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20/20 Bowel Disease! 
...Or, how Crohn's can improve your eyesight!

By Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg 
At about the age of 40 I had to get my first pair of bifocals, even if only the tiny bottom piece provided a minimally required correction. This was an unsettling development after having better than 20/20 vision (actually better than 20/15) most of my 22 years as a prototypical, if self-styled, "Steely-eyed," Night-Vision enhanced, Combat-tested Army Helicopter Pilot... well...  
...A couple of years later I had to get a little stronger correction in the bottom -- plus a slight correction in the top. 
Also, interestingly, about that time, I came down with an especially virulent case of Crohn's disease and willingly... thankfully... gratefully... ironically ...turned myself over to the medical community, as we know it, for their conflicted dispensation.  I was lucky to survive them...
See, this was but the start of my plummet on an express elevator to hell on unwell Earth... friends and neighbors. I embarked on an 8 year slide into abject and increasing misery. Sincerely, reader, I have a keen understanding why most Crohn's & Colitis sufferers are on antidepressants... ...and why many of these "check out of the net" after a time... a military parlance for suicide...
Indeed... the concept flitters unsettlingly at the peripheries of solutions which could justifiably jump into ones head ... even though I never really considered it, myself. Still, I certainly understood the sentiment.  Major gut-removal surgery was suggested next in their medical back-stepping bag of cash-cow squeezing tricks for this cash-cow! 
Conversely, to have even thought of self-euthanization and provoked by the burgeoning potentiality of same? I *stooped*, even as a hard-eyed rationalist and nascent scientist, to consider the *woo-woo* of the *New-Age* supplementation and *health-food* crowd... You see, one day I walked into a health food store. The rest, as they say, is history. 
...And reader, I'd ironically stumbled into where the science actually was! A real world where things are Pro-active, not re-active ...like with Pharmz... a reality where things are Pro-biotic (for-life), not Anti-biotic (against-life...) ...like with Pharmz... where bodily systems are enhanced and realized, not degraded and inhibited ...like with Pharmz. See, Pharmz block (beta-blockers), suppress (immunosuppressants), inhibit(Cox-2 inhibitors), interfere (interferon) and just about every other damn thing that is Anti-this & Anti-that... where "cause" is not addressed, just symptoms treated, at best (like with the aforementionedPharmaceuticals...).
Just the other day, in conversation with my best friend & former student, Alfred Lehmberg, I had to remark that my gut works better, now, than it ever did in the 20 years before I came down with the "incurable" disease called Crohn's. How is this possible?
My unabashed report to you, Sir and Madam, is that I self-corrected this "Auto-immune" Disease by doing the exact opposite of what the *conventional* medical doctrine pompously indicates as best practice! That's right! Very nearly the polar opposite! 
"Doctors" use scarily dangerous and crossed-purpose pharmaceuticals suppressing an immune system to momentarily relieve, at best, only the symptoms of disease for the short term. What does this errant practice do but leave you wide open for any killer microbe happening by! Plus, suppressing the immune system wreaks inordinate havoc with the immune system...it doesn't just gently "slow it down"...no, it harshly "beats it up" - so recovery can be slow and in some cases almost non-existent. 
I refrained from these pharmaceuticals, eventually; but only after 8 years of increasingly stronger and more toxic Drugs, where only my decline was steady! 
Additionally, these "Doctors" *warn* the sufferer that antioxidants & immune enhancing supplements will likely cause an immune system flare-up... "After all, Mr. Graham," the medicos ponderously intone, "...this IS an Auto-immune Disease...(...'you unwashed dummy' is unspoken but implied!)... So pumping-up your immune system with nutritional supplements can make the disease worse in the short run & the long run...," these finish their lugubrious chant.
They also, in "lock-step" & with a straight-face, told me that diet has nothing to do with bowel disease and that there was no need to avoid any particular foods...
My God! 
That goes beyond incompetent, frankly, pretty much right over into criminal behavior! I DARE the sociopaths over at the FDA to see how many children will develop bowel disease after being raised without ever consuming the "Breakfast of Chumpions"...Milk (all dairy is a killer), Refined Flour (most crap called Cereal) & Sugar (cereal-crap again)...I bet not only bowel disease would virtually disappear but so would all those children allergies, ear-infections, perpetual sniffles & colds, etc, etc. 
I took a broad spectrum of antioxidants & immune enhancing supplements, myself, regardless, in logical retreat from an operation, mechanism, or system treating my continuing disease as their economic opportunity... which would be fine if they might cure you, but you're advised that you are very profitably (for them) incurable! 
