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Bone-Loss Deception,
Denial And Betrayal 

By Alan Graham 
with Alfred Lehmberg 
Have you seen the latest "Actonel" TV commercial? They show a simple cartoon depicting the human spine as being "protected" by a vigilant Actonel which stops these *bad* cells inexplicably attacking the spinal column like little "dive-bombers"! The commercial says these are the cells that "Cause" Osteoporosis (OP).
WOW! Talk about going around your back-side to get to your elbow... in order to "muddy the water" enough to make a half-truth sound like the "truth," too. Ironically, this is because there ARE specialized cells to remove old bone and these can cause a reduction in bone-density (B-D)... so, a dishonest sociopath could, with a contrived and canted cartoon, make it look like these cells are the "cause" of OP... but they're not... not anymore than a gun is the "cause" of a particular death - no, the guy pulling the trigger is the CAUSE of death, remember.
Consider the natural maintenance of bones. For proper Bone Maintenance, Mother-Nature designed a Dual system for building bone where appropriate & then removing bone where that's appropriate too. This is done with 2 different specialized cells: one called OsteoBlasts ('Blasts), cells building new bone... while other cells, OsteoClasts ('Clasts), remove.
Ideally this build-up/tear-down system of "Bone Remodeling" will be in perfect balance or as in growing children, the "build-up" activity will be greater to accommodate growth.
As we get older, though, this system can get out of balance. For instance, where you might have decreased 'Blasts (building) or increased 'Clasts (dissolving & recycling). Consider, by the way, that this "as we get older" is getting younger & younger all the time at the hands of duplicitous docs & their dutiful dieticians.
Now there are several things which can cause this out of balance condition between the 'Blasts & the 'Clasts. We'll discuss each in turn briefly, but first lets look at "Big Pharmz" answer to the rapidly increasing problem... ...poisonous soap-scum removers called Bisphophonates.
Drugs classed as Bisphosphonates (Actonel) work in a very negative way -- reminiscent of cutting off a person's head to cure their dandruff. Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, et al, work to increase bone-density by poisoning, thus killing, the innocently natural OsteoClasts, those "attacking" cells in the aforementioned graphic.  These would normally remove Old bone... When these are poisoned and removed it results in an increase in bone-density (B-D) because the old, brittle, worn-out bone, the old bone is left behind.
Key point actually. Unfortunately, an increase in B-D won't mean much if it is "denser" with brittle, fragile, worn-out bone -- bone past its useful service life. Right?
Now this seemingly wacky approach is bad enough, but when you also consider that OsteoClasts (removers) naturally prompt OsteoBlasts (builders) to form, it is then even more bizarre taking a bisphosphonate like Actonel because by leaving old bone behind you discourage the growth of the new bone! 
Talk about a double-whammy...but Hey! Maybe you don't need much new bone, because now you have plenty of old bone... yeah, that's the ticket! 
Now, it is possible for the 'Clasts to eat away pockets or pits in the bone which are not rebuilt when there appears to be normal 'Blasts activity... so the obvious (and too conveniently reflexed) answer is to KILL (and very profitably too) the "guilty" 'Clasts... but WAIT!
Why don't we read to the period on this thing before we start poisoning ourselves, you know, to finance a boob-job on a fat man's trophy wife? Why don't we, instead, ask what is causing the bone to be dissolved too quickly, and/or what is inhibiting the 'Blasts from "keeping up" in the first freakin' place?
There are many reasons for this 'Blasts/'Clasts imbalance...and even though they may seem unrelated, many of them neatly dove-tail back into what I think is the primary reason - an acidic body fluid pH leaching calcium & other key minerals & trace minerals from the Big Mineral Repository (your Bones!) to keep your blood pH at the slightly alkaline pH of 7.35 to 7.45. 
The whole convoluted Bone-Remodeling system is linked to your pH because your body will jump through hoops to keep your Blood pH inside stringent close-tolerance parameters iterated in the last paragraph... because you will die, almost instantly, without that balance. Don't worry, the "system" will not let your blood pH stray outside the strict limits & kill you instantly...before it lets that happen, it will kill you a little slower some other way.
Now, this cuts both ways, reader, because if you take an extra big load of Calcium (anything over 500mg at once) your pH will rapidly become too alkaline! Your kidneys have to start dumping minerals overboard to compensate. Though, because of Soy, grains, sugar, coffee, antacid, carbonated drinks & other highly acidic crap, most busy Americans consume almost nothing but Acid-Forming foods processed by an insentient Man... so the "too Alkaline" condition is rarely even a consideration.
