NATO plane. Again, is there a possible connection to the July 2, 2007 sightings.
Hi Brian, A friend who I see almost daily just came by my house this evening and told me he also saw the aircraft and it was actually Friday, not Saturday.
He said it was white with the large dish on top. He was looking up from a Kelowna carwash. It flew right over him and he said it was ultra quiet. He did not say he saw the words NASA but I will ask again tomorrow. I will also ask what time he saw it, as well.
The other 2 guys that saw it did not know there had been reports from July 2, 2007, so while they were telling the story about pulling over to watch the 'overshoot' they were surprised to here about the UFO reports and said" oh, that's why NASA is in town". So as soon as I can reach them, I will ask about the NASA words and if they just labeled it that or saw it on the plane. I'm sure I was told it said 'NASA'.
I'll get back to you tomorrow, Brian
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, Apparently the two guys who stopped and watched the plane near the Kelowna airport say it said NATO on it.
What would that be for? Either way , one would think it newsworthy because it wasn't TOP secret!
Thank you to the person for the information.
Kelowna, British Columbia Airport Operations Manager Confirms NATO Aircraft
HBCC UFO Research Note: The information below came from a person helping out on this case who wrote to the Kelowna
Airport Operations Manager.
Hi, thanks for the e-mail. We had a few calls about this one. It was a NATO aircraft, a modified Boeing 707, but what they were doing in our neck of the woods, I'm not sure. They did two fly over's of the airport, then went on their way, never actually landing here.
Sorry I don't have any additional information on that flight, but with military aircraft, we're not really privy too their operations or plans.
Best Regards,
James Hall - Airport Operations Manager
Yankton, South Dakota A Circular Cloud Stops Overhead And Flashed Colors
Date: June 1999
Time: 11:30 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Yankton, SD
Number of witnesses: 3+
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circle, then morphed to angel shape.
Full Description of event/sighting: My late husband and I were at my father-in-law's house and had finished visiting. We walked outside and noticed that a couple of people in the Burger King parking lot (which was next door about 500 yards away) were looking up in the sky. The night was clear and I remember that the stars could be clearly seen. All of the sudden my husband said "Look at that cloud!" It was a perfectly circular cloud moving directly north and was about as high as a small plane would fly. I thought this was odd because there was a breeze coming from the south and this was the only cloud in the sky. The cloud stopped moving directly overhead and began to flash like a rainbow or an aura. Red, yellow, blue green, purple, pink, etc. It was emanating from inside the cloud and you could see the colors on the edge of the cloud brightly.
The colors were more like a flowing out than a pulse. My father-in-law ran inside the house out of pure fear, and yelled at my husband and myself to come in. My husband moved to the front door under a tree and for some reason I could not find the strength to move. I knew that this was important and needed to see it. I stood there for about 2 minutes when all of the sudden the cloud started to drop rapidly until it was about 200 feet overhead. I actually felt a pressure and thought it was going to crush me. I didn't hear any sounds or smell anything. I just felt paralyzed. The flowing lights continued the whole time the cloud was right above me. I am not sure how long I stood there, but the next thing I know, it felt like whatever was in the cloud was gone. The cloud slowly spread out and rose up in the air, and the lights continued to flow. It was quite beautiful and I remember being mesmerized. As the cloud spread out and the lights continued I will tell you something that even I don't want to say because it sounds so "out there" !
The cloud actually took on the shape of an angel with wings and the lights seemed to emanate from the center outward to the tips of the wings. My husband had since come out from under the tree when the cloud moved up in the air. We stood there for about 15 minutes watching this shape with its lights until it just eventually dissipated and there was nothing left. Other normal clouds had moved into the area, and they did not have any lights flowing, as we had assumed this might have been the aurora borealis (sp)
My father-in-law never came outside and more strange never mentioned this again. The other observers in the Burger King parking lot were gone, and I don't remember when they left. I have always remembered this and have always felt that something extraordinary happened. I am just now reporting this because for the first time I read of some one reporting to you of a similar experience (7/15/07 rense.com). I have never heard of this particular type of thing and I have searched for many years to hear of this. Well, that's it and if someone could let me know something about this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for listening! Note: this was not the first time my husband and I had seen weird lights or missed time, it was just the most memorable.