All the preceding said: the way to ameliorate just about ANY bowel disease, for the vast, VAST majority of sufferers I discovered... is to do the following: 
(a) Load up on a broad spectrum of antioxidants (to counter Free-radicals & their damage), Grapeseed Extract & Alpha Lipoic Acid are cheap & work particularly well for "gut-maintenance"
(b) Take immune enhancing foods & supps. ( this will fight the disease, not exacerbate it) like Probiotic, Astragalus, Medicinal Mushrooms and my favorite, L-Glutamine, a cheap, intestinal-villi "friendly" amino-acid.
(c) Take a quality form of Multi (the difference is as sunlight unto moonlight, so avoid Centrum) with all of the Vitamins/Minerals & Trace Minerals (to provide the repair material) and the EFA's (essential fatty acids) from Black Currant Oil & Krill / Fish Oil (...to relieve Inflammation & so MUCH more, like decreasing Blood -Pressure & Platelet-Stickiness!).
(d) Take digestive enzymes before each meal & probiotics ( good gut bacteria like Acidolphilous) every AM on empty stomach.
(e) Avoid carbonated drinks & Tums...or anything that destroys valuable stomach acid.
(f) Avoid Sugar & refined flour.
(g) Avoid All Dairy (milk in particular) - I have written volumes concerning the evils of Milk & Dairy so here is even more scary stuff...all dairy (and much of the disrespected meat in this country) has the potential to pass along a particularly destructive microbe called Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. There is pretty clear evidence that Johnnes Disease (in animals) caused by Mycobacterium paratuberculosis is in fact Crohn's Disease in humans. Standard pasteurization will not kill the microbe, as evidenced by random testing of milk in Cal., et al...found all had Mycobacterium, in "low" amounts...so babies, children, old people (or anyone with an even slightly compromised immune system) can wind up with bowel disease as a result of one glass of milk. 
My Crohn's hit 6 months after having my spleen removed... I've had people contact me from all over the world who have developed life threatening bowel disease after a "simple" round of antibiotics or steroids... consider that about 2 out of 10 people have some sort of bowel disease... much of it induced by "doctors" (toxic Pharmz) & caring mainstream Dieticians (toxic foods like Milk, Poly-food Oil, Margarine, Sugar...jeez, I could go on here for several pages)...
This is science, remember! I'll debate anyone in that regard! To wit: Unlike toxic pharmaceuticals which have horrible side-effects... the "side-effects" of the preceding 7 items can protect you from virtually EVERY disease... not just bowel disease! 
Oh yeah... and stay away from almost every food these good doctors recommend vis a vis their new *improved* official food pyramid ... like margarine,  poly food oils (corn, soy, etc.) and grains ( except soaked or sprouted ), ...while actually consuming those things *doctors* tell you to avoid -- coconut oil & eggs!
Item! Here's a Quick Crohn's Tip (any bowel disease) from my Buddy, the Leaf Lady -- Eat Okra for its mucus calming benefits. Eat sticky stuff to relieve sticky stuff...Yes, the sticky okra causes the protein digestive enzyme, pepsin, to stick to the gut wall and digest the mucus.  I cannot confirm or refute this claim because when I look at boiled Okra I have the same reaction as Prymaat Conehead when she encounters a big purple "Eggplant" in the produce isle... Aeaeaeaeaeae !!!
OK... Back to deteriorating eyesight!
...Every 12 to 18 months after coming down with Crohn's I would need a little stronger correction in my glasses prescription. My vision, apparently, was disintegrating along with the rest of my physicality...
Don't get me wrong, my eye doctor said this was a normal rate of degeneration even for someone without Crohn's. So, in the next 8 or 10 years I had 5 or 6 prescription upgrades.
Snap back to present times...
I was listening to our local talk radio where one day a week a local Eye Doctor answers calls & explains eye problems. On this particular day he went from the front of the eye to the rear of same, explaining how UV light can cause or exacerbate virtually every eye disease... ...due to free-radical damage and the associated inflammation.
Whoa, fellow warriors ... combating inflammation & free-radical damage is what I'm all about, my raison d'être... a result of my long battle with Crohn's... ...and that's when it dawned on me! 
I had been wearing the same glasses prescription since starting all those "useless" supplements, about 10 years ago now!  Ding!
Not only were the antioxidants helping me hold on to what I had, but they were actually improving my eye sight... while protecting me from things like cataracts - all my family members for at least 2 generations have had cataracts. The reader discovers on a review of the body of work I've produced over the years that here was still more confirmation for the assertions I had been making! The reader may see now the weird relationship between Crohn's disease and improving eyesight!
