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Descending Into Babel
Jim Kirwan
The Tower of Babel did, in fact, exist: it was a seven-stage ziggurat (stepped pyramid) with a temple to the god Marduk at the top. It was 'the temple of the platform between heaven and earth', and was built in the city of Babylon (modern day Iraq), sometime during the 6th or 7th century BC. Today as we approach the seventh year of the Decider, we have created a pit in its place, a black hole that is half-way to a very real and intensifying hell-on-earth.
Over time the term "Babel" has come to stand for that 'confusion of tongues' that leads to complete chaos ­ anywhere that this occurs.
"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Lies are Truth."
In the New World Order, their language for world-wide-empire has come from pure 'Babel.' Around the world the meaning of critical words and time honored phrases have been eroded or destroyed in an effort to control everything, including disasters both natural and man-made. Most recently there are the events of 911, the core-facts of which too many still refuse to accept. Any argument that begins with the premise that 911 was carried out by 19 hijackers, and concludes with the idea that this was an attack by foreign terrorists ­ is evidence of the failure by the writer or the speaker, to face the facts of both the events themselves and what will be the ultimate judgment of history.
Because of this huge disconnect, what passes for political discourse in the United States is largely meaningless. This is true because virtually everything that this nation has done in the world and here in the ruins of the USA-since 911-has been based on a set of mega-lies that has revealed a massive crime that still remains unthinkable to the public.
The United States government has come to believe that this nation has the right to invade any nation it regards as "potentially dangerous" to the corporate interests of USAincorporated. We have further stated that the laws of the Geneva Conventions, The Rules of War, The decisions of the World Court, as well as the articles of the United Nations no longer apply to us: Wherever global corporate business interests are somehow threatened, by the positions taken by others, that have either resources or territory that the international corporatocracy deems necessary for its expanding control over the new global empire.
The situation in Baghdad today summarizes the lengths to which we have gone as the illegal occupying force in that country, and we have ignored the international laws that require us to provide even the basic necessities for those under our theoretical 'protection.' (1)
In every area of life today, language is being destroyed, to give maximum advantages to those who believe in pillage and plunder over diplomacy, in war & chaos over prosperity and balance: so that virtually everywhere the whirling standard of madness is beginning to take hold. The US is being torn apart by Babel on every topic from the illegal and undeclared wars, to health-care and the fraudulent obscenity of medical insurance that has yet to even be discussed-despite the clarity of the problems as outlined in the recent film "Sicko" by Michael Moore.
Politicians speak in riddles and lie in almost everything they say, especially about everything they "promise." No sane person can any longer believe in anything, given the last nearly seven years of this farce that has bankrupted so much of how we try to live within our daily lives. We have been at war now for longer than we were entangled in World War Two, and yet the public has yet to be given anything definitive about the status of that war, beyond the fact that those we sent to fight for corporate profits are dying. Financially, militarily, morally and now even literally: we have wasted all that time and money ($12 billion a month) and uncountable human lives ­ chasing a fantasy of empire that was hatched by people that do not contain even the most basic components required to be part of the human race. Just look at the background for this charade and draw your own conclusions. (2)
Nothing now makes any sense. The Babel from these self-appointed leaders is filled with denial and riddled with excuses for not fulfilling their responsibilities at home. When disasters "happen" there is no help, no money, and no acceptance of any responsibility: as all blame is shuffled off onto lesser participants. In the Bridge collapse last week, as in Katrina, the States were burdened with what was and is, still a federal problem. The States are broken, and these problems were federal in nature- yet were not addressed when it came time to act on the federal level. The National Guard is not at home to help with any of these emergencies-just as they are not here to help the states protect their citizens from an out-of-control federal government should the Decider decide to just round us all up, the next time there is another bogus attack.
Neither is there any help or hope in political solutions-as there is no longer a political opposition to the policies of plunder and greed. The interstate Highway system, the public property of the people of the United States is being sold-off in a privatization scheme that would shame anyone with a brain-yet there is no call to stop even this additional and blatant obscenity.(3)
The Iraqi parliament has left their chambers: as has the Congress of the USA; but not without leaving us with this bit of additional terror: "This bill would grant the attorney general the ability to wiretap anybody, any place, any time without court review, without any checks and balances," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., during the debate preceding the vote. "I think this unwarranted, unprecedented measure would simply eviscerate the 4th Amendment," which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures." (4)
Amid the dog-days of summer heat the Decider's answer to these problems has been only another arms race and more weapons for everyone led by a huge increase in arms for Israel. This serves to reinforce the threats of "lots more war" that linger over every nation in the Middle East. We need to boycott Israel, rather than further arm our pet-bully in the region. We need to begin to talk to those that want to end this nightmare, but most of all America needs to remember who we thought we were, before this nightmare became our daily way of life!
With knowledge of even a little history, it is clear that every time this kind of 'power-grab' has happened before: there has always been a backlash. Despite the fact that these tyrants thought that they had successfully dumbed down the public to the point where there could be no reaction - It is still no different now, except that the goal is universal and is not limited to a single nation state, or king, or dictator. The numbers of people affected are now larger, but that just means that the backlash will be far more powerful than anything the world has seen before.
How many more times shall we allow this self-appointed regime to move the goalposts without results? How many more times will we allow them to claim victory only to be told that we must wait longer and shed more blood, while we pour more money into that unseen hell that we've created for so many millions of people?
Americans used to think about how we spent our money, about who we killed, and about why we apparently chose to do those things: now it appears that we are content to remain inside our private lives and leave the decisions to those to whom we gave the power of life and death - over all of us.
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