Thank you to the witness for the amazing sighting report.
Knox Mountain, Kelowna, British Columbia Stationary Light Shoots Off !
Date: Around June 2, 2003
Time: Approx: 12:30 a.m.
Hello, my name is (name removed). I just read the news paper article about the ball of fire that was seen heading into the lake a few Mondays ago, and happened to read the part about the 2 Okanagan women who saw those floating orange balls 4 years ago. I was reminded of that event from a TV show I was watching called Canada's Creepiest on Halloween, 2006. They said that 2 women had seen 3 orange balls in the sky that were dancing, and later on, saw an orange balls shoot towards their car.
I was on Knox Mountain camping with a girl friend of mine that same night, and we saw it too. We didn't see the 3 orange balls, but we saw the one that was stationary and then shot off. We had noticed it at around 1230 ish (?) And we were talking about it to each other for about 7 minutes trying to figure out what it was. It was lower than the horizon (if my memory serves me) and we had no clue what it could have been. So there we are, up on Knox looking at this thing that's hovering over towards the Crawford area, hasn't moved an inch since we spotted it, then all of a sudden bolts to the left and disappears behind the Mt. (we ran back home)
I like to believe in un-identified flying objects, but my friend is very skeptical. That night, I think, has changed her perspective, and has made it crystal clear for me that there is something out there.
I haven't told many people about this out of fear of looking crazy. But when I saw that TV special, then read the article in the paper, I had to tell someone, and now I think I'm telling the right person.
I'm not sure if this helps with anything. Or is relevant, but I wanted to let someone know who deals with these types of experiences. Thank you for your time, Brian. If there's anything I can do to help out with figuring out what happened over the lake a few weeks back, please let me know. Sincerely.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, I know the date was in early June 2003 be/c I was graduating that year. We saw the orange ball about 2 weeks before grad b/c my friend, I remember, got bite by a mosquito and her eye was swollen still for grad. Our grad was in the middle of June and we still had exams to go back too. I'd place the incident around June 2nd, 2003. Hope this helps.Is there much UFO activity in the Okanagan? I never get to hear about it if there is. I find this topic fascinating and would be very interested on learning more about it. Thanks for getting back so quick.
Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.
Casper, Wyoming A Silver Gray Metallic Round Object
Date: July 2, 2007
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Casper Wy.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hello Brian: Greetings from Casper Wyoming, it's taking me a week or so to gather the confidence to report my sighting to you. A little back ground, I'm 41 years old, two children and one wife, one dog and sometimes I would rather have two dogs no wife! That's not true, I love my family dearly. July 2, 2007 at 6:30 in the evening my two boy and myself had just sat down for dinner, still plenty of day light. My oldest boy was sitting across from me, so I would be facing west. My youngest was to my left he would be facing north, our dinning room is part of our living room and we have a large picture window that faces north with a TV next too it. My boys wanted to watch TV while we ate dinner, seeing their mother was at a sew sol event, I had no problem with letting them watch it during dinner. My youngest said to me, Dad look at that big balloon out side.
I turned looking north and sure enough there was a large, (so I thought) balloon. As I studied the balloon it being somewhat silver, gray metallic the more I studied it, didn't look like a balloon. My oldest saying at the same time as me that's not a balloon. It was stationary for what seemed like a minute or so and then started to move to the west, moving behind the neighbors house and trees directly across the street from ours. I immediately jumped up from the table and ran out the front door, my boys following in close pursuit. We ran up the street to the west in order to clear the neighbors house and trees obstructing our view of this object. It cleared the trees, changed course and headed straight north at a speed I could never even guess. At arms length with one eye closed it was roughly the size of a thumb tack.
