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Establishment Vs
Grass Roots America

By Ted Lang
A problem is not solvable until its existence is recognized. And once recognized it requires an understanding as to its very nature, why it came into existence, what provides its sustaining power, and what its detrimental effect is in both the present and future. In short, a problem must be recognized for the ill effect it causes and brings about, and must be viewed with a resolve to either re-channel that which "feeds" it in order to facilitate correction or it must be starved completely of that which sustains it. Clearly, problem recognition is the first step to solution.
It should be clear to even moderately informed Americans that our nation and our society are experiencing a major problem, and that problem has been placed upon US via a totally unresponsive and Constitution-violating government. Our federal government now uses fear and intimidation to control US, fear and intimidation founded upon its total and totalitarian rejection of the formerly sustaining principles of individual citizen sovereignty and freedom. And since our government no longer operates within the limited confines of our nation's former rule of law, it is a lawless and illegitimate government.
Our government has neither the legal nor moral right to tell US what to do; nor is it in any way authorized regarding its intentions in committing US as a nation to a particular foreign policy or treaty. And any military action our government undertakes "on our behalf' is no longer supportable by any modicum of legitimacy. Considering further its constitutional illegitimacy, our government's confiscation of our wealth and/or property via taxation is nothing more than collective armed robbery, whether or not the 16th Amendment was ratified and whether or not the IRS is able to produce any statutory evidence authorizing its confiscatory power.
Our government uses fear and terror to justify its illegal, immoral and unconstitutional activities. Law based upon justice, as was the intent of our constitutionally created government, has been suspended and replaced by power, might and fear. And although the initiators of today's power and might originated it through abuse of the "executive branch," the Congress of the United States is totally complicit in the federal government's crimes against our people and its Constitution. And just as these two branches of our former republic are complicit, so too are the "two" political parties, Democrats and Republicans, which we have been brainwashed to accept.
It is of course assumed by every thinking American, including those in government, that such a problem and such a horror as our government has become simply cannot happen here. This is the problem of our collective denial as a people, the shock and awe of undeniable reality. But our denial is, nevertheless, a minor problem, even if a sustaining one constituting part of the support mechanism that feeds our criminal government.
But the primary source of support for our criminal government is the readily discernible and visible "establishment," which is protected by both the failure on the part of the masses to see its inner workings and also by our failure to comprehend the precise nature of its dominance. In fact, another dimension of public confusion regarding the dominating establishment is the unrecognized absurdity that suggests that elements within this controlling entity may actually compete or even oppose one another, which seemingly provides US further insurance against any collaborative effort that could endanger our personal freedoms.
America's controlling entity can indeed be identified as "the establishment." It has been identified also as our "shadow" government, even though this term is of lesser usage. It includes the "military-industrial complex," a term deserving of note as it was uttered by a retiring president in the same form of epiphany that caused US to consider another retiring president's "entangling alliances," and a retiring senator's warning concerning the "Israel lobby." What we have all come to understand is that these behind-the-scenes power brokers do indeed exist. And they exist to exert their will over US through our "own" government.
Depending upon isolated and momentary incidents of public focus on these separate entities of this controlling element of American society, its shadow government, or military-industrial complex, or Israel lobby, or corporate "special interest" or lobbying groups, it should be painfully clear that these powerful moneyed entities totally control American government. And it should be even clearer that this power and control has an exclusive advantage over US because our representatives in all branches and all levels of American government are for sale. Our politicians and their bureaucrats serve the highest bidder, and the public and its Constitution be damned.
This is the real core problem. Our form of government was once thought of as a "constitutionally limited republic," and not a democracy wherein 51 percent of the populace can subvert the individual rights and freedoms of a 49 percent minority. And a "minority" is not simply less than a majority; nor is it a specific group such as those of the same skin color, or gender, or race, or religion. A minority in the former American republic constituted only one individual, an individual whose God-given rights of life, liberty and property could not be taken away by any other, to include government "officials," bureaus, branches and offices. My how things have changed over the last few years.
It is "Establishment America" that has taken our God-given freedoms from US! And this powerful America-destroying operation has many organizational faces and identities, organizational differences once thought to serve as a diverse filter considered as such by James Madison in writing his Federalist Paper No. 10 concerning "factions." But Establishment America has a common objective, and that is the total usurpation of the American people's lives, liberty and property. They collaborate to consume it all for their own selfish gain. And those who shun Aesop's Fables, especially the one relating the tale of the Goose and its golden eggs, relegating them all as being archaic and devoid of any modern context, will soon realize both the accuracy of that particular fable's prescience as well as its applicability to our present situation.
Establishment America includes the so-called "American" press, also known as the corporate establishment mainstream mass media [MSM], which controls and revises our social mores via the artificial peer pressure of "political correctness." EA includes also the powerful Rothschild-Rockefeller international bankers who plan, execute, and profit enormously from the untold suffering, destruction and genocides they have created and continue to create in all the wars they have brought to Mankind over the 221 years our nation has progressed as a republic.
EA is also the military-industrial complex financed by those bankers that enjoys massive profits for themselves via the war materiel they manufacture and deploy. EA is the Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC]. EA is also comprised of the huge corporations that profit unfairly by funding politicians and their bureaucrats to obtain advantage over competitors or those who invent and design alternatives threatening the monopolies enjoyed by the former. And last, Establishment America is our government, which is comprised of "our" bought-and-paid-for politicians and their appointed bureaucrats who serve as EA stooges looking out for their own interests while ignoring ours.
Our nation's number one problem is Establishment America. The only thing "American" about that term relates to its primary geographic base of operations. It certainly is not representative or identifiable in any way to anything even remotely resembling American traditions, customs, morality, philosophy or the basic human decency of the American people.