The following are some of the causes of those imbalances...virtually all of them can be helped without killing the 'Clasts with unhealthful poisons:
1).. Alcohol in excess (one small glass of dry dark red wine at supper is GREAT for your heart, gut, brain, joints & Bones) -- even though most of the literature points out excessive consumption leads to suppression of the 'Blasts (builders)...I think the bad nutrition, a stressed Gut & poor mineral & nutrient absorption, associated with excessive alcohol consumption, will lead to increased bone loss... due to an acidic pH.
2).. Coffee -- Many quote the data that even moderate Caffeine consumption can dramatically increase bone-loss because it is a diuretic & it appears to inhibit Vit. D absorption, which then inhibits Calcium utilization... but they might not add that another reason is because coffee is very acid-forming, which causes minerals to be leached from your bones. FYI : never take diuretics that remove trace minerals, instead, when you retain water...drink LOTS of water...OK, if you are sure, Al ?
3).. Phytates & Oxalates -- These "anti-nutrients" contained in Soy & Grains bind to minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & likely most critical, Zinc. So they not only contribute to a mineral deficiency but Oxalates can cause other problems like kidney stones & heel spurs. And the ubiquitous SOY (...it's everywhere, it's everywhere!!) is unique in that unlike a high oxalate food like spinach which binds with 95% of its own Calcium...the Soy binds with all its Calcium & then goes LOOKING FOR MORE. We did not evolve eating Soy & Grains...for several million years of evolution homo Erectus never ground grains & baked bread or ate other High Gluten foods that also adversely effect digestion, which also contributes to bone-loss.
4).. Sugar/Refined Carbs -- Dieticians talk out of both sides of their mouths with regard to sugar. I would tell people to totally avoid sugar except once annually on your birthday (you know, that damn cake)...instead Dieticians tell people to use sugar in moderation - which, as I've said before, translates to "use pretty much all you want."
5).. Pharmz -- many supposedly effect adversely the 'Blasts activity but in reality most actually also encourage increased 'Clast activity due to acidic pH or impaired digestion... here are just a few :
(a)...Steroids - Suppress the immune system by attacking the good gut flora & fauna, which reduces absorption of Alkaline minerals, which causes an acidic body pH, which leaches minerals from your bones.  
(b)...Antacids (along with carbonated drinks) -- Reduce valuable stomach acid that is needed to absorb Alkaline minerals...remember Al's Acid Rule # 1 : "You can have a healthful, Alkaline body (and blood) pH, if you have a normal, very acidic stomach pH (less than 3) - *But* if you have a more alkaline stomach pH (greater than 5 or 6) - you will NEVER have a "natural" alkaline body pH...you might do it unnaturally with a big dose sodium bicarbonate, which is not healthful. Also, an Alkaline stomach from antacids does not kill dangerous microbs like it does when you have the correct stomach pH of "1", which is the same as battery-acid.
(c)...Thyroid - MD's misuse of Synthetic thyroid meds causes bone loss. This is partly due to misdiagnosing the cause & kind of thyroid problem, because the "Gold-Standard" TSH thyroid test is bogus, resulting in people taking Synthroid that they don't need ... & partly because we are told that Fluoride, chlorine & aluminum in tap-water, toothpaste, antiperspirant & a thousand other things, won't hurt us. 
In reality those things attack the thyroid in several different ways ... not the least of which is Aluminum-Fluoride Complex (AlFx) poisoning which causes Hyper-(high)thyroid, (and terrible insomnia) but the TSH test reads it as Hypo-(low)thyroid so again the MD prescribes Synthroid, which is exactly the wrong thing to do. When you put Fluoride & Aluminum (both in tap-water) together you create a monster, AlFx, that is killing you... and NO ONE is looking.
(d)...Antibiotics - They kill the good gut bacteria, so you know - yada, yada...boom, Osteoporosis. Really Folks, most of this stuff is simple "Connect the Dots 101"
6).. Weight loss over 40 -- In 1969 on my way to Viet Nam, my brand new Minny-Pearl-looking Mother in Law from Lizella, Ga., with her 3rd grade education (remember Deliverance?), said, "To be healthy, Da Lord 'spects us to gain 10 or 15 lbs after the Change" (menopause)...
