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How 21st Century Physicists Are
Censored, Suppressed

By Jan Lamprecht
South Africa
A friend of mine in America is a scientist whose had some papers published with some very advanced ideas.
He was complaining to me - and sent me a copy of a letter he sent to Cornell University - at how they were treating a new paper he had sent them.
He has once before appeared on an American radio show where he discussed how the FUNDING for Scientists is tightly-controlled these days. Scientists are cut-off from funding - and they never get a chance to talk directly to those who are rejecting their applications. Their work is controlled by an almost unseen group of people in a type of 21st century censorship.
He told me there are many scientists, doing serious physics, who are being shut down in this way. Apparently, there is a rigid system in place in the USA, centered at Cornell University where all this CENSORSHIP and suppression takes place.
At the bottom of the page, I created a clickable link where you can read up on actual case histories of scientists whose work has been and is being suppressed.
Take a look at this from the site set up by these maligned scientists - 
Repression Of Physicists In The 21st Century
The electronic preprint archive (arXiv.org), founded in 1991 at Los Alamos National Laboratories and funded by the National Science Foundation, was formed as a way for scientists to rapidly disseminate new discoveries and theoretical developments to the worldwide scientific community. Its original intent was to be an open forum for papers authored by credentialed physicists, i.e., those who consistently had papers approved for public ation in peer refereed journals. Over time the criteria for ! approval of submitted papers to the archive became more complicated and restrictive.
Presently hosted at Cornell University under the direction of physicist Paul Ginsparg, it blocks certain physicists from posting their papers to this archive. The arXiv administrators maintain a list of physicists whom they have blacklisted or ostracized so that any paper those individuals attempt to submit is systematically rejected regardless of its scientific content. Usually these blocked papers have already been accepted for publication in reputable peer refereed science journals or in other cases are undergoing review for journal publication which indicates that these papers are serious and well thought out. The list of suppressed scientists even includes Nobel Laureates! One characteristic that these ostracized physicists share in common is that they have written or published papers in the past which propose new ideas that challenge traditional physics dogma. In other cases their pu blished works just happen to run counter to the particular theory preferences of the small political clique administering the archive.
Our world is experiencing serious problems such as exponential population growth, environmental pollution, impending energy shortages, nuclear proliferation, and climatic change. We cannot afford to suppress the works of those seminal minds whose new ideas could revolutionize the way we interact with the world. What if a paper described the discovery of a new source of energy that could help to alleviate the coming energy crisis? Or, what if a paper brought to light a serious environmental hazard which, if unheeded, would result in a substantial loss of life. And, what if arXiv.org moderators censored one such important paper because of a possible personal dislike of its author or because it conflicted with a theory they personally favored? Society cannot afford this kind of behavior.
In today's fast changing world it is not enough just to publish one's ideas in scientific journal! s, a pro cess that can drag on from months to years until approved for publication. Rapid communication of all plausible new ideas to the academic community through an easily accessible internet archive is essential to the progress of science.
The purpose of this site is to alert the public about the blocking activities being conducted by the Cornell sponsored arXiv.org administrators and to relate the case histories of those scientists who have been censored and/or blacklisted. Archive Freedom advocates that this practice be immediately stopped and that all scientists be given open uncensored access to this archive to post their technical papers. We respectfully urge the administrators at Cornell University, as guardian of the world's knowledge of physics, to honor the contributions of all serious scientists.
Click here to take a look at some case histories of Scientists who've had their work CENSORED and suppress ed.



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