And the "separate" entities or faces of EA do not compete or stand up contrasting values to filter their interests thereby defeating factional control of our nation and society. It is indeed collaborative and centralized. Sadly, Madison was wrong and Machiavellian Alexander Hamilton was right! A central bank "Federal Reserve" controlled by the Rothschild-Rockefellers and a powerful central federal government were indeed in the young republic's future. And that future is here and now!
Establishment America totally controls how we work, play, pay, vote, think and see ourselves both individually and collectively as a people. They design our entertainment and provide our amusement. They legitimize themselves artificially through the supposed beneficence of government while they gradually steal our very lives, liberty and property. Yet even with all their collective power, their conspiratorial skills and arrangements, they are still vulnerable and can yet be defeated.
And how are we continually reminded of both their existence and their power? One man has done more than any other to shine the light of truth and reality on this dangerous, parasitic cabal of would-be global slave masters; and that man is Congressman and physician Ron Paul. If you were uncertain as to the existence of a conspiracy, if you too bought the curbstone elitist "thinker's" line of, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories," think NOW! Think now and observe reality!
BOTH Democrats and Republicans are terrified of Ron Paul. Virtually all network and cable TV and most radio talk shows are absolutely terrified of Ron Paul! And Dr. Paul receives neither funding nor communicative support from EA; his political and fiscal sustenance are strictly grass roots! His own Congress and his own GOP won't associate with him. In Iowa, the GOP tried to totally silence him. And in his home state of Texas, they tried to totally marginalize him by redistricting trickery. Why? Because he represents a real GRASS ROOTS threat to Establishment America, the shadow government that really controls US.
Establishment America's MSM is feverishly and ruthlessly suppressing his campaign; they will not allow Americans to take back their country. Is this the trait of a real America-first patriotic entity, or is this an element of our secret shadow government? And does Ron Paul support unconstitutional gun control, or the suppression of a free and independent press, or entangling alliances with Israel and Great Britain, or any foreign dictatorship that does our bidding? Where are the real conservatives in the GOP, talk radio, and the NRA who will stand up for Dr. Paul and help him in his cause to take America back from the Establishment? Real conservatives no longer exist in Bush's Amerika!
Just look at the wonderful line-up of candidates offered up by EA through their bankers' front offices:
CFR, Trilateral Commission, and their Bilderberg chapters and AIPAC. On the GOP side of the EA party, we have a predictable, phony, "Guy Smiley" Mitt Romney, and that great hero of New York's 9/11 caper, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. What precisely did he accomplish on that day excepting the "face time" he took advantage of? And of course, there's Senator John "Madman" McCain, a loony tune that couldn't keep his campaign people together and couldn't even manage a meager $24 million campaign fund for twelve months. But seeks to manage a horrifically GOP-damaged United States economy for the next four years! And as insurance against a GOP "loss" to Ron Paul, EA is now even throwing in former Senator and actor Fred Thompson in a transparent ploy to create yet another Ronald Reagan.
EA is totally dependent on both the American people's ignorance and stupidity, and that assessment will be proven right or wrong in the upcoming 2008 presidential election. As there isn't a dime's worth of difference between any of the twits on the GOP side, there certainly isn't a dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republican voters should be angered by what GOP loony tunes Cheney and Bush have done to our country and our Constitution. And Democratic voters should be more than FED up with the flip-flop from Senator Hillary Clinton and the eternal war utopia being endlessly conjured up by Senator Barack Obama.
Just look at these sorry clowns and presidential wannabes! Democratic voters should reject their party's offering and remember how Pelosi and Reid have double-crossed them after the November 2006 elections. Democratic voters shouldn't get mad - they should get even and dump every elected one of their "representative" traitors. But who would they vote for in the GOP line-up? The same guy this angry former Republican will vote for: RON PAUL!
Let's join together and take America back from the EA and their phony Democrat and Republican Parties! And to do this, I will have to again change my voter registration card and list myself as a "Republican." This will be necessary to defeat Dr. Paul's "competition" in the GOP. I strongly urge BOTH Democrats and Republicans do this; Congressman Paul will first need grass roots victory in the primary elections!
And yes, the elections are indeed rigged by EA and their bought-and-paid-for Congress. Step one in getting Dr. Paul elected is to dump the GOP and the Democratic Congress' electronic vote-rigging system. Congressional Democrats are less than motivated to do away with this trickery and fraud against the American people because they now intend to use it to their advantage. And as the Cheney-Bush dictatorship attempts to recruit the clergy <http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/august2007/160807_quell_dissent.ht m to assist them in launching the next 9/11 military drills that cause real casualties to justify martial law, we should ask our religious leaders as to what has happened to the political correctness of a separation of church and state?
As I have previously suggested, we the grass roots of America should design and launch an election system that WE THE PEOPLE control, and not EA! And I suggest that churches and synagogues across America join electoral hands across the country, taking advantage of the organizational structures of America's religions. "Secret ballots" will be the primary argument against this, but only elements of EA will see an absence or breakdown of ballot secrecy as a threat. And besides, where better to find morality, honesty and truth when comparing organized religion to the organized crime that is our government? Think of EA and its Fatherland Security! What ever happened to those high-fiving Mossad agents Mr. Chertoff?
If America hears physician and Congressman Ron Paul's message, he will be elected in a landslide. Republicans like me are FED up, and Democrats should be angry at their unrepresentative representatives. Both voter camps can make a difference that will allow US all to take America back from our enslaver-robbers! <<Theodore E. Lang
C THEODORE E. LANG 8/18/07 All rights reserved Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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