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Congress ­ Illegitimate
And Off The Table

By Ted Lang
The list of constitutional transgressions and violations of both the domestic civil liberties rights of the people, and violations of existent international treaties and the creation of new ones via presidential executive orders and secret arrangements, the immoral and illegal spying by a president appointed to office via electronic election fraud, all sum up and translate to a government that is isolated from the people, unresponsive to both the general public will and welfare, and is in effect totally illegitimate.
Appeals to Congress, both in terms of the general elections and in terms of direct appeals by combat veterans, former military leaders, surviving family members of 9/11 victims, and impeachment and voter groups, have all been summarily ignored by Congress. Under the rule of law of the United States of America, as it applies to both the civil rights of each citizen individually and collectively, and as it applies in the Articles directly in terms of the operation of our federal government, both the executive and legislative branches of American national government have failed deliberately in exercising their duties as prescribed by the law of the land.
The Constitution is a compact, an agreement, between the American people and its government. The government was brought into being by the Constitutional Congress; our Revolution was managed and somewhat funded by the Continental Congress. General George Washington was frustrated by the many funding shortfalls and often confused support and direction from that first Congress. But Washington never assumed dictatorial power in his role as commander in chief of America's then-standing military power. It was this deference to Congress for its overall leadership of the nation during its first monumental crisis that made Washington the greatest American that ever lived and served his country.
Frustration with Congressional bickering, delays, and funding lapses during the conduct of the American Revolution eventually transitioned American government from a weak, decentralized Articles of Confederation-ruled government, to the Federalist dream of a stronger centralized national government whose Congress could be relied upon to act quickly in the nation's interests, and to make timely decisions to ensure that the very purpose of America, that of individual freedom, was never compromised by inaction. Obviously, the decision to scuttle the Articles of Confederation, the rule of law ensuring decentralized national government, and replacing it with our present, unofficially rescinded Constitution, was a monumental mistake. Our Constitution's chief flaw is that it relied upon its execution by honorable men; today, a dishonorable female Speaker of the House has officially terminated it.
In the entire history of this republic, no administration has been worse than the current one. And there is absolutely no need to again laundry list the crimes against the Constitution perpetrated by this "administration." The administration has made deliberately planned errors of commission against the Constitution, and Congress has made numerous errors of omission as regards their REQUIRED duties. Obviously, the operative word is required. The executive branch has overstepped its authority thereby creating a unitary government dictatorship; Congress has repeatedly and deliberately failed in their duties to rein in and check this branch of the federal government, thereby establishing its legitimacy in the form of the current American dictatorship.
What does this all mean? It means that "our" present American government is totally and constitutionally illegitimate! The preamble of the Constitution makes it clear that it is "We the People" who create and authorize this government, a government whose first responsibility is the establishment of Justice. Where can such justice be found in the present government's USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the suspension of habeas corpus guaranteed in the very body of the Constitution? Where is the justice in allowing the president and his executive branch employees to spy on American citizens in hopes of getting the goods on them so they can be arrested for violating any law that only the president knows exists? Where is the justice in not allowing innocent citizens tricked by treacherous powers and treacherous laws in refusing them right to counsel, in not allowing them to face their accusers, in not allowing them to know the charges against them, and in not allowing them trial by jury? How is this justice?
Forgetting about all the rest of the responsibilities cited in only the Preamble, how has Congress protected our interests and satisfied their constitutional responsibilities? The answer is they haven't. Everything in American government that is done to the people today is done to only serve the interests of the political parties, Democrats and Republicans, with the most important consideration being that of catering to the moneyed interests that best support either or both. And therefore, in precisely this regard, there isn't a dime's worth of difference between either. Political parties and partisan politics have erased the primary function of Congress, which was to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the BLESSINGS of liberty for ourselves and our children.
Congress has, and continues to break the law; they are completely illegitimate as regards their rule over US and their representation of our interests. Congress is therefore irrelevant and worse than useless: they are deliberately attacking this nation's purpose for being by doing nothing to protect our interests. The Eve of Destruction is now upon US. Our economy is being wrecked; our military is being wrecked, the latter not for purposes of defense, but for purposes of carrying out despicable and inhuman executive branch political policies; our domestic rights, freedoms and protections have been put in the hands of a criminal dictator who hates US and our rule of law. And Congress has done nothing and continues to do nothing.
We the informed have waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. We have pleaded, and written, and phoned, and caucused, and implored. We have come to the Rubicon. Now, it must be crossed, and once this happens, America will never be the same. American government has taken the American people to such new lows that we may never again be able to rise to where we once were. The United States of America in its only viable form, its people, must now dissolve the political bands which continue to connect US to an alien, enemy government. Armed rebellion is not what is needed, at least not yet; but we should never consider ourselves beyond that. We would all like to believe that we are above violent overthrow, but this administration and its despicable subservient do-nothing Congress are making its avoidance increasingly difficult.
