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Because It's 'Funny'
When Jews Do It
Mark Glenn
Just when you think they have had their fill, when they couldn't possibly fit any more into their collective gullet after engorging themselves at the buffet table of vulgar, brutish, boorish behavior, well, surprise, surprise, they come along and one-up themselves, just as they always have, always do, and unfortunately for the rest of us, always will.
It's probably not a good thing to admit at this particular moment, given what it is I do these days for a living, but the fact of the matter is that until this afternoon, I had never heard of Sarah Silverman.
I do not watch television except for the news and the weather, and not because I am some sort of advanced, enlightened being who doesn't need distractions like everyone else. Rather, it is because peace of mind is more valuable to me than gold, and thus the last thing I want to hear about are the details of the decadent, depressing world of show business types in America and what life is like for them in the sewer. Thus, I do not know who the latest flavor of the day is with regards to movies, music, television, etc, and therefore why up until today Mz. Silverman was someone unknown to me.
You can imagine then how shocked I was to read the following quote from one of her comedy routines. As usual, I apologize ahead of time to those with delicate ears or delicate eyes­
"I hope the Jews did kill ChristI'd do it again. I'd fucking do it again-in a second."
'Must be a mistake' I thought to myself. 'They're not that bold yet'.
A quick google search, using the name of this illustrious, much-celebrated and adored Jewish American Princess and a few of the key words attributed to her performance (that I was just sure couldn't have taken place in this 'Christian' country known as the United States, and particularly with all those 'God Bless America' bumper stickers flying around these days) and, as luck would have it­'Bingo'! just as Fr. Burger used to say on Friday nights at St. Bernadette's when I was a grade school youngsterPage after page after page of that infamous one-liner, along with page after page after page of praise and rave reviews from the most influential newspapers and periodicals in America.
Of course, in hindsight I now realize that this assumption on my part, that 'They're not that bold yet' was merely symptomatic of this thing known as denial that a lot of us are going through these days as we consider the immensity of the situation we are facing. Again, in the interests of my own defense, this is a perfectly understandable, human thing, this 'denial' business. What is taking place with regards to the 'nice Jewish folks' who run our entertainment industry and the level to which they are willing to stoop these days is so insane and incomprehensible that it would appear to be impossible to any person of relatively sound mind.
More than this though, this 'denial' thing is perfectly understandable when considered in the context of what it means to be a Gentile. The fact is, we do not know what it is like to think with a Jewish mind and to see things through Jewish eyes. As much as we have been propagandized into thinking that we are all the same and that we all share the same basic values, needs and affections, the truth is that this is just another clever marketing ploy on the part of their PR people in making us and our behavior more predictable and pliable. We were not cut from the same cloth. We are not fruit that has fallen from the same tree. We Gentiles do not think like our Jewish counterparts, the history of the last 2,000 years being proof positive of this. As long as we remain Gentile and they remain Jewish we will never see eye to eye, just as we never have, something that they realize all-too-well despite the fact that we do not.
And it is for this reason that there is this undeniable predominance of Jews or else Jewish influence in American media, because Gentile culture has to be remade in their image so that it is more 'hospitable' to their affections and their agenda. If the proof of this is not self-evident to us it certainly is to them, partial evidence of which can be found in that infamous article written by Joel Kline appearing in the LA Times a few years ago­
'This is what happens when you (Gentiles) forget to keep scaring usNow that we've assimilated to the point where we're completely the same as white people, we're trying to re-create a community by shoving our culture down your throats.'
And thus, given that we do not think like our counterparts in the Jewish community means we have a difficult time understanding what drives and motivates them. We have trouble appreciating the 'qualities' that many (if not most) of them hold dear to some extent, such as nerviness, the willingness to 'cross the line' in terms of polite behavior, the willingness to offend and the seemingly ever-present proclivity towards defaming and degrading what is sacrosanct to others, something they refer to collectively as 'chutzpah'.
And it is this fact­meaning that I still­even in 21st century America­think like a Gentile rather than a Jew, that is the reason for my briefly entertaining that 'They're not that bold yet' notion'.
The other reason for this momentary lapse into non-reality is, simply, that I 'forgot', another by-product of having 8 kids, which is the loss of short-term memory
I forgot that there were already films such as 'The Last Temptation of Christ' and 'The Da Vinci Code' and others of a similar vein whose central theme was that Jesus was a buffoon whose memory deserves being degraded and defamed in the worst way imaginable. I forgot that there was a new movie due to be released any day now by those 'nice Jewish folks' in Hollywood wherein Jesus talks a librarian who is still a virgin into sleeping with him. I forgot about all those other things that have surfaced in the Jewish media in America these last years such as the 'Gospel of Judas' that caused Jews everywhere in America to go gaga, claiming that Jesus ASKED Judas to betray Him by handing Him over to His enemies, the Pharisees. I forgot about all the other 'discoveries' of late such as Jesus' remains being found, thus debunking His resurrection and, of course, lest we forget, that porno film 'Corpus Christi' which figures Jesus and his Apostles engaging in a homosexual orgy, again, all masterpieces from our fine Jewish folks in the American media.
