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Mystery - Google Censors
DARPA's Butt Mountain 

By Matt Kazee
On Saturday June 9th, 2007 Matthew Kazee called in to the Alex Ansary show to discuss the Underground DARPA base in Blacksburg Virginia. For years there have been rumors that hidden away in in Blacksburg was a top secret underground DARPA base where research was done on many things including robotics, chips for humans so they can control computers with their mind, and chips for computers to control people's minds. The rumors broke nationally from a woman by the name of Cathy O'Brien who wrote a book in 1995 called "Trance-Formation of America", in which she claimed that Bill Clinton was a partner with George Bush Sr. in a drug smuggling operation that was exposed in the Iran Contra Affair, and later proved by former D.E.A. Cele Castillo.
It involved smuggling guns to the Contra's in exchange for cocaine which was air lifted by the C.I.A. in C-130 airplanes to the small town of Mena, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was Governor. O'Brien claimed that they had a plan to bring in a "new world order" and after people got tired of Republicans that Bill Clinton would be President. This was decided in 1984.
She also claims she was a victim of the M.K. Ultra Program in Blacksburg Virginia in a underground DARPA base located in "Butt Mountain". The strangest quote I read that Cathy O'Brien said was "Virginia Tech is good for two things, engineering and mind control." and that "most of the east coast M.K. Ultra Mind Control experiments happened in this DARPA facility."
This was written in 1995, the same year that a plane crashed in to the White House on Sep. 11 in an attempt to kill Pres. Clinton. There is only one problem with her claims-- Butt Mountain is not in Blacksburg. Internet searches seem to point to the Kimballton mine that is located inside Butt Mountain at Pearisburg, Virginia. So why did she say Blacksburg?
The 7000ft deep mine is 30 minutes from Blacksburg. I set out to see if this story had any legs. I was shocked at what I found. After a few weeks of searching and talking to locals, I heard plenty of rumors that sounded more like urban legends. I started hearing that it might be located at the Arsenal in Radford Virginia.
I talked to a vet who did 3 tours in Iraq, and he said that the military didn't guard the Arsenal anymore, it was all security guards. So I started looking elsewhere. I looked into the real Butt Mountain in Giles and it seemed so logical. It just seemed to be a mine, from all indicators.
I went to Google Earth to have a look at Butt Mountain from satellite to see if there was any sign of a military base on the surface. I found nothing. I looked around Mountain Lake every mountain along 460 into Blacksburg and again I found nothing.
Thinking the O'Brien story was an urban legend, I decided to try one last search. Even though I know that Butt Mountain is not even in the same county as Blacksburg, I typed in to the Google Earth search bar: "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia"
and was amazing to see the camera fly away from the Kimballton mine in Pearisburg and drop down in the middle of Blacksburg.
A marker just off of 460 came up saying "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia: the proposed site for DUSEL Deep Underground Science Engineering Laboratory"
Was it possible that there were two Butt Mountains? I couldn't believe my eyes. I called a friend into the room who witnessed the site in Blacksburg just 5-10 minutes from Virginia Tech. He was amazed to see the marker for the DUSEL in Blacksburg because he knew that Butt Mountain was miles away.
The next day I broke the story on the Alex Ansary show and explained how to find the Butt Mountain in Blacksburg that Cathy O'Brien must have been talking about. It was easy - - all you had to do was go to Google Earth and type in "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia" and anyone could see it with their own eyes. I also posted this information on Alex Jones, Paul Watson and Steve Watson's myspace page. On Sunday as I was diving to Plainfield, New Hampshire to interview Ed and Elaine Brown, I called in to the Alex Jones show on KLBJ to discuss the Brown stand off and to tell Alex about the google earth discovery so that millions could can see it for themselves.
Now Google Earth has officially censored the search phase "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia".
That search now shows no results. I must have hit the hot button. If there is nothing to hide then why censor it so quickly?
None of my previous search phrases work anymore. Like a reporter should, I started trying different searches. I found what I was looking for and with "Kimballton Mine Blacksburg Virginia" and "DUSEL Blacksburg" it takes you to exactly where I saw the tag for Butt Mountain Blacksburg, only now it says this: DEEP UNDERGROUND SCIENCE ENGINEERING LABORATORY.
This raises some serious questions. Why did a search for Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia go 30 minutes away from the real Butt Mountain into Blacksburg?
If this was nothing to hide why did Google Earth censor the entry shortly after I talked about it on National Radio?
Why does a search for Kimballton Mine go to Virginia Tech instead of the real Kimballton Mine? Why is there no marker for the DUSEL or Kimballton Mine at the real site in Google Earth. It was time to get some answers to what is at the marker in Blacksburg that Google has censored?
I drove out to the marker yesterday and didn't see much so I went back to find satellite pictures of that area. Here is what I saw when I did my search for "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia".
Why did they censor the search phrase of "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virgina"?
Let's zoom in and have a look Let's have a look at what Google Earth now calls DUSEL Redistribution Laboratory
Now here is the satellite images of what's in the area Doesn't look like much, let's zoom in and have a closer look at the area.
A baseball field and parking lot was the first thing I noticed. A parking lot leads to a back section with buildings and cars. Let's look closer.
In this shot we see a playground on the bottom and a fence that separates the back area with buildings and cars. Steps can be seen in the top corner to a white building diagonally across from the playground.
That is the playground with 2 slides beside the baseball field. Let's see what's behind the fence and what Google Earth wont show you. The corner of the slides can be seen in the bottom left corner.
Behind the fence is what looks like another playground only its a SWAT training facility. Where the local special forces train to sweep buildings and shoot cars. There is a building in the top center with no roof. Cars that can be seen are used in drills. A firing range can be seen in the top left.
This is the Shooting Range for Swat in Blacksburg Virginia Here are more parked cars that are used for SWAT training. Diagonally across from a baseball field and playground for children. Nice city planning. So, let me get this straight. When I first looked on Google Earth for Cathy O'Brien's description for the underground base in Butt Mountain in Blacksburg, Virginia in 1995.
Google instead takes me to this SWAT training facility that is fenced in and less the 50 yards away from a playground instead of where it should take me to the real Butt Mountain in Pearisburg, Virginia to a 7000ft deep mine that since 2005 is the Virginia Tech DUSEL Deep Underground Science Engineering Lab.
Virginia Tech has plenty of pictures and all kinds of DARPA funded engineering programs and is no secret.
Pictures from within Butt Mountain in Pearisburg, Virginia. So why doesn't Google have the markers in the right place? More importantly why did Google censor the exact phrase "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia" shortly after I announced it to the independent media?It is because up until a few days ago Google Earth referred to a building in Blacksburg as the Butt Mountain: Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory " DUSEL " which is DARPA funded for Geology, Engineering and Physics for Virginia Tech.
Lets look at the original wide angle picture of the whole layout. The original marker seemed to me to be in the center of the picture. These photos were taken from blacksburg.gov and not Google Earth.
At the top of the picture is the what Google now calls a Physics Department. Google Earth for now at least still calls the building the "proposed site for DUSEL" and the Kimballton Mine. That's what I saw when I did my first search for Cathy O'Brien's quote "Butt Mountain Blacksburg Virginia."
This site is a 5-10 minute drive from campus depending on traffic. Is this the place where Cathy O'Brien claimed in 1996 with video testimony that she was a victim of mind control? On April 16 2007 Cathy reminded people that she warned them of what was happening with these programs and how dangerous M.K. Ultra Programs can be and suddenly a story that seemed to be an Urban Legend now has legs.




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