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Immigration Bill Defeat -
Don't Celebrate Yet,
They'll Be Back

By Joel Skousen
Editor - World Affairs Brief
There are certain causes that exist where the Powers That Be (PTB) won't take no for an answer. Immigration amnesty (multiple times) is one of them, despite overwhelming public opposition. The globalist fervor to flood this country with illegal immigrants is not just driven by government collusion with big business, hungry for cheap labor. There is another evil agenda at work: a plan to create future cultural conflict that will "demand" an Hegelian solution: A North American integration--a major stepping stone to the New World Order. By the time that crisis fully matures and forces a decision upon us, we will be outvoted by the Hispanics and their sympathizers.
Patrick Buchanan also sees it this way: "They have a vision of a world where not only capital and goods but people move freely across borders. Indeed, borders disappear. It is a vision of a 'deep integration' of the United States, Canada and Mexico in a North American Union, modeled on the European Union and tied together by superhighways and railroads, where crossing from Mexico into the United States would be as easy as crossing from Virginia into Maryland. It is about the merger of nations into larger transnational entitles and, ultimately, global governance.
This immigration bill is but a piece of a great global project already far advanced. In 1993, a majority of Americans opposed the NAFTA trade deal [Shoved down our throats by phony conservative Newt Gingrich as his first act after winning election under his "Contract With America"] with Mexico because they did not believe the propaganda and feared that, as Henry Kissinger said, it represented the architecture of a new world order. More than a dozen years have elapsed. And the results? Contrary to the promises, our trade surplus with Mexico did not grow. It vanished. In 13 years, we have run $500 billion in trade deficits with Mexico. Last year's $60 billion was the largest ever. Mexico now exports more cars, trucks and auto parts to the United States than we export to the world."
Buchanan then gives us a quick review of what happened to the bill. "Last week, in one of the great uprisings of modern politics, Middle America rose up and body-slammed the national establishment. The Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty for 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens, and for the businesses that have hired them -- a bill backed by La Raza and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post -- went down to crushing defeat [But it sadly won't last].
Majority Leader Harry Reid fell 15 votes short (45 to 50) of shutting off debate. Like the rout of the Dubai ports deal, the victory was achieved by a firestorm of public protest, reflected in millions of phone calls and e-mails, and citizens marching to town meetings... But opponents of this bill, which would reward mass criminality with mass
amnesty and eventual U.S. citizenship, ought not rest.
For President Bush is coming back to resuscitate the monster, and this bill has more support in the Senate than the 45 votes it got Thursday. Some Republicans and Democrats who voted not to shut off debate are privately committed to amnesty, if they can be given political cover and face-saving amendments to take home."
The plan is to keep promising that this new immigration "reform" will finally solve the problem, just like the last one in 1986 under Reagan was supposed to do, and didn't. They told us then too that "from now on the law will be strictly enforced." That was a lie and it's still a lie. The current Bush administration, despite the enforcement rhetoric, continues to make sure a border fence is never implemented. Partial fencing won't do it and they know it. The Bush justice department continues to harass and deter Border Patrol agents from effectively doing their job. Agents who vigorously pursue illegals have been prosecuted and put in jail on false testimony and legal technicalities in order to signal the others to back off. Morale in the Border Patrol is rock bottom and there is no shortage of hostile feelings for the president.
The government clearly does not want the public to think it is possible, let alone practical, to deport illegals.Deportation IS, in fact, the cheapest and fastest solution to this mess. We don't need more jail space, since we can simply use the growing number of "holding facilities" the government has built (supposedly for this purpose). We don't need complex trials either. Only a quick administrative procedure is necessary to determine if those rounded up have a valid green card. If not, send them back.
The government is intending to build more of these holding camps, even though they clearly have no intention of using them for the illegal immigration crisis. Jerome Corse wrote that, "Houston-based KBR was awarded an initial $385 million contract [to build camps] in January 2006 for one year, with four one-year options... KBR held a previous emergency detention contract with ICE from 2000 to 2005. ICE spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback told Corsi the primary intent of the contract was to build temporary detention facilities that could be used in the event of a mass migration crisis, but she confirmed the facilities could be employed in national emergencies, including natural disasters." If we don't have a "mass migration" crisis yet, then what qualifies?