And, again, (at the risk of appearing to beat what is an already dead horse) I really think that it all comes back to the difference between being Jewish and Gentile. It is easy to forget about these things, because these things are so 'over the edge' that the mere thought of their existence clashes with reality in the Gentile mind. For us, it's inconceivable how anyone of any stripe could hold a man like Jesus in such low regard, and I am not talking organized religion here or Jesus' divinity or anything complicated like that, but rather just Jesus the man, Jesus the human beingEven ATHEISTS who do not nurse a predatory mindset when it comes to dealing with their fellow man should be able to appreciate someone like Jesus merely in terms of His humanitarian message. Even if it were proved today beyond any reasonable doubt that the whole story of Jesus was a myth and that the New Testament was just a piece of fiction, a person of good will could still entertain positive feelings for Him as the main character in a storyline. therefore, for those of us who were never raised in the sewer of Jewish Talmudic thinking, this organic, institutionalized contempt that most Jews entertain for him is inconceivable and thus we look at it as irrational and thus not worthy of study, similar I suppose to why a particular person might hate ice-cream.
Nevertheless, I searched the net for something that might better contextualize this young lady's remarks, as difficult as it would be to imagine any kind of contextualizing taking place that could possibly mitigate the poison in her words
Ok, maybe a typo or a misquote.
What I found instead was a whole lot of other garbage she had defecated out of that refined, Jewish mouth hooked up to that wonderful Jewish soul that we Gentiles are regularly told by the proper Jewish authorities is superior to the souls of us non-Jews and found as well a whole smorgasbord of other goodies that illustrate why these folks think they are so superior to the rest of us: In-depth, no-holds-barred discussions about anal sex, oral sex, incest, abortion, rape, bestiality, masturbation, jokes about people starving to death or dying of disease, you name it. A seemingly bottomless pit of topics drudged out of some spiritual septic tank, none of which were off-limits or considered off-color with this young ambassador from a group of people who entertain with militant fanaticism the idea that they are chosen by God and favored over everyone else.
Thinking that there had to be others like me who looked with distaste upon all of this, I then began reading some of the reviews and articles written on her rise to stardom. Being that it is a no-brainer that the media in America is as Jewish as matzo ball soup, I was relatively confident that there had to be SOMEONE, ANYONE out there from within the Jewish community who would see the danger of 'anti-Semitism' rearing its head as a result of her ugly comments concerning Jesus. After all, this is the era when Christians and Jews are supposed to be getting along famously and when the rest of us have to be REALLY careful not to say something that might offend them, such as the role their ancestors played in the death of the man we most revere, Jesus Christ.
Another quick search on google for anything that might hint of some squeak of protest, and, to my surprise (or perhaps not to my surprise) there was nothing. I checked the website of the biggest of all the anti-anti-Semitic organizations in the world­the ADL, sure that Mz. Silverman's comments would have caused their alarms to go off in panic. After all, these are the folks who would­if it were possible­have sensors placed on every street corner in America that can detect when someone passes gas in an 'anti-Semitic' way and who in all other ways and at all other times raise holy hell when anything comes along that might put the Jewish community in a light they consider less than perfect. These are the folks who­under the direction of Abraham Foxman, ran Mel Gibson's life through the meat grinder for his movie 'The Passion' and who put the heat on him to remove that passage in his film lifted from the Gospels where the Jews accepted the blame for Jesus' death in exactly the same way as Mz. Silverman did in her monologue. These are the same folks who just recently took the leader of the largest Christian church in the world to task for daring to re-instate a centuries-old prayer asking God to show His benevolence upon the Jewish people by opening their eyes as to what jerks they are when they don't get their way 100% of the time, and.
Not a peep from the pip-squeak Foxman.
