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Illegal Alien Rape, Destruction
Of US Continues
By Frosty Wooldridge
What does Peter Boyles of www.khow.com in Denver, Colorado say about what happened across America last week? What does he bring to the table? Caveat; this piece applauds all of the hundreds of world-class radio talk-show jocks standing up for America. Today, we choose to focus upon Peter Boyles.
Before we find out, let's digress and see what he dissects on his four hour radio show each morning at 5:00 A.M. five days a week. Criminal aliens and their MS-13 rampage in New Jersey Last week, two MS-13 gang members ­ a Peruvian illegal alien, Jose Carranza ­ and Rodolfo Godinez, an illegal alien gang-leader from Nicaragua ­ executed three college bound inner-city American kids in Newark, New Jersey. Before the killings, Carranza, with 31 previous indictments, raped a five year old girl, but enjoyed bail by a lenient judge and a sloppy prosecutor. Godinez too, sported a multi-page rap sheet.
Not to be outdone, two more illegal aliens killed, hacked and raped their names into America's TV sets and newspapers. How bad is it? Visit www.usillegalaliens.com and www.victimsofillegalaliens.org for eye-popping figures facing America.
How did they get away with their unlawful presence in the U.S.? Their "success" is all about process, a thing called "sanctuary." Both thugs enjoyed immunity because Newark promotes 'sanctuary' for illegal aliens, i.e., no matter how many crimes they commit, they cannot be reported to DHS-ICE, and the U.S. Immigration Court, for their illegal immigration status. Thus, they need not fear federal incarceration and deportation.
New York's former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as well as present Mayor Michael Bloomberg continue the Big Apple as a " Sanctuary City." Hundreds of mayors and thousands of city legislators all over the nation provide aid and comfort to criminals who entice and employ tens of millions of illegal aliens. Meanwhile, strange bedmates ­ such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and La Raza (The Race) collude and conspire together.
Unwanted IMPORTED violence, and more LAWLESS ANARCHY In Texas, on Sunday morning, a shootout on the Dallas I-35 expressway killed three over the weekend as that state suffers the consequences of more than three million illegal aliens and their family members. Nick Salinas, 20, of Cedar Hill allegedly shot and killed two men, including a good Samaritan, and wounded two others, including Sr. Cpl. Jerry Poston, a Dallas police officer. Police said Salinas then shot himself with the same shotgun used in the other shootings. He died at the scene. Salinas allegedly fired at Poston, wounding him as he came to investigate a traffic accident. The 17-year police veteran is in serious but stable condition.
Illegal Aliens Targeting Cops
Last year, an illegal alien executed Dallas police officer Brian Jackson by shooting him in the back of the head at a traffic stop. In the same year, another illegal alien executed Denver detective Donnie Young in a similar fashion.
Last week, a Denver, Colorado judge sent illegal alien Gilberto Cruz to prison for life with no chance of parole. Cruz shot-gunned his estranged girlfriend to death as she ran from him. Her misdeed? She didn't want to be his girlfriend any longer!
Rampant, seemingly unfettered crime wave by illegals proves expensive Cost to Colorado taxpayers for 50 years in prison for Cruz at $65 per day: $1.18 million. A year ago, Lafayette, Colorado's Dale Englerth, 52 and married with kids, died. Illegal alien Francisco Montero, driving while revoked after 11 traffic stops for DUI and others, nailed a helpless Englerth on his Harley in a head-on collision. A year later, at the same intersection, a female illegal mother-of-three killed an adult philosophy major student riding a bicycle on Boulder , CO streets. The local District Attorney, Mary Lacy, punished neither. Sanctuary.
More "Front-Range" Mayhem
The City Council of Boulder and nearby Longmont both maintain a 'Sanctuary Process,' aiding-and-abetting foreign nationals while swearing otherwise. It's the reason illegal aliens by the tens of thousands flock to that Front Range County. Colorado intransigence and official malfeasance is the reason CU quarterback John Hessler suffered a head-on collision in Denver, by two illegal aliens who fled to Mexico, leaving Hessler in a wheelchair and a severe traumatic brain injury from which he is unlikely to recover.
Not far from that Denver event, eight illegal aliens in Boulder raped eight college women before fleeing back to Mexico. In Denver suburb, Thornton, Justin Goodman, father and husband, suffered death by a drunken illegal alien, who fled the scene. You are reminded that the 2008 Democrat National Convention will be hosted in Denver, CO in August. Would a good talk-radio host exploit that?