A year ago I had also seen an orange light in the night sky, no jet sound and believe me I know what a jet sounds like. Fifteen years aviation maintains moving vary fast and now for probably what will be the strangest and most bizarre story I have ever related to anyone. On July 4th 07 my family was invited too spend the weekend with a friend at her family's cabin in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. The cabin is located in the cloud peak wilderness. I and my family love to hike as does our friend. She took us to what was probably some of the most remote areas I have ever been to. We started our hike at the end of Coffien Park and one mile in to the hike I was at the end of the group, my eyes to the ground hoping to find an arrow head. Our friend was taking us to a mine shaft that she discovered some ten years earlier, not even the US forest service was aware of it, let alone her grandmother who settled the area in 1907. Ok long story short, the group of us our walking along a marshy creek and right there in the mud I found a foot print bigger than mine, five toes and a heel, strange happening in Wyoming, Take care. Best Regards.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia Two Ring Shaped Craft Skip Across The Bottom Of The Clouds
Date: July 5, 2007
Time: 10:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Bay of Fundy
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Round.
HBCC UFO Research Note: Below the witnesses reported sighting I have added more to the event as I picked up the telephone and called the witness just after the person's email came in. This is some wild sighting, but darn interesting.
Full Description of event/sighting: Myself and 2 other witnesses were sitting in the back yard, as a huge cloud bank moved over our heads. This is weather pattern that usually happens 3-5 times a week. As we watched the clouds, the first of two objects flew directly over our heads. It headed in a true north direction. This was followed by another object which headed more to the east of true north. These objects skimmed the underside of the cloud bank. the light omitted from the craft, was a camera flash intense white light. These objects traveled 10 times faster than any jet we have seen. There was no lightning in the area that evening.
HBCC UFO Research telephone interview, additional information.
The witness and a couple of friends were sitting outside enjoying the evening when they noticed a cloud bank come rolling in, nothing unusual about this as the witness said the cloud bank rolls in every night and a while later the cloud bank usually dissipates. The witnesses all sat watching the cloud cover when they saw a light, a ring shaped object flying sideways coming out of the bottom of the cloud. The witness said the ring shaped object would skip off one cloud and then another as it traveled along. The fellow estimates the ring shaped objects was at approximately 1000 feet above the three people. The man stated again that it looked exactly like a ring with light emitting off the ring itself. The witness said he was in air cadets and has flown in numerous military aircraft and this object was flying at a fast rate of speed, faster than a military jet aircraft. Also there was light trailing off of the strange object.
HBCC UFO Research Note: Try to picture this event, the ring shaped object was "not" moving threw the cloud cover, it was "just" below the bottom part of the cloud cover and skipping off the bottom parts of the clouds. The object traveled due north, now at this point of the strange event everyone started freaking out, jumping all over the place I am sure with a range of emotions after observing this unusual event. Between 30 seconds and one and a half minutes later, or following the ring shaped object passing overhead, another object exactly the same shape and size came into view in an easterly direction.
Also the witness mentioned that they see a bright orange orb type object fly every night across the bay and on different trajectories and it will even turn in the sky and travel off in a all together different direction.
Thank you to the witness for the really interesting and amazing  report.
Victoria, British Columbia Object With What Appeared To Be Wings ?
Date: July 9, 2007
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location of Sighting: West (I think) sky same direction as the crescent moon.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: It looked like a seagull (gray) only with stationary wings.
Full Description of event/sighting: As I looked up at a float plane flying over my house I thought I saw to my right a gray seagull riding a thermal (wings stationary). I thought of a gull because its wings had a break in them as a birds wings do. I realized that it could not be a gull as it held a very high elevation and it moved very fast from North to South or right to left. Just before it absolutely disappeared before my eyes, it seemed to stop or at least turn and travel either towards me or away from me so that it appeared that it was not moving. I watched the sky for a few minutes after to see if it would show up again. If it had not disappeared then I would have rationalized that I saw a military jet. There was no sound or contrail though. Did anyone else see this thing?
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Over North Surrey, British Columbia Another Unusual Object Witnessed
Date: July 9, 2007
Time: Approx: 11:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Like a dark Seagull.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I believe this was the same object seen over Victoria. I was sitting on my deck watching the planes approaching YVR and noticed what appeared to be a gull almost directly overhead. As the fellow in Victoria said, it just appeared to be riding the thermals and just sailing in large circles. I wasn't paying to much attention until one of those small two engine Lear type jets passed almost directly underneath it. Two my surprise the Gull? was approx. half the size of the jet and appeared to be many thousands of feet higher. I went into the apt. to get my binoculars but when I came back out the object had disappeared. While I was typing this it occurred to me that this could have been the same Gull like object I saw several years back fly by Burke Mountain and then head east up the Fraser valley.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
North Surrey, British Columbia A White Cylinder Shaped Object
Date: July 11, 2007
Time: Approx: 11:00 a.m. ?