I checked with some of the other Jewish organizations that see a Holocaust erupting at any moment as a result of Christians' holding fast to the idea that it was a Jewish plot to have Jesus killed in 33 AD. I looked at groups such as the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Defense Organization, World Jewish Congress, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Jews Against Zionism, Jews For Zionism, Jews For Breast Enhancement Surgery, Jews Against Breast Enhancement surgery, Jewish-this, Jewish-that, you name it
And yet, despite the fact these folks are sooooooo sensitive to the need for Christians and Jews to all get along and for the rest of us to put this 'Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus' thing behind us and let bygones be bygones, there was nothing from any of them. Nothing. Not a burp that would indicate some sort of intellectual indigestion on their part. No protests or denunciations. Not an apology. No attempt to distance the more 'respectable members' of the Jewish community from the remarks of this over-indulged, foul-mouthed, poorly-disciplined porn-star-wannabe.
'Ok' I thought to myself. 'Certainly someone from within the Christian community had something to say about this. Someone, a preacher, priest, politician, pundit, someone.
Tragically, not a whimper, and even from the heavy hitters within the Christian community who rally their flock from time to time with some pressing issue such as purple Teletubbies or the Muslims. Robertson was as quiet as a church mouse. Hagee didn't bring an ounce of his impressive weight to bear (pun clearly intended) within his organization as he does in calling for the US to slaughter a billion Muslims around the world. The late Jerry Falwell who recently died and went to hell had said nothing about it when he was alive, no doubt consumed with the business of buffing the leer jet he had received as a gift from the state of Israel many years ago.
Likewise with the other loudmouths from the secular right-wing media, such as Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, Savage, Beck, Liddy, etc. Nothing from Joseph Farah's WorldNetDaily that bills itself as the vanguard protecting western Judeo-Christian culture against the spectre of 'Islamo-Fascism'. Not a mention of Mz. Silverman and her less-than-complimentary comments about the man revered by over a billion Christians and a billion Muslims worldwide. Is it too far a stretch to imagine what these guys would have done had it been a Muslim saying such a defamatory thing about Christ? They would have erupted with the verbal equivalent of irritable bowel syndrome to the point that they needed some kind of surgery to shut down the process long enough for us to clean up the mess.
I kept searching, desperately hoping against hope that there would be some sane person out there from within the 'Judeo-Christian' community who would have something unfavorable to say about such an ugly performance. Some protest, some sense of outrage at what would have been considered 'hate speech' in some countries and prosecuted by the law if it had been directed against Jews. Was there no decency (or, absent that, some consistency) on the part of those who are constantly lecturing the rest of us ad nauseum on what is and is not acceptable behavior?
To my horror, all I found was praise, the same kind taking place on Good Friday when the crowd cheered for Barabbas. One 'nice Jewish boy' writing for an influential periodical said "The line is funny to me because it so shockingly exposes a dangerous, hidden truth. The fact is, most Jews have felt the same way at one time or another." Going through the list of other comments, it was more of the same ­'Isn't she GREAT?!!' they all seemed to ask­not as a question, but rather as a demand for agreement, the unspoken but clear message trailing afterwards being 'And don't you dare think otherwise'.
I contacted a Jewish friend of mine who is constantly trying to 'set me straight' in terms of my 'misconceptions' about Judaism. 'No,' he tells me all the time'We don't hate Jesus, we just don't think He is the son of God.' I ask him if he has heard of Mz. Silverman. 'Yes' he tells me. I ask him if he heard Mz. Silverman's comments about Jesus, and again, the answer was 'yes'. 'Why don't you speak out against it?' I ask him. 'Aren't you concerned that the silence on the part of the Jewish community might make Christians start believing in all those 'old canards' of Jews nursing a hatred for Jesus?'
A very interesting answer on his part­'WellOur rabbis teach that we are not supposed to get involved in things like this. We're supposed to lead exemplary lives and let this be the testimony to the goodness of Judaism.'
'But' I interject, 'Why is it that you guys are so vocal whenever someone else says something defamatory about what is sacred to you?'
He repeats what he said before, only this time with a certain hint of 'uh, oh' in his answer, as if he were caught off guard by the obvious double-standard in operation here. 'Well, you see, our rabbis teach us that..'
What it all boils down to, fellow Gentiles, is a very simple-to-understand, very easy-to-pronounce, 4-syllable word that has always been the bedrock of the Jewish mindset and which, not coincidentally, was the thing that Jesus warned us most about, which is this thing called 'HYPOCRISY'. You see, when WE do it, meaning when we rightly attribute the murder of Jesus Christ to His Jewish enemies 2,000 years ago, it is called 'hate-speech' and something that they want to make illegal in the United States, just as they have throughout the rest of the formerly Christian western world. However, when THEY do it, we are supposed to just sit there and take it like a woman being raped by a gang of thugs, and the operating principle behind it all is­
'Because it's FUNNY when we do it'.
