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S Africa Descends
Into Crime Hell

From Jan Lamprecht
Hi Jeff,
Here is a crime update since the Government released the latest Crime Statistics. Crime was an issue 10 years ago. Crime was actually an increasingly worrying issue in the late 1990s, as was mentioned in the book, "Die, the Beloved country".

So in 2000, the Government clamped down on all crime statistics and ever since, they only release them 1 year after they happened. They do not give out weekly or monthly info like happens in the USA (I am told).

So a short while back the crime statistics were released. Here is news about that and various recent crime-related articles.

Note, in S.African criminals use dynamite to blow up Bank ATMS almost daily now.

SA: Banks to hit back at ATM bombers

SA: Blowing up ATMs. Attacks have banks stumped

SA: WARNING Petrol station may blow up due to ATM blasts

SA: TWO ATMs blown up in robbery

[9 Pics] S.Africa: Criminals blow up 53 ATMS with Explosives

Other crime statistics and stories:-

[2 Pics] SA: 2007: Headlines: Crime SOARS!!!

[2 Pics] SA: 2007: 6,689 Violent attacks on Business, Residential Crime up 25%

SA: CRIME: Bank robberies increase by 118%

[Video] BBC: Black Crime in South Africa

SA: Official Opposition: Stats portray unrelenting crime - Zille

SA: Durban: Email sparks mass anti-crime march

SA: Leader of Opposition: Crime: the perception, the denial & the reality

SA: Western Cape crime statistics 'manipulated'

SA: Under-reporting of true crime statistics

Crime affecting mental health - experts

SA: CRIME: 3500+ vehicles hijacked a year

Rape crime stats: women's groups hit out

SA: High Crime Sparks Home Security issues

S Africa: Release of crime statistics : 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007

SA: Drug-related crimes on the rise on Cape Flats

SA: Violent crime on the rise in Pretoria

S Africa: Robber shot dead! Security Guards now up for MURDER!!

SA: Adriana Stuijt: 4,000 Blacks attacked Indian Businesses

SA: Indian Businessman ambushed & gunned down

SA: Enraged Indian: Blacks kill Old White woman for R10 ($2)

SA: CRIME UPDATE: What do robbers look for?

SA: Crime stats paint a grim picture

S.Africa: Excellent Crime Safety Tips

[Pic] A Massive, private R50 million Anti-Crime Campaign...

IMPORTANT: Are the S.African Police killing Criminals to protect Crime Syndicates?

USA: Scientific Studies: Death Penalty Deters crime and Saves Lives



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