Still not sure what the following was. Was on my deck again at about the same time on 11 July 07? plus or minus one day. At the time there were six planes approaching, departing or just flying over YVR. Ranging in altitude from almost ground level up to about 30,000 ft. What caught my eye was a white cylinder shaped object heading from north to south at approx. four to six thousand feet. All the other planes could be easily seen as planes but I could not see any tail stabilizer or wings on this white object, it appeared to be about the size of a 737 and rounded a both ends, for once I had my binoculars sitting beside me and quickly grabbed them but still could not see any wings or rudder, nor windows. I watched it for almost a minute and it just continued in a southerly direction.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Bay Of Fundy, Nova Scotia Jet Aircraft Makes Quick Maneuver To Avoid A UFO
Date: July 12, 2007
Time: Afternoon.
On the afternoon of July 12, 2007 my daughter and I witnessed an incident over the Bay airspace. This incident was the sure thing, for it was very visible. I would like to discuss this in person on the phone. Chemtrail sprayer, nearly knocked from the sky by a flying flopping disc. Please feel free to call me any time.
HBCC UFO Research telephone interview, additional information:
I called the gentleman up on the phone and had a really nice conversation with him, and by the sounds of things there seems to be a lot of unknown air activity going on in his area.
We discussed the above sighting and this is what the eyewitness had to report on this event.
The man's daughter was out on the trampoline when the Dad called out to his daughter and said to look at the large aircraft that was traveling above them through the sky. Both witnesses now looking up at the aircraft observed a disk shaped craft falling down in the sky, pretty much flopping from side to side, or a good example would be watching a leave fall through the air. It appeared that the craft was falling out of control. (please keep in mind that this craft was falling and "above" the jet aircraft).
The jet airliner was heading north when the craft leveled out at approximately the same altitude as the jet was at and proceeded to fly straight at the jet. The contrail following behind the jet had ceased and the jet made a quick maneuver to avoid a collusion with the unknown disk shaped craft. Matter of fact the jet wings were tilted and the jet dropped in altitude somewhat then climbed up and leveled off. The pilot made a hard and quick maneuver to avoid the disk shaped craft. The witness said the UFO finally climbed in altitude and back up into a dark cloud cover and that was the last they saw of the object.
Thank you to the witness for the amazing sighting report.
Parkland Region In Manitoba, White Flashing Light Comes To A Stop
Date: July 15, 2007
Time: 11:17 p.m.
11:17 pm last night, Sunday July 15th. 
Clear sky/calm night
Parkland region in Manitoba, Canada
I was at my lake last night in Manitoba. I was enjoying a very beautiful and peaceful night. There were three of my friends and I was just sitting around the campfire on the north shore. I was standing there, looking up at the stars, just soaking it all in as I always do when I am there. I suddenly noticed a very strange thing. 
There was a flashing object flying across the sky, coming in from west and heading east. It was a white light that it flashed as it crossed the sky. At first I thought it was an airliner. It took less than a minute for it to get to the direct south of our location. 
Suddenly it became apparent it was not a jet as it suddenly just stopped moving. It stopped for two or three seconds then it started to move upward as it seemed to almost zigzag on it's way up.
I looked at one friend as this was taking place and said are you seeing what I am seeing? She replied she was.
The object did climb a fair distance and then it stopped moving one again. It sat for a couple seconds and started back towards the west, the same direction as it came from but at a very noticeable increased speed. It continued on west and then it disappeared as in vanished. Throughout the entire movement of this object, continue flashing the entire time. The entire sighting lasted about 2 minutes.
I talked to my friends that were all there watching, none of us had ever seen anything like it in our combined years of 160. 
It was certainly not as close as all of my other sightings but. I truly do not feel that it was anything that would be considered normal.