A pure case of double-minded Talmudic thinking if there ever was such a thing. It's perfectly acceptable to paint a picture of Jesus as His enemies would prefer, meaning the bastard son of a Roman centurion and a buffoon who 'got what he deserved', and as long as it is done in this light, well, then it is ok to gloat over His death and boast of the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Him and His revolution against Phariseeism. To mourn Him though and to lay the finger of blame on those who openly boast of their role in it and to do so in an uncomplimentary light changes the equation completely, the logic of their argument being that there is HUGE difference between 6 and half-a-dozen.
Well, the fact of the matter is that this search for an answer concerning the audible silence over Mz. Silverman's anti-Semitic remarks (yes, anti-Semitic, since Jesus WAS INDEED a Semite) turns out to be not as much a boondoggle as it is a boon. 'Behind every cloud there is a silver lining,' as they say, the silver lining in this case being this thing known as self-evidentiary truth, and, just as importantly, truth that has been staring us in the face all along, and not just for generations, but for millennia, this thing called Jewish hypocrisy. Not wanting to blast your eyes out of your sockets with a long barrage of capital letters, but nevertheless­
Good lord, the companies manufacturing ear plugs would be so flush with cash from the sales of such a shrill, ear-splitting event taking place that they would most likely diversify their holdings and create some new banking conglomeration.
I know what you are all saying 'Big deal, another foul-mouthed, vicious-minded Jew in the entertainment industry defaming Jesus. A dime a dozen, SOSSame Old Shtick,' to which I say, 'Yes, you're right. A leopard does not change its spots and a bad tree bears bad fruit'
Still, as with all events in life, including what seem to be senseless disasters, there is a lesson to be learned in all of this, not the least of which is that we Gentiles need to stop wasting our time waiting for the Jews to 'come around' and see the light. We need to face the obvious­THEY WILL NEVER DO IT BY THEIR OWN VOLITION. The idea entertained by a lot of Christians these days that 'very soon 144,000 Jews are going to convert to Christianity and so we have to be careful not to push them away' is as likely as 144,000 alligators one day deciding they would rather be vegetarians.
They've had 2,000 years to abandon the idea that the world is flat and a whole host of other backwards, regressive tendencies in their thinking that have caused them nothing but misery and yet as of this moment they have not. They have had 2,000 to liberate themselves from the oppressive bondage that their Rabbinical leaders hold over them and yet, as of this moment, they have not. Jesus performed miracles in the plain sight of their ancestors 2,000 years ago and it STILL wasn't enough to keep them from giving into the demands of their Rabbis in having Him executed, and it is no different today. The Western world that­at least at one time­was the embodiment of Jesus' teaching is crucified on a daily basis economically, politically, on every front imaginable and in what was every Christian institution and this all takes place principally within the context of what is a Jewish-oriented agenda. The Jews want to be absolved of the guilt for what their forefathers did 20 centuries ago, and yet when some filthy-mouthed gypsy named Silverman comes forward and before billions of people on earth revels in the idea that she bears some of that guilt and would do it all over again and the rest of the tribe then does nothing to protest this, they share her guilt and the guilt of their ancestors.
Personally, what I would REALLY like to see happen is that the silver-tongued Mz. Silverman be taken to one of those 'Christian-hating Moooozlim' countries we hear so much about from the likes of Hagee, Limbaugh, Robertson and every other shabbos goy working overtime in lying to the American people and let her find out how people in those countries deal with filthy-mouthed sluts who say such things about the same Jesus who is loved and revered by Muslims around the globe, and that WOULD be funny. I can guarantee one thing, we wouldn't hear about the outcome of THIS on our Jewish news network.
Give it up, fellow Gentiles. Leave it in God's hands to convert the Jews and relieve them of their blindness. They scorn your good will and mock your naiveté in the same way they laughed at Jesus as he hung on the cross for 3 hours.
In the meantime, the rest of us need to do what is necessary in securing a future for our children and grandchildren where they will be safe from the likes of Silverman & Co who are intent upon remaking them into something more acceptable to the Synagogue, and rescuing our progeny from the clutches of these predators will not be realized as long as we worry about hurting the feelings of our 'nice Jewish neighbors' who, while possibly not attacking our Christian sensibilities in an overt way, nevertheless still aid in the larger agenda of destroying the name of the hated Jesus by their silence on matters such as these and others. Their motto has always been one of 'never forget' and in view of the things that are happening to all of us today, it is probably wise that we do the same, if for no other reason than for the sake of those who will inherit the fruits we ourselves have planted
And you can forget about them ever having their fill. As they have demonstrated on far too many occasions, they never do.
2007 Mark Glenn, Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper


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