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Army Admits, Confirms
DU At Pohakuloa, Hawaii

By Bob Nichols
San Francisco Bay View Newspaper
(San Francisco) -- The Hawaiian Islands are contaminated by radiation from uranium shells the US Army confirmed Monday, August 20th, 2007 in a "Media Release."
This terrible disaster to one of the formerly most beautiful scenic spots on earth was also confirmed earlier by sitting US Senator from Hawaii, Daniel Inouye.
There was no word if the radiation has penetrated to the water table yet from the Hawaii Health Department. The Health Department is "cooperating" with the Army to "contain" the panic and "reassure" the public.
Fearful and distrusting members of the public are buying their own Radiation Monitors in Hawaii.
The Army Media Release is attached. It speaks for itself. The Army has contaminated the Hawaiian Paradise forever.
Mr Nichols is a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a Project Censored Award winning writer.
You may reach Mr Nichols by Email at duweapons@gmail.com


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