I am going to be back at the lake this week again. I do feel that there will be more to come.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Richard Park, Verdun Quebec Saucer With Green Halo Emitting From Bottom
Date: July 8 and 16, 2007
Time: 10:00-11:15 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Richard park, Verdun
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1-3
Shape of objects: Saucer, green halo emitting from bottom.
Full Description of event/sighting: I had been in Richard Park around 10:00 pm on Sunday, the 8th of July. I had been out for a stroll as I live less than a bock from the park, just recently moved into the neighborhood and haven't had the chance to get out much. I saw what appeared to be a yellow-tinged star from a distance, but with time noticed that it was moving with reference to a street lamp in the distance. I became curious and wanted to follow as the movement seemed either very fast if it were from a long distance, or was very close.
What initially bothered me was that as I was walking around the park, along the shoreline, was that I felt I was getting a different vantage point of the object as I was moving only a few hundred feet - very much unlike an airplane. 
As the object got closer, it went from being a blinking patterned light to being 3 lights, horizontally aligned, and blinking, but not in a uniform pattern. 
The craft originally was coming from the South and flying northbound. I was standing in Richard park, directly across from Adrien Archambault Park, where there is a baseball field that was lit up at that time. The craft flew in between Montreal Island and Nun's Island (Ile des Soeurs), though it was closer to the baseball field, still flying North. This is where I saw the craft, roughly fifty feet in diameter, and no more than 300 feet off the ground saucer-shaped, and tilted in the direction it was moving. There were minor lights on it, it was moving very slowly and clearly between the two parks, flying over the narrow body of water. At its closest, I noticed a green halo emitting from the underside, almost like a circular green neon light. It continued flying North and turned due west - which I found odd as it was flying towards downtown and flew into the distance underneath the spot-lights atop the high-rise buildings downtown.
Amazed by what I had seen, I went home, told my girlfriend about the sighting and she believed what I had said, but was in disbelief about the craft. I convinced her to come with me to the park, just to keep looking around for a while. For roughly 40 minutes thereafter, until roughly 11:15 pm, we witnessed other strange crafts - at too great a distance to positively identify, but close enough and with odd enough movements to doubt them being airplanes or weather balloons.  
We had seen multiple crafts at a time, not flying too close to one another, but on the horizon, flying low and close enough to be aware of the proximity to one another. These crafts were flying in wide circles, around Nun's island, North and west around downtown, and back to the south. We saw at most 3 or 4 crafts at one time and one had come in between Richard park and Nun's island, albeit further and higher than the sighting where I was alone, but my girlfriend and I had both noticed another saucer shaped object, again, roughly fifty feet in diameter but this time closer to 700 feet above the ground and a little further from us.
I have seen a similar craft Monday July 16th at roughly 11:00 p.m. I am not certain if this is an isolated or ongoing phenomenon with a logical explanation. I am certain of what I saw, and saw other people at a distance in the park, whom I decided not to approach on the UFO/flying saucer I had just seen.  
I try to make time most nights to take a little walk by the park to see if anything else comes up and after searching, found a similar sighting in the same area in July of 2003. I would like to report it now that I've seen something twice, and am curious if anyone else in the neighborhood has witnessed anything strange or has any explanations.
Thank you to the witness for the fascinating report.
Milford, Nebraska A Bright Blue Light
Date: July 15-16, 2007 (?)
Time: Approx: Midnight.
Hi, I believe I witnessed a UFO of some sort myself while driving home from my vacation in Utah, USA. I was around Milford Nebraska at the time and it was approx: 11:30 p.m. and ahead about 2 miles I noticed a bright blue light. Then 2 minutes later it started to move west extremely fast and started flashing. Also in about 3 flashes it was behind me. Now there is a airport and a dirt road beside the highway I was on, but the light was about 100 feet from me and was a small ball shape flashing blue light. No headlights or anything, just a flashing blue ball. I would of taken a picture but it happened so fast and I was in shock thinking what could it be. Thanks.