The Western Slope illegal alien crime is so bad that Tom Brokaw filmed a one-hour TV special about it. In the Aspen area last month, two illegal aliens didn't like the hat Bruno Kichenwitz wore to (not at) work, so they blasted five M-1 slugs into a Basalt, Colorado 7-11 store trying to kill him. A week later, the gang-banger son of an illegal alien, Mauricio Garcia-Pena, used a Glenwood Springs police officer for target practice. A bulletproof vest saved the officer from death. A week before two white teens suffered beatings in Grand Junction, Colorado by a gang of errant young men from Mexico.
Rampant Crimes By Illegals Become Routine News
The cops and media have gotten away with failure-to-report nationality. Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and other large sanctuary cities suffer so much illegal alien crime- it's become normal.
More Americans, according to U.S. Congressman Steve King, die at the hands of illegal aliens annually than U.S. soldiers perish in the Iraq-Afghanistan conflict during the same time-period, by a factor of four. Last week, retired INS special investigator, Michael Cutler, vouched for the King numbers. Each day, 12 U.S. residents die from gunshots, knives, and fists ­ while 13 perish in vehicular manslaughter mayhem perpetrated by drunk illegal aliens. Think about it; that's 9,125 needless deaths each and every year. Does YOUR media outlet report that slant ­ why is "Media Matters" so upset at Steve King?
While the president and Congress fiddle around, and our borders remain open 24 hours a day to invasion, America erupts in gunfire, rapes, robberies, drug running, gang killings and drunken driver accidents by the thousands weekly. Who are the victims? Short answer: American citizens, in the main. With the scene thus set, let's get back to Talk-Radio in Denver, Colorado.
Peter Boyles is a relentless "Truth Searchlight."
His strong political opinions do not fit the usual radio talk show liberal or conservative stereotypes. He condemns illegal immigration while advocating meaningful local and national enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. He supports labor unions. He often brings back memories of his working-class father, and the lessons his dad taught him growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The Soliloquy To End All
Last week, intrepid talk-radio host at KHOW, Boyles, a man I know and respect, gave a poignant yet riveting soliloquy during a 20-minute break in the listener phone calls. He spoke fervently of his personal, direct-experience. Boyles stepped onto the border last year to witness the invasion first hand. He attended and spoke at the kick-off of the www.21stcenturypaulreverride.us last summer. He attended the series of anti-illegal immigration billboards, paid for by his listeners, at their unveiling in Denver.
He transfixes a wide and varied audience as he interviews top U.S. experts ­ from Terry Anderson, T.J. Bonner, the "Border Patrol Six," Governor Richard D. Lamm ­ to Michael Cutler, Jerry Corsi, Lou Dobbs, scores of angry local ethnics, and dozens more.
Common Sense
What does Peter Boyles bring to his listeners ­ to make him the most popular radio host in the Rocky Mountain West? Easy! Common sense! Let's invite the anonymous authors at Wikipedia to tell more of the story.
Illegal Immigration, and those elected criminals who make it much worse In recent years, Boyles' favorite talk-show topic has been illegal immigration, which he strongly opposes. He voices criticism of lack of enforcement of immigration laws at the federal, state, and local levels, and what he considers tacit government encouragement of illegal immigration. He hounds elected officials "who aid-and-abet illegal aliens."
He interviewed Bruno Kichenwitz, 54, the man fired by 7-11 for allegedly inciting violence from Mexican illegal aliens. Boyles arranged a first-class lie-detector examination that cleared the victim, while the Basalt Chief of Police tip-toed to conduct the world's slowest investigation of the criminal behaviors of two illegal aliens. Boyles broke the story of Reverend Ted Haggard's sexual affair with a male prostitute.
U S A Biker Nation - A Radio Show
Boyles rides a Harley, and hosts USA Biker Nation a syndicated Saturday morning radio (760-AM) talk show on motorcycle topics. He just returned from a week in Sturgis, SD, where he broadcasted and described the scene there; more than 400,000 bikers arrived for the 67th annual gathering. He frequently promotes charity benefit rides, such as the one for the widow and children of slain police officer Donnie Young and the ride to benefit the family and friends of Bailey, Colorado teen Emily Keyes. Peter can be accused of wearing his heart on his sleeve. I stand with him wearing the same sleeves.