Well, I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard. But guess what Folks, she was right, well, maybe not that the Lord expects it... Anyway, the constant dieting with the 10 pounds yo-yoing up & down means you are periodically depriving yourself of critical minerals, etc... next, the extra 10 lbs of fat cells around your middle produce more natural estrogen which stimulates OsteoBlasts activity...lastly, crazy as it may sound, you hauling that extra 10 lbs around, makes your bones stronger... like lifting weights.
I'm all for being thin... but not if you have to starve & practically kill yourself to be TOO thin & not if you have to starve to keep off that last 10 or 15 lbs... especially if you eat the right natural raw food in moderate amounts with moderate weight-bearing, low-impact exercise and you level off 10 lbs heavier than when you were in High School - then that is right were you should be... Consider yourself lucky & tell your Husband to shut his pie hole because your dainty, nicely distributed 10 lbs is for a Women's good health, unlike his 30 pound "beer-gut."
Regarding dieting to remain too thin... trust me, the main-babe on "Grey's Anatomy," Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan & any of these self-destructive women using starvation diets and/or "nose-candy" to stay ungodly thin... all will develop Osteoporosis at a young age & likely have heart failure before 50. Don't confuse "starvation diets" (Bad) with "fasting" (Good)...a 1 to 3 day fast every month or so (if done correctly) is one of the most positive things you can do for your toxically compromised body.
7)... Bowel Disease -- Anything from IBS to Crohn's (I almost died of Crohn's but cured myself...yeah, I know MD's say it is incurable) has the potential to cause or exacerbate OP. One that is particularly insidious is Celiac Disease, where you can't take Wheat Gluten (Grains)... yet many, unknowingly, just keep on consuming gluten in bread, cereal & pasta - real irony, you know? ..."Killed by the Staff-of-Life." 
With all bowel-disease, you are likely not only deficient in the required nutrients for Bone-Remodeling, but your compromised digestion means you are not absorbing the alkaline minerals that keep you from having an acidic pH... so more bone is dissolved.
8)... Lastly, Acid/Alkaline-Forming foods -- Virtually every food processed by man is Acid-Forming. Virtually all raw fruits & Veggies are Alkaline-forming. Al's Acid Rule # 2...lemons & limes test acidic if touched with a pH strip - but after digestion they are among the MOST Alkaline-Forming foods found in nature! On the other hand, meat would test alkaline if touched with a pH strip, but after it is burned through digestion it leaves an Acidic Ash!  This is especially true for processed meats like bacon, sausage, etc.
Don't avoid Acid-Forming foods that are natural or have other efficacious properties...like Olive Oil & some berries are slightly Acid-Forming but they are cool - it is the really unhealthful processed, Acid-Forming foods that you should avoid like Coffee, sugar, refined flour, Soy Isolate, processed meats and two of the most evil foods conceived by man...a cream filled donut & pancakes w. syrup ...I could care less if you hate me - but if you regularly make a hot "wholesome" breakfast of pancakes w. syrup for your kids...you are a BAD parent. Sorry.  I digress.
Back at the ranch: Actonel wants to concentrate on the 'Clasts bone-removal end, but maybe... ...the lower Bone-Density is almost ALWAYS a problem with the other end, the raw material & building end! 
Not only because they are needed to build new bone, but their very presence means the removal end is brought back into line due to their alkalinity. But you see, Big-Pharmz does not have a stable of controlled Drugs for "building" new bone & they can't patent the raw material for same... ...so to achieve an increase in B-D they decided the only way they can "solve" the problem, and still make money, is to kill the 'Clasts on the bone removal "end" because that's the only place a patented, proprietary, and expensive pharmaceutical poison could possibly be applied!
...You see, on the raw material & building front-end, Big Pharmz can't patent raw veggie's & fruit, chlorophyll, alkaline water, Deep Breathing Exercises, 72 trace minerals, Alkaline-Forming Foods, etc. ...to naturally raise your body pH so Calcium & other minerals are not leached from your bones! Moreover, they can't patent HIGHLY Absorbable ORGANIC Calcium (they give you INorganic, CARBONATE crap), Organic Chelated Magnesium (they give you INorganic, OXIDE crap), Vitamin D-3 (they give you inferior, D-2 crap), Vit.K, Silica, Boron (they give you...ahh, nothing), Glucosamine & MSM (...ahh, what's that ?)
No Folks, the best they can do on the front-end is to insure YOU DO develop bone loss, which keeps the money flowing, while it only "appears" that they are trying to help. 