Additional Information:
I witnessed the blue light July 15 or 16 2007. It was around midnight when my Dad and I both saw it, so I'm sure I wasn't seeing things. I looked up the area I was around and it was near a airport, but the airport runways travel north west, southeast and I was heading east on the I 80. I looked up the airport on Google earth and this is how I know this, the airport is the Lincoln Airport in Nebraska. Thanks for the help forget about the video it just makes me believe that their is something else out there, and it was an experience that I would love to see again, but this time be ready for it. Also I live in Oshawa, Ontario and I have read numerous sightings of strange lights over the Oshawa airport and tomorrow night I am going to go sit out in the parking lot and look over the airport for a while and see it I will be able to see anything ill make sure to bring a camera with me and I will let you know if anything interesting happens.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Rutland, South Kelowna, British Columbia Object Was White And Round Shaped
Date: July 16, 2007
Time:  Approx: 11:15 p.m.
Brian, wee were in Rutland on July 16, 2007 and saw something that we thought was very strange in the sky. We not only saw it once but we also seen it the second time. All within about 15 minutes of each other. The thing was white in color and almost a round shape, moving very fast over the Rutland area. Just wondering if anyone else had seen anything last night around 11:15 p.m. Email me back please if you would like.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Missouri City, Texas Witness Reports Lit Up White Saucer Shaped Craft
Date: July 16, 2007
Time: 11:07 p.m.
Hi Brian, I just want to report the strangest thing at Missouri City, Texas (Houston suburb).
I believe I saw at least two UFO's maybe three. It happened at 7/16/07 at about 11:07 p.m. and I felt like I needed to go outside in the front yard. I looked up at the stars and it was a beautiful lit night. It got my attention in the distance on a bright light which I thought was a star. But underneath it was a flashing lighted star (twinkling). It was stationary not moving so it wasn't a plane. The thing is I ran inside and got my video camera and I turned on the zoom lens and the little twinkling star was moving and looked like a craft. It was really cool, I have to admit it. I zoomed in on the bigger white star and low and behold it was a bigger saucer shaped craft, white lit up and twirling with three circles moving in like different direction clockwise and counter clockwise. I would have never guessed it without the zoom lens. It looks like a white bright star.
The objects stayed in the sky for a long time cause I checked again at like 7/17/07 at like 1:07 and they were still out there they moved though more northern. Any reports of sighting in Houston at that time just curious. I have no idea what they were but it was awesome. I think there was a itty bitty one too but that was seen on the video and not sure of it. Anyway any news out there? Thanks for any info.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
UFO Over Puget Sound, WA (Photo)
Date: July 16, 2007
Time: Daytime.
I was just thinking earlier today about posting that it had been a while since I last photographed a UFO after getting pictures of "orb" like UFO's three times in a year. I thought perhaps the activity, whatever was going on, had subsided.<br><br>
I was going through pictures I took at Alki Beach on July 16th, 2007, and in one that I took, just after sunset, I got a teardrop shaped UFO, not an orb shaped one like all the others, this one is different.
This is a the small section of the image that contained the UFO cut out so that you can see it at the full native resolution.
Thank you to the person for allowing me to post their report and photo, also you can visit the man's website at:
To view pictures: 
Mercer University Drive, Macon Georgia Object With Deep Red Flashing Lights
Date: July 17, 2007
Time: 0013 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Mercer University Drive, Macon GA.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Red flashing lights.
Full Description of event/sighting: Let me preface this by saying that I have never thought of doing something like this before, and I am a "seeing is believing" type of person. I also want to let you know that I had spent 12 years in the Air Force, and my wife is still currently active at Robins AFB, so I am a little familiar with what aircraft look like. I am writing this approximately 25 minutes after this sighting. Lastly, while I am not entirely convinced that this is an actual "UFO sighting", I would like to provide additional info in case someone else in my area reports this strange occurrence. Bare with me, as I am not very good at estimating distances.
While stepping outside of work for a smoke break, I noticed two brightly flashing lights approximately 20 to 25 degrees above my horizon look E-NE. Both objects appeared approximately two to three miles distant, and approaching me in such a way as to pass to the East of me by maybe a mile. I watched the lights for approximately 20 to 30 seconds before they passed behind a large tree, blocking my view. At first I suspected these lights to be aircraft flying to Robins AFB, as both were traveling at a speed that I would estimate to be faster than civilian aircraft or helicopters. I could detect no sound. Three things in particular caught my attention enough to question what I was seeing.