These camps, such as the one just north of Nellis AFB in Las Vegas (highly visible from I-15), will never be used for immigration--that was merely the excuse to get Congress to justify the construction--the feds have no intention of deporting large numbers of illegals. In reality, the camps are created for future mass incarceration of American dissidents if and when we stop tolerating government deception surrounding the New World Order they are hell bent on creating.
If we compare deportation and closing the border with this new and complex "solution" to immigration reform, we find the latter is infinitely more complex and expensive to implement. Hundreds of new immigration offices will have to be built and thousands of new employees hired to process the millions of illegals as temporary workers--which only exacerbates the enforcement problem. This complex status being proposed creates an enforcement nightmare as ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would have to check up on the detailed and changing status of millions who have to meet various time and penalty requirements associated with their "provisional" standing. If this bill passes, it will take an army of tax paid attorneys (already provided for in the bill) to sort out whether or not there has been a violation of each person's status. Now, we are talking about lengthy trials and judicial procedures--probably involving a whole new court system--not even counting the costs.
Just as the last amnesty failed to curtail illegal immigration, this new proposal only accelerates cross border infiltration as thousands of new illegals try to get in "under the wire (literally)" to join in the amnesty.
Jed Babbin writing for Human Events describes who are the bad guys in this battle: ""The usual suspects are the goats, but there are stand-outs among them, from President Bush and Sen. McCain to Sen. John Kyle [R-AZ] and McCain's acolyte, Lindsay Graham... Graham is justifiably scared of the backlash that may come from South Carolina conservatives when he seeks reelection next year.
"White House Press Secretary Tony Snow defended the bill, emphasizing that the President would give it another push. But he also told CBS's Bob Schieffer that the White House realized that people have concerns about border security and that, 'we've heard you.' [Sure!] Though we will always think of Tony as a friend [wishful thinking], the only answer to that is, 'prove it.' Build Duncan Hunter's fence.
"In the June 5 Republican candidates' debate, Hunter criticized both the Senate bill and the Bush administration for not building the already-legislated fence along the Mexican border. He labeled the Senate bill 'disastrous' and said that border enforcement is a national security issue. And he talked about the fence he championed to CNN's Wolf Blitzer: 'the Hunter bill, which was signed by the president on the 26th of October, mandating 854 miles of double fence --not that scraggly little fence you show on CNN all the time, Wolf, that people get across so easily --if they get across my fence, we sign them up for the Olympics immediately.... 854 miles of double border fence was mandated to be constructed [which isn't enough-the whole border needs to be fenced]. Homeland Security has a billion bucks, cash on hand. It's been six months, and they've done 11 miles.'
Following up on Tony Snow's statement that "We've heard you" on enforcement, President bush lost no time in telling the Association of Building Contractors he's got new plans for enforcement. According to the AP, "President Bush, trying to salvage an immigration overhaul legislation, endorsed a plan Thursday that would lock in money [an additional $4.4B] for border security as a way to win over conservative lawmakers and a skeptical public. 'We're going to show the American people that the promises in this bill will be kept.' [more audacious lying] Bush got behind a proposal [put forth by government shills, Senators Jon Kyl and Lindsey Graham] to set aside money collected through fees and penalties for tougher border security and workplace enforcement."
Let me point out why this is a total fraud: First, the new enforcement money will only be forthcoming after the bill passes, ensuring that Bush gets amnesty before having to produce enforcement funds. Second, the funds for enforcement will only come through fees and penalties, IF and WHEN the government decides to start vigorously enforcing (which it will not do!).
The bill also now includes a provision to mandate biometric identifiers on Social Security cards, presumably to stop the creation of fraudulent cards. But this is totally unnecessary. The current SS database is sufficient to detect phony cards if the feds wanted to use it. The government continues to create a crisis by non-enforcement so they can justify more government tracking of all citizens.
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