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UK Foot & Mouth Outbreak
Came From US Lab!

LONDON(Itar-Tass) -- The source of foot-and-mouth disease found in southern Britain is a U.S. pharmaceutical company, the Mail on Sunday weekly reported.
British specialists said the strain of food-and-mouth disease found in cattle on a farm in the county of Surry, was similar to the one used at a nearby laboratory.
The government-funded Institute for Animal Health's Pirbright Laboratory, which is studying the disease, is located some six kilometers from the affected farm.
A number of sources reported that it hosted an international drill last month during which live viruses of foot-and-mouth disease were used.
The virus was detected at one of the Surrey farms last Friday. All the 60 cattle were culled, and authorities have been checking other farms in close proximity.
The incubation period of this strain of the virus is three to five days.
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Jeff - The main thing is to make the lab admit to it. They need to take responsibility. I would surely hate to see small and mid-size family farmers go out of business due to biosecurity lapse at the lab. If this outbreak is not contained, I hope there will be international support for the Surrey farmers.
If the leak took place at the lab, and went north, there is always the possibility that passing trucks heading south might pick up the virus and spread it as they pass farms. FMD is a virus that not only spreads on the wind, quite easily, but can be carried on shoes (reason for closing of walking paths) and on tires, etc. Last time around we found out that the FMD virus was spreading farm to farm via veterinary personnel. The virus simply attached itself to shoes and clothing and tires etc.
We need to find out if there have been any open air experiments. If I remember correctly, the UBI vaccine trials included 3 groups. One group was vaccinated with the synthetic vaccine (UBI) and the other group was given the FMD vaccine currently in use and the third group was not given any vaccine. The three groups were challenged with live FMD virus. According to records, the control group, i.e. no vaccine group, all came down with FMD. I forget how many contracted FMD in the other two groups. The problem might have been caused in the control group, i.e. we now had pigs with FMD needing to be euthanized and disposed of. I found that the time of the end of the UBI experiment was end of August/beginning of Sept, a time when I believe FMD actually got loose in 2000. Most officials discounted the UBI experiment and considered my theory rubbish. This also protected UBI, later Meriel from paying off any farmers for compensation.
Hopefully, we will learn more about how the virus escaped the IAH lab. We really need to find out WHAT FMD experiments and exercises have been going on, let's say going back to June 2007. My guess is a current experiment or one that ended in July.
I must also point out that Meriel and UBI were connected back in 2001. I think Meriel may have incorporated UBI, I will have to check on it. HOWEVER, maybe now, health officials will take a second look at my data on the UBI experiments prior to the last FMD outbreak in 2000/01. I still believe, as do others, that the UBI vaccine trials led to the 2000/01 FMD outbreak in the UK.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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