The Radio eye *doctor*? Well, his answer for EVERYTHING (...and thanks for being so bleeding helpful *Doc*...) was:
1). Surgery... 
2). Toxic Pharmaceuticals... 
3). Stay out of the sun & wear sunglasses... 
...That was predictable. Eh?
...So, just like virtually every other branch of medicine, it seems, at the core of their corporately hijacked *discipline* is a big fat LIE... propping up everything else! If you'll see my paper "Mo' Money" at <>http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#Momoney ... I explode several of these core myths & medical lies.
Yes, reader!  Lies! Screw any time wasting metaphors or polite euphemisms! Given the word suicide had been thrust, unwanted, into my head? My gloves are decidedly off!
One of the "disciplines" I mention in "Mo' Money" is virtually identical to the EYE-antioxidant-Uv light-"Connection" ...and that, folks, is the garden-variety Dermatologist's bogus mantra concerning the sun as a "cause" for skin cancer! Let's go there a minute! 
Even an arguably smart & informed guy like Bill O'Reilly fell for the ponderously fallacial argument that if 'A' is followed by 'B'... ...then 'A' must be the "cause" of 'B'... O'Reilly does such when he assumes that his fair complexioned Irish relatives, the ones most often out in the sun... ...subsequently got skin cancer... so this is his "empirical" data to show the sun "CAUSED" the skin cancer. Get it? But consider... he gets it very wrong, authoritatively, in front of millions of people, putting himself and those many listeners at risk. Let's look at the more likely reality.
Firstly, I'm at risk of sounding a little like Bill Clinton when he dithered over the definition of the word "is." See? it depends on your definition of the word "causes"... follow? I prefer the more accurate word "Triggers"... Sun "triggers the cancer, perhaps... ...but it does not CAUSE the cancer.
"TRIGGERS," ... "CAUSES"!?! "So What"? "...C'mon Uncle Al, you're pole vaulting over tic-spoor! It's the same thing, ain't it, 'Supplement Boy' "? 
Well actually...no, it's not the same... not remotely the same. Here's my logic for why the sun does not *cause* skin cancer... actually, and it's pretty ironic given it's YOU causing the skin cancer, yourself, reader! Analogy?
If an innocent person, driving fairly slow, runs head-on into a car that pulled right in front of her and she subsequently dies (in what should have been a survivable crash) as a result of her head going through the windshield... ? ...was the crash, the cause of her death? NO...the crash only triggered her death. The CAUSE of her death was not wearing her seat belt...because the girl sitting next to her with her belt on? She didn't get a scratch!
So, with this in mind, let's visualize 3 genetically identical triplet brothers. To make the proceeding argument work... the only leap of faith that is required is the belief that antioxidants can destroy dangerous free-radicals. This shouldn't be too difficult, considering it's pretty much simple, even "pure vanilla" Science. That is to say, no leap at all.  
Brother #1 - never gets in the sun, does not supplement, eats free-radical causing foods (recommended by New Official Food Pyramid) like poly-food oil & margarine... Brother #1 DOES NOT get skin cancer (just for sake of this argument we are saying he does NOT get cancer; however, in reality? This unfortunate slob will actually have an increased risk of skin-cancer due to [cue startled music!] ...a Vit.D-3 deficiency BECAUSE he gets NO SUN...irony !) But anyway... no cancer for Bro One, for now anyway.
Brother #2 - on the other hand is out in the sun many hours a day (but never burns), does not supplement, and, like Bro.#1, eats free-radical causing foods like Cheezy Poofs and Snacky Cakes... Brother #2DOES get skin cancer.
SO...the answer is obvious?  The sun CAUSED the cancer, right? If the only difference between two identical brothers is that the one out in the sun got the skin cancer.
NOT SO FAST, Boobala !
See, Brother #3 (Remember him?) - works side by side in the sun with brother #2 ...  but Brother #3 takes numerous antioxidants & Krill / Fish Oil, eats a high antioxidant / low free-radical diet alluded to earlier... [cue startled music again!]... and he DOES NOT get skin cancer!
OK... SO, now the answer IS obvious. The sun TRIGGERED the cancer in Brother#2... ...but it did not "cause" the cancer because it could not trigger the cancer in Brother #3! See how that works?
#3's nutrient supplement precluded the trigger! Just like the car crash did not kill the unharmed passenger, because she "supplemented" with a seat belt, #3's "seat belt" was the supplements he was taking. Follow? 
