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New Crop Circle In Arkansas
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
June 14, 2007 ­ NE Arkansas Crop Circle
(photo: Fred Martin)
Location:   Northeastern Arkansas
Discovered: June 14, 2007
Occurred:    June 12, 2007 (?)
Crop:   Wheat (fully mature, but stunted)
We are very lucky to have been informed about this formation in fully mature wheat, since harvesting has already begun. BLT fieldworker JoAnne Scarpellini called the office today from the site, where she is carrying out a basic field examination, and reports some interesting details. There are 4 tiny (18 inch diam.) swirled circles inside the standing sections on each side of the flattened "arms" which can barely be detected in this photo. Also, one of the "arms" is not flattened but is outlined with a "very thin" line of laid crop on either side of what would have been the 4th "arm"). The crop in the 3 flattened arms is all laid out toward the perimeter ring. But the thin outlines of the 4th arm (5-6 inches wide) are laid differently, both lines flattened in toward the center from the outer ring. The measured overall diameter of the outer ring is 129 ft. by 132 ft., with the width of the ring varying, overall being approximately 6 ft. wide.
The formation is situated on a slight ridge with homes belonging to two of the farmer's relatives about 200 yds. away. The field can be clearly seen from one of these houses and, so far, we have not heard of anyone there having observed anything unusual. However, a dog belonging to the relatives in this home "went crazy" on Tuesday night (June 12-13), barking and waking the family in the middle of the night. Interviews with the various family members have not yet been carried out in-depth, so more information may be available from them later on.
This field was sown (rather than planted or drilled) and there are no tractor-lines. No weed-killer was applied during sowing so there are many weeds and morning-glories (patches of green in the photo) throughout the field. Jo-Anne reports that most of the weeds, etc. do not appear to have been affected by whatever flattened the wheat, and some of them are taller than the wheat itself. [Because of very cold weather early in the growing season, the mature wheat is stunted and only 14-16 inches tall.]
This is the third formation to be found in the same general rural area during the last five years. In 2003 a pristine 3-armed, 10-circle "spiral type"  formation was discovered in Knobel, Arkansas (also in mature wheat) by a local crop-duster.

 Knobel, Arkansas spiral-type formation in mature wheat, found June 6, 2003.

In 2004 the first U.S. formation that year--a 166 ft. diam. "pinwheel" design--was found at Peach Orchard, Arkansas (in wheat, just a few miles South of Knobel).

 Peach Orchard, Arkansas (5/24/04) "pinwheel" formation
w/intact bird's nest in flattened crop.

JoAnne found and photographed several intact birds' nests in the flattened crop at Peach Orchard, but earlier visitors to the formation prior to her arrival had removed what they reported as totally undamaged eggs from these nests.
Because the farmer is harvesting this new formation now JoAnne has to quickly take the various instrument readings, carry out detailed measurements and gather samples, and we will have to wait for a few days for more details which may emerge from interviews with multiple near-by neighbors and the field-work.
The farmer has asked that the precise location not be made public as he will be planting beans in this field as he harvests, and does not want to risk the new crop being damaged. Ground photos will be made available as soon as possible.



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