So Doc's & Dieticians do the following: encourage Milk, DON'T discourage carbonated drinks, allow Sugar "in moderation", employ LOTS of Fluoride, Chlorine & Aluminum (tap-water, tooth-paste, antiperspirants), discourage Supplementation (except crap like Centrum & Caltrate)! They heavily push high Oxalate & Phytate foods like Soy & Grains that bind & remove minerals, and they promote excessively processed foods with lots of bread, cereal & pasta. All these things will contribute to the development of OP for a variety of reasons, but probably most significant is all these things are "Acid-Forming" and most MD's will laugh & finger point, if you try to connect body pH with bone loss. But it is so.
Moving on, even "mainstream" medicine honestly points out something that I find very disturbing & potentially very dangerous... those Bisphosphonates stay in the bone for DECADES & the Dive-bomber, 'Clasts can remain suppressed for 5 years after you stop taking the stuff! This is horrible!
From The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 90, No. 3 1897-1899
Copyright © 2005 by The Endocrine Society:
"Unlike most medications, bisphosphonates remain in the body for decades. These drugs are not metabolized, but are either excreted renally or deposited within the bones. The amount of drug within the bone will accumulate with use. There is no known method of removing the medication from the bones. The duration of physiological effect is still unknown. After taking alendronate for 5 yr, the bone resorption and formation markers remain suppressed for at least 5 yr after discontinuation."
And this from the same Journal : 
"If bone resorption is strongly inhibited, the damage can't be repaired because the osteoclasts won't dissolve the bone. In animals given high doses of bisphosphonates, microdamage accumulation is observed. The biological purpose of bone remodeling is probably to remove microdamage and replace it with new bone. If this process stops, the damage accumulates and could eventually weaken the bone."
OK Folks, stop here if you can't handle bad news -- but for the rest of you... go to a search-engine and punch-in *lawsuits Phossy Jaw* & discover the horror-show that is Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)! This is where your jaw bone dies & rots away leaving you disfigured for life...oh yeah - from taking Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, etc. Weep for sufferers, Sally Fields.
Here's a little blurb from my buddy the Leaflady's BLOG... the whole article is at  <>http://naturalhealthnews.blogspot.com/search?q=bisphosphonates! Go sign up for her newsletter & read her fine work: (She does not suffer fools!)
"Bisphosphonate is pretty much left overs from making Tide and P&G has a great amount of $$$ bound up in Actonel, their osteoporosis drug. Yes P&G is in the drug business for profit and in a lot of other things too - FOR PROFIT.
Profit is good, but not at the expense of maiming and killing. The downside of bisphosphonate is that it causes something called osteonecrosis of the jaw. There are other problems with the osteoporosis drugs that you can find out about by looking up the <>side effects and deciding for yourself. In general osteonecrosis is 'dead bone', without a blood supply."
If you would like to know what you should do to avoid OP in a natural, health-promoting, proactive way, then read my paper about Sally Fields & Osteoporosis at <>http://www.alienview.net/ALLT1.html#Sally ...it will explain all the "Do's & Don'ts" concerning acid/alkaline-forming foods & the right supplement forms... If, for example, your MD recommended Calcium CARBONATE & Magnesium OXIDE in crap like Oscal or Caltrate, then you know he or she is either ignorant or evil... or both. Instead of helping? These 2 "supplements" can actuallyexacerbate Osteoporosis.
Lastly, a while back I wrote about Sally Field's insulting Boniva commercial, where having to find time once a week to take Fosamax was a hassle... but Once-a-Month Boniva was acceptable with her busy lifestyle. 
In the latest installment, she gleefully explains how choosing an osteoporosis medicine is as easy as choosing which dress to wear because, unlike other weekly treatments, Boniva is only a Once-a-Month dosing.
Well, there you go...Sally & her strangely thoughtless ilk... what's up with that bunch? Only because of a monthly dosing convenience, they will be re-active and take a negative poison, a poison exacerbating their disease... rather than be pro-active and take 60 doses a month (2 doses daily) of something natural & efficacious... This is their definition of a "no-brainer"!
I concur! 
Once-a-month Boniva, wins Hands-down over 60 doses a month... but only if you ARE a "No-brainer" like our otherwise adored Ms. Fields... I really do love her, even if she has sold her soul to Mammon, the gloating false god of riches and avarice. 
Please feel free to contact me at alan068@centurytel.net if you disagree or have a question.
And Sally? I'd really would like to hear from you!  We can be friends... but only if you are contrite.
That's enough... Well be.
Alan Graham
(334) 774-0395



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