...No, Folks... the sun was the "trigger"! The "cause" was an Omega-3/Antioxidant/Vit.D-3/Mineral dietary deficiency! So, the skin cancer is your fault... NOT the sun's fault ... just like the girl dying in the crash was her fault... not the guy that pulled in front of her (even though he was a Satan-worshipping, Meth-head). If you put on your seatbelt & take your antioxidants...you are being "pro-active" not "re-active"... and maybe not dead. Oh yeah...ask your "doctor" why there is as much skin cancer in overcast New England as there is in the sunny south.
Now let me raise the hair on the back of your neck a little... Why does the top one percent of IQs & the highest paid people on the planet CONTINUALLY (and unflinchingly!) get this "eye-disease-cancer-causing-sun-thing" so horribly wrong, again and again?  
Of course, you already know the answer... right? 
...Could it be that it is in their financial interest to continue to get it arguably wrong? I fear we can only answer in the affirmative. Nothing else makes sense. 
These people are not stupid... they know! Even if they push it away from themselves with cognitive dissonances, rationalizations, or a bad (that is to say conveniently self-serving) application of science. Theyknow! 
Of course they do! Great suffering Zot and little sputniks, reader! If you and I know, they know!  
Visualize the following "Crazy-World":
...What if EYE "doctors" told people: Stop wearing sunglasses (...except in extreme conditions, skiing in the Alps or in a protracted and painful glare, say...) & toxic sunscreen lotions ... also get at least 15 minutes of sun daily around high noon on your face & arms (but never burn). Additionally, every morning, while the early sun is low on the horizon, spend some time getting the sun-light in your eyes (every 7 AM while "hunting" for horn-worms on my tomato plants, I occasionally glance into the rising sun for just a second). This will stimulate a Serotonin-induced "perk me up" so I'm ready to out-smart stealthy horn-worms... or saber-tooth tigers if I'm Cro-Magnon Man! Then this "Fantasy-Doctor" would tell you to take a broad spectrum of antioxidants, Fish-Oil, Vitamins & minerals & stay away from processed foods, dairy & Sugar... Why, within a year or two we could solve the big controversy surrounding the illegal Mexican workers... ...we'd let all the *out of work* "pill-pushers" pick the lettuce and strawberries
How did we evolve ?
Homo Erectus did not wear sunglasses, use toxic sunscreens, and did not suffer from seasonal depression (actually, there are no seasons at the Equator where he spent the first million years or so), ... he felt energetic & lighthearted I'm betting (considering the dangers & uncertainties of the Serengeti). His situational thinking & reaction time were likely more finely tuned than our finest homo Sapien Sapien athlete of today.  
What key factor caused these incongruities in homo Erectus? The answer? Humankind's skin & eyes, over a period of a million years, were bathed in bright equatorial sunlight all day long. 
The preceding does many good things: The sunlight is converted to large amounts of Vitamin D-3 which helps protect the skin & eyes. The Vitamin D-3 stimulates the production of natural "feel-good" drugs, serotonin & dopamine... ...and the light entering the eyes has even a more immediate effect on mood ... you feel good, you're alert, you're not as hungry & you grave carbohydrates less. 
As early humans moved further North & could no longer count on the sun to make the Vitamin D & elevate their mood...God or Mother Nature very fortuitously increases the Vit. A & D, plus the powerful EFAs, Omega 3s in the cold-water fish & animals, taking up the required dietary slack! 
Of course, the obvious problem is that now these self-same fair-skinned *Scandinavians* have moved back South to live here in sunny LA (Lower Alabama)... Boy...those trouble-making Scandinavians, eh? 
This is what I think they (you) should do in my humble opinion (this applies to everyone: but especially "really extra-white folks" like Bill O'Reilly): 
1)..Get several short sun exposures during the day but NEVER burn. 
2)..Cover yourself to avoid burning, but don't avoid the sun. 
3)..Use one of several less-toxic "Sun-Blocks" on problem areas like your nose...these contain Titanium Dioxide & PABA esters.  Make sure any of these "safe" sun-blocks do not contain Flouride. NEVER EVER use Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), which is present in 90 percent of sunscreen brands... ...a vetted Norwegian study found that it would kill mouse cells even at low doses!!! There's your Cancer Precursor, I suspect! 
4).. Here's another Leaf Lady Tip : Use a spray of Vit. B-1 & Vit. C as a non-toxic sunscreen.
5)..Take a quality Multi Vitamin/Mineral. to include all 70 plus Trace Minerals. Real (as opposed to 'pure white', processed) Sun-dried Sea Salt is a good source of all 72 trace minerals...it must be pink, grey or off-white - NEVER pure white (means NO trace minerals).
6)..Take EFA Omega 3s & 6, in Flax, Hemp, Black Currant & Fish/Krill Oils. 