1. -  The lights of both craft (I am assuming that there were two) appeared to be flying in perfect tandem with each other, not uncommon with military aircraft, with one light trailing the other by perhaps 750 to 1000 feet, far enough to make it too large for both lights to be from any one aircraft I have seen.
2. -  The lights from both craft, at the distance which I saw them, appeared much larger that typical aircraft lights. They were approximately the luminosity of aircraft landing lights yet not blinding, and did not appear to shine light in any specific direction. What I mean by this is it didn't create any sort of beam of light in the sense that aircraft landing lights do. The color was a deep red, almost of the sort that you would see on a tall radio tower, but brighter.
3. - This is the one that got me thinking, both lights blinked in perfect unison with each other. I would estimate that the light would illuminate for 1-1/2 to 2 seconds, then disappear for the same duration. When the lights were off, there was no indication of any other wing lights or other illumination. Both lights blinked in perfect unison with each other for the 20 to 30 seconds that I first saw them, which I thought was unusual.
At this point, I was curious enough to change my vantage point. I moved to the side parking lot of my office to try to catch another view, and saw an aircraft in the distance probably 4 to 5 miles away, but clearly identifiable as an airplane from the light array. Thinking that I had just seen an airplane, I turned my head and saw both lights again, still blinking in unison. They were now moving in a southerly direction, and still exhibited no other running lights. Suddenly, and in tandem, both lights appeared to change direction to the East, and then to the E-NE. This was a very fluid movement, not sudden, but quickly enough to make me think that it was a very maneuverable jet. Both lights executed the maneuver without growing closer or further apart from each other, as if was a single craft. Also, the lights did not appear to alter position, such as if wings were turning. They maintained their luminosity throughout the turn. The blinking pattern remaining constant throughout. I watched this for another 10 -15 seconds before the lights simply vanished. Interestingly, a second or so after the two unidentified lights changed course, the distant aircraft also changed course, though in a much more leisurely manner.
Conditions: Night, with scattered clouds, yet clear enough to see at distance. The cloud cover appeared to be above the lights at all times. According to Weather Channel online, visibility is currently 10 miles.
As I said, this is probably just an aircraft, but there were enough curiosities to this incident to report this, if for lack of anything else, just in case someone else reports something. I'd be curious if anyone else saw this. Thanks.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Ottawa, Ontario Silvery Domed Object
Date: July 17, 2007
Time: Around 5:45 - 6:00 a.m.
What a beautiful morning! I was up very early, unlike usual, at 5:00 a.m. this morning. I was very excited about Firing the grid with the millions of people that participated to this world wide event.
I hopped on my bike and headed to the baseline station that would be bring me to the closest station to St-Paul University. After putting my bike on the Bus Rack, we are on our way to Lees station.
But something very strange happened on the bus this morning, as we got out of the shadows cast by the trees past Queensway station, I saw a small domed silvery object, up in the sky, at about 35%, an estimated distance of 2 kilometers. That object was stationary, and was reflecting the sun. It was in the south direction. The sun was shining on its surface with a very bright golden color. Just as I crossed the Carling street bridge before reaching Lincoln Field station I lost sight of it for 2 seconds. Quickly scanning the sky, the object was gone. No traces of it in the sky. The object had no wings, no tail, no lights and was dome shaped. This all happened at around 5:45am - 6:00am. This was the 3rd time I saw similar object in the Ottawa region. This sighting lasted about 12 seconds.
This is the 3rd time I see a similar object in Ottawa, in the last 6 weeks, but never so close and well defined. 
As I was pondering this event, I arrived to the Lees station and dropped my bike to head to St-Paul University and meet with the rest of the people gathering for Fire The Grid.
I would like to invite people to check the latest development regarding extraterrestrial research here: <http://RichardLalancette.Blogspot.com>http://RichardLalancette.Blogspot.com.
Thanks for the great work Brian and keep in touch.
Thank you to Richard for his report.
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