The best way to attempt to save what is left of our freedoms, and to get our unrepresentative Congress' attention, is civil disobedience. Continuingly listing abuses and crimes perpetrated against US by our federal government is fruitless. Enough crimes and abuses have been put on the table, and Nancy Pelosi's response is to ignore them and to get them off the table. Fine, we'll just do that! But while we're at it, we're taking the table away from Congress and will now govern ourselves!
America doesn't need Congress; Congress needs US but thinks they hold US hostage. This is no longer the case.
William L. Shirer offered that the German people succumbed to Hitler and Nazism because they were unarmed and unorganized. Those simple generalizations aren't wrong, but they are incomplete. The German people succumbed to Hitler primarily through propaganda, control of elections, and fear directed at the most active societal entities that threatened his rise to dictatorial power. We in America are experiencing the same here and now.
Where does the dictatorship practice its most ruthless suppression, and on the other hand, retreat and do its utmost to remain transparent in societal events? It fires itself up to stifle organized protests, demonstrations and religious "oppression"; but in what form is this religious oppression? Isn't it the simple practice of religion itself that constitutes the dictatorship's definition of religious suppression? As they cry "suppression" and "religious discrimination," isn't that what government does? It cites "separation of church and state," but nowhere is such a claim found in any of our Founding documents. It therefore becomes obvious that our criminal dictatorial regime is terrified of organized religion, and as such, uses the threat of loss of tax exemption to silence criticism from the pulpit. But it is organized religion through which dictatorships have all eventually fallen ­ and they know it! And religion is the basis of morality the Founders thought would come naturally to those executing the constitutional principles of government they had put in place.
And although the ownership of firearms is important, consider that in Saddam's Iraq, almost anyone could go down to the corner gun shop and buy a fully automatic machine-gun. Can we do that here in freedom-loving America? Gun ownership is still important, but not to the level which Shirer has offered. And propaganda via the government-media complex is under constant attack via the Internet. So of course, our government via its Congress, is feverishly and secretly trying to shut down the Internet. And when the Internet brought attention to the plight of Ed and Elaine for their most egregious crime of "tax evasion," the criminal uniformed jackboots backed off. Government gangsters just couldn't deal with the massacre of yet another innocent family along the lines of Ruby Ridge and Waco.
Organization through religion, power of the purse, the latter not for Congress but rather used in opposition to them in the form of a tax resistance movement, a national shutdown and strike, and the elevation of that one notable and noteworthy individual who has stepped up to help US via his presidential candidacy; these are the means to stop the criminal regime and their Congress.
Election fraud must be prevented by US, not Congress; they can't be trusted! Elections should be conducted through the churches and synagogues via WRITTEN LETTER VOTE. Religious institutions have executive type stovepipe organization charts, and voting can be counted and summarized upwards. This should be done no matter what Congress does; they've become irrelevant. What about the secret ballot? To hell with the secret ballot ­ NOTHING IS SECRET ANY LONGER with this criminal dictatorship. Precisely who is best served by "secret ballot?" Isn't it the dictatorship by giving it the ability to subvert elections? As Stalin offered, it's who counts the votes that counts!
Attorney Tom Cryer's victory over the IRS, the latter the initial unjust criminal activity "our" government got away with, and what has opened the door to the FBI, CIA, BATF, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, United States Park Police, Department of Education Gun Toters, Environmental Protection Agency Gun Toters, and on and on and on, is being feverishly suppressed by the government-media complex. The government indeed doesn't want you to know ANYTHING about this! Why? It is our power of the purse over the congroids! It can lead to a LEGITIMATE LEGAL challenge of absolutely the most dangerous kind.
Even dull-witted Americans who get their news from the government-mass media complex, and who believe in either the Democratic or Republican Parties, and who rely on the fraud of voting and fraudulent electronic vote tallies, can be made to pay attention when it comes to avoiding payment to the IRS! And what does the IRS and its authorizing Congress do with our money? They give barges and barges of it to Israel, the military-industrial complex, Big Oil, Big Pharma, who in turn put it in the pockets of politicians and congroids as campaign "donations" [read payoffs and bribes]. This is government of, by and for the people? Nonsense!
First it was the victory of former IRS agent and CPA Joseph Bannister in June 2005 that defeated the IRS when he demanded of them copies of the law authorizing them to tax his income. IRS lost the case because they couldn't produce copies of the law. And now, in July 2007, Tom Cryer has won on the same basis. He demanded of the IRS to show him and the jury the law, and they couldn't do it.
Why are these landmark legal cases? Have you seen, heard or read about this in the corporate establishment mainstream mass media, aka the MSM, aka the government-media complex? Now you know why I continuously hang the latter moniker on them; they're in cahoots with the government's organized crime network in Washington!
We must deprive Congress of their most powerful weapons: power of the purse, power of propaganda, and power over elections. We must deprive them of their "legal" authority over US; they have none! By helping the Bush regime destroy and invalidate the Constitution, they have in effect destroyed and invalidated themselves. They, and now, ALL of American government, are illegitimate. Their activities are not even remotely sanctioned by the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America. Congress is illegitimate! It is now our job to make them irrelevant!     
© THEODORE E. LANG 8/04/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.


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