7).. Take as many of the following antioxidants as you can afford: (the first 5 below are already in your MultiVit/Min, but you really need more than is found in the average Multi - but if you can't afford the extra, then at least go with the amount found in the Multi) 
In a good Multi :
(a) -- Vit. A , take a total of about 20,000iu daily - ONLY 5000iu can be "real" Vit.A (palmitate) while the other 15000 should be beta-carotene. (your Multi will have part or all of the 20 thou.). The 15000 Beta-carotene (B-C) can be less (like maybe 5000iu) or much more...you can't OD on B-C, but you can on palmitate.
(b) -- Vit. D-3 , take a total of about 1000iu to 1200iu (never exceed 2000iu) - if you get lots of sun from 10 to 2 several days a week in the the summer, then you could get by with the 400iu that comes in all Multi's, but in the winter or if you're too far north OR if you're black, then take the 1000iu D-3 supplementally. Always take with Calcium...taking Lg.doses of Vit.D, without taking calcium, will leach calcium right out of your bones. Avoid Vit.D-2, the crap found in milk.
(c) -- Vit. E , take 400iu of "Mixed" Tocopherol or a second choice of "d Alpha Tocopherol". Some Multi's will have the whole 400iu ...but not many. 
(d) -- Zinc & copper, (ALWAYS take at about a 10to1 ratio but don't exceed about 4mg of copper - also NEVER take over 100mg Zinc daily), including your Multi, take about 30 to 60mg Zinc & 2 to 4mg Copper. "WARNING" zinc/copper  MUST BE taken togeather. Taking a little extra Zinc (like a Zinc Lozenge if you have a cold) without the additional Copper is probably not a real big deal but taking extra Copper without Zinc...can be a big deal - if you have copper water pipes, get tested for copper before taking a copper supp.
(e) -- Selenium , (the King of mineral antioxidants), including your Multi, take about 400mcg daily. This is also likely the most powerful Cancer fighter there is. Selenium runs through earth like veins of Gold in a mine...so there are whole countries (New Zealand) with selenium depleted soil where cancer & heart disease were out of control until the government started importing selenium rich food from Australia.
Not normally in a Multi :
(f) -- NAC , (precursor to the more expensive, Glutathione, which is the True King of antioxidants, but not well absorbed through supplements) take 500 mg of NAC with 1000mg Vit. C. (the Vit. C is important) 
(g) -- Lutein & Bilberry , (they very often come together) take about twice as much as directed on label. This might be the most potent "one, two" punch "in the eye"...especially considering it's cheap!  A food very high in lutein and zeaxanthin, (another powerful antioxidant, also in Krill Oil) is egg yolk. More doctors everyday are having to admit that macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the elderly) is because they have avoided eggs & "bought-into" the whole "No-Fat...Low-Fat" corporate LIE.
(h) -- Grapeseed Extract , take as directed. For just a little more money you can get the other latest "hot-item", Resveratrol - another powerful anti-oxidant from grapes. Grapeseed extract & Dry Dark Red Wine are very cool but Grape-Juice is decidedly NOT...the very high "sugary-fructose" in Grape-juice causes insulin secretion & Fructose Induced Insulin Resistance - both lead to inflammation that completely "Undoes" the wonderful, but futile, effort of the Anti-oxidants in the really sweet, grape juice (so Regis lies, too & my buddy O'Reilly also has a big glass of skin-cancer "friendly" Welch's Grape Juice every day). 
(i) -- Alpha Lipoic Acid, take as directed. ALA is unique in that it is BOTH fat & water soluble...so destroys Free-radicals on two "fronts".
Last, but certainly not least, stay away from free-radical causing crap like: Poly-food oil (corn, soy, canola, etc.), only use Olive Oil & Coconut Oil ... pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) like margarine, use real (organic) butter instead ... HCA free-radicals (FRs) from burnt animal fat ... Acrylamide (FRs) from super-heated carbs, like French Fries & Wheaties ... ALL deep-fried fast food ... Any highly processed meats ... Tap water ... and about a million other toxins in your environment, etc, etc... many avoidable using good sense.
Well that's about it...except for this solemn warning -- I know this is "wrong", but if I see you slathering toxic OMC sunscreen on your defenseless little baby, I WILL say something to you ... Just ask anyone who knows me.  
See, I'm of a mind that you are prosecuting a subtle kind of child abuse...I know it's unwitting, of course,...but now that you know...STOP IT!
Oh yeah... have a nice day... and well BE.
Alan Graham
Phone -- (334) 774 0395



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