Boyles grew up in a working-class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a self-proclaimed recovering alcoholic. He has lived and thoroughly understands addiction and addictive behaviors, which endears him to average people everywhere. Peter is, in every sense, an everyday human being.
Balderdash And Lies
While Bush and Congress bring nothing but balderdash and lies ­ while they promote obfuscation and spin ­ while they pretend to keep us safe from terrorists ­ while they make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution ­ while they prance in front of the cameras to tout the "War on Terror" and the "War on Drugs" ­ Peter Boyles speaks truth even as our leaders mangle truth, distort reality, shame common sense and obliterate the rule of law.
The "do-nothing" elected leaders in Colorado, and most other states While Colorado suffers more than 500,000 illegal aliens and their family members ­ killings, job losses for Coloradans, drunk driving illegal aliens, robberies, rapes, school mayhem, anchor babies, spiraling medical costs serving illegals and 7,000 illegal alien convicts in our prisons ­ Governor Ritter stands still, as does John Temple, publisher of the Rocky Mountain News, Senator Andrew Romanoff, majority leader and most of the Colorado legislators ­ all of them pretty much do nothing.
They don't enforce the laws they passed just last year to encourage illegal aliens to depart the state of Colorado. If not for men like Colorado State Senator David Schultheis speaking up, it seems that nothing would be done.
Listening To Peter Boyles Proves Integrity Reigns
He shoots straight ­ a no-nonsense guy, aiming at the aorta artery. That morning, I sat with my cup of coffee at 5:45 A.M. to commence listening to the show. Irate caller after irate caller relayed personal consequences concerning illegal aliens in Colorado.
Around 8:15 A.M., with a break in the calls, Boyles launched into a soliloquy that rivaled the best of Shakespeare. Caught by surprise, I furiously took notes, even though the show is always available for pod-cast review. Peter built a mountain of chosen words as he painted a clear picture.
"If 20 million illegal aliens are good," Boyles said, "why not 20 million more -- or 40 because if 20 million are good, then another 20 million would be better, right?
"If moving American manufacturing companies, and American jobs ­ offshore ­ Hershey Chocolates, Maytag and Hoover Vacuum Company to Mexico is good, then why not move ALL of our manufacturing to Mexico so all Americans would be without jobs?
"If we allow 100,000 Mexican trucks to take American jobs from American truckers, why not give 500,000 truckers' jobs to Mexicans?
"If eight million illegal aliens in California is so good... you can't get into a hospital in California because of illegals being served first why not more?"
He spoke common sense and expressed what presses on every American's mind. I couldn't write down his words fast enough.
* Boyles said about illegals when they say, "'I don't want to be a U.S. citizen'if that's good, let's take more who don't want to be citizensour unions are wreckedwhat about a decent wage for American citizensdo you see prices going down because illegals take the jobs from American workersdo houses cost lesswhat about in-sourcing, off- shoring and outsourcing taking Americans jobsis that goodI don't see it."
* Boyles struck a nerve when he said, "Why do we have endless war that we say moves us toward peace? What is the point of imperialism?" Our president, and our Congress ­ have let us down * Boyles continued, "Folks say that Bush is doing a hell of a jobno he's nothe's incrementally destroying our countrycorporate profits trump everything." * While Boyles witnessed our borders wide-open, he said, "If allowing $120 billion in drugs coming across our borders annually is okay, why not more?" * As I sat there mesmerized by his words, he said, "Not one candidate addresses illegal immigration, with the exception of Bilbray, King, Tancredoit's always ignored.what if America loses its middle class?"
If you would like to hear that speech, pull up the pod-cast and listen to it around 8:15 A.M., on the archives of August 10, 2007 at www.khow.com. If you want a dose of what's in store for America, listen every morning at 5:00 A.M. Mountain Time.
Twisted Leadership - Failure To Listen To We the People
"Radio talk shows are a problem," lamented Senator Trent Lott when the second illegal alien shamnesty failed.
Lott said that in large part because of courageous, common sense men like Peter Boyles expressing what weighs on every American's mind. We're incrementally losing our country to a foreign power known as Mexico. Boyles exposes it, shines a light on corrupt politicians, editors and police chiefs. Boyles proves relentless, compelling and loaded with integrity.
Years ago, Captain McDonald of the Texas Rangers said, "No man in the wrong can stand up against a man in the right that keeps on a comin'." With Peter Boyles at the microphone, this Republic stands a chance!


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