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The New Cambrian Explosion
By Benjamin Fulford
We are on the verge of something that will be bigger than the Cambrian explosion.
For 3 billion years, individual life-forms were so small they could only be seen with a microscope. Then, in a geological eye-blink, a vast cornucopia of macroscopic life appeared. A similar phase- transition is imminent.
We now possess a set of tools that gives us God-like power. With that power comes God-like moral responsibility. We have, or will soon have: the ability to manipulate our genes at will, access to virtually unlimited free energy and real-time full-spectrum communications abilities. This will allow for the birth of a plethora of communities that will take on the aspects of super- beings. We know these now as governments, cultures, societies, corporations, religions, individuals etc. However, with the new technology, that is about to change.
The new communications tools mean Democracy can be made to function in real-time; creating communal super-brains. The new genetic tools mean some people will begin to manipulate their own genes in order to become immortal super-beings. The unlimited energy supplies will give us super-powers.
Despite efforts by some power-holders to stop this wave of change, it is inevitable. It cannot be stopped, only channeled.
That means it is of the utmost urgency for humanity to gather all its collective wisdom in order to make the change a benevolent one. We will need to fashion a base for this transformation. It must be like a perfect diamond, reflecting from every angle the desires and wishes of all creatures, great and small.
I believe the very core of this diamond can be fashioned out one moral principle of the greatest purity. It is what I call the Sudra principle.
The Sudra were the original aboriginal inhabitants of India. When the Aryan invaders came, part of the Sudra's folk knowledge was taken and incorporated into the belief system of the invaders, the rest was destroyed. The Sudra were then forbidden from possessing knowledge. They punished any Sudra who learned to read and write by cutting his or her tongue out. Then, for thousands of years, these people toiled as slaves, imprisoned by their ignorance.
Such a thing must never be allowed to happen again. Hence the Sudra principle: any change is allowed as long as there are no losers.
Another way of looking at it is to examine the base of what we call good and evil. Good is when life energy increases, evil is when it decreases.
In times of plenty, life increases, leading to more and more cooperation, bigger communities and more complexity. Evolution is powered then mainly by the forces of reproduction. Creatures that produce the most offspring prevail but, even those with less offspring continue to reproduce and change for the better. The collective knowledge gathered by life over its 3.5 billion-year experience of various times of plenty can be thought of as the wisdom of the good.
In times of famine, there is strife, communities dissolve and evolution is powered by the strong eating the weak. Knowledge gathered by life over such periods can be thought of as the wisdom of the bad. The Asians call this Yin and Yang.
Life is now headed for what is likely to be a billions of years long, and exponentially expanding, period of Yang or plenty. However, we cannot know when hard times or new enemies will come again and thus, we will need to maintain and nurture all the life knowledge gathered in bad times.
With this in mind, let us now consider the principle governing body of our present world. In ancient Babylonia there emerged a proto- brain, ancient and powerful, that evolved for millenia. It was a gathering of the brightest minds, centered around a single uber- mind, who ruled over the masses. In Europe, this type of gathering came to be known as the illuminati. For centuries it functioned in a way that brought civilization to new heights. There was a gathering of the self-appointed best and brightest who strived to pool their collective wisdom in order to do the greatest good for the greatest number. They achieved marvels and dominated the world for over 3 centuries.
At their core was a family of what may have been the most intelligent humans ever born: the Rothschilds. They pooled their collective knowledge and made sure it was successfully transmitted and built upon from generation to generation. However, they faced discrimination because of their Jewish ancestry and were forced to hide in the shadows. Their secret government was the Freemasons. At the top sat the Illuminati. At the very center sat a grand patriarch or king. Their source of power was control over money and knowledge. With the demise of the Ming Emperors they took on the role of the most highly evolved form of collective mind on the planet.
Unfortunately, it was fatally flawed by arrogance, racism and an inability to form equal relations with other cultures. It was thus unable to truly control the world.
Nonetheless, it was they who conceived of, and financed, the American Revolution. When America became isolationist, detached from world events and hard to control, the Rothschilds mounted a long campaign to get control of America. They succeeded, at last, through their agent John Rockefeller.
John Rockefeller and his cronies usurped the throne of the Western uber-mind. It was then the nightmare began. He conceived of a horrific long-term plan to enslave the human race. His idea was to enforce total, collective control over all humans. The final vision was to install mind-control devices in the brains of all his subjects. Eventually mankind would evolve into a single brain: His brain. Absolute power made him criminally insane. His plan meant all other human brains on the planet would be crushed into slavery worse than that of the Sudra.
To achieve this long-term goal, humanity needed to be captured and enslaved. To do this he relied mainly on the wisdom of the evil. This meant traumatizing humanity into submission through war and brainwash. The twentieth century became one of horror and destruction for both humans and nature.
The final denouement was supposed to be an Armagedon created by him to purge the world of foreign peoples he could not control. The humans who survived would all have mind-control chips put into their brains.
Fortunately for us all, the Rockefellers finally stand defeated. Humanity is about to wake up from a long and terrible nightmare.
The brilliant minds gathered inside the U.S. armed and intelligence forces will no longer have to spend their time and brain-power on behalf of an insane man. This means that instead of contemplating war scenarios and studying cryptography, they will take on the job of helping humanity navigate into the future. They could start by eliminating poverty, environmental destruction, ignorance and disease from the planet.
The new areas of study for the brilliant mathematicians they employ will be things like Fibonacci numbers, probability theory, fractal expansion theory, thermodynamic phase changes and who knows what other incredible things.
We are about to enter an age of wonder.



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