When Headlines Lie
Jim Kirwan

"MASSACRE" - the headlines scream: "No Warning"! All of this is dipped in the 'Shock & Awe' of tragedy and horror on a grand scale. And this is proof positive of the dimensions of our two- faced, two-tiered society as it really is: when the real-world "happens" to the other half in their manicured and protected bubbles where real-life is never allowed to intrude.
That might sound cynical to some: but ask any ghetto kid, spend some 'quality time' on the other side of life and you will discover just how ridiculous this entire collegial episode truly was. In Oakland and San Francesco kids die every day, sometimes the stray bullets find babies in their cribs, sometimes mothers, sometimes brothers: but all of it is tragic, because there is no protection, no reason, and no paper world to protect the poor from random violence in so many ways. Death by gunfire is only one of the very many ways this society kills those that it does not consider worthy.
The USA is a world of dualities where the shadow half has never counted: because just as the 'chosen people' have always felt entitled to protection from the realities of everyday poverty-the plight of those not chosen has never mattered to anyone but the loved ones of those who die each and every day-in the mean-streets that are not paved with gold.
The buffoons are babbling on and on, inter-cut by words from the official grief counselors that have gathered like the vultures they are to suck every drop of panic-terror from everyone that thinks they are, or have been, affected by this 'national nightmare.' This is the war between the paper world; the one where no amount of phony laws can ever stop a bullet ­ is finally forced to meet that 'other world' where death is sudden, random and often senseless. So while the paper world of bubbles and bogus laws and artificial lives begins to ramp up the machinery of heartache and victimhood: The only thing still certain in 'the real world' is that this society will not give a damn about how many of 'those other people' are maimed or murdered, starved or left to die alone on the impoverished streets that have elevated our sacrosanct universities into their own little worlds of untouchable privilege.
Local tiny headlines around almost any major city tell the whole story-usually on the back pages of what remains of local papers. Weekends come and go and each and every day the 'others' die in the same way those students did in their classrooms at Virginia Tech yesterday ­ yet these deaths are hardly ever mentioned, much less decried; because you see they never really counted in the first place. This is a direct result of the class-system that has ruled this country absolutely, since before we were even a nation. The native population (still under attack in many places), the slaves that we technically freed, yet whom we continue to think of as 'lesser people' along with women and children ­ these stories are daily denied by phony fanfare and complex studies that seek to justify yet only end up tolerating and 'legally' skirting nearly all of this "societal behavior."
Here for instance is something that has gone on for hundreds of years, in Canada, just across the border-but is NOT ancient history at all-No, this is history in the making STILL! Everyone who calls themselves an American needs to know this part of who we are, as well as who we have been. (1)
Inner-city life in the USA is something that someone needs to document, because it has nothing whatever to do with how most 'Americans' see themselves. Yet this has everything to do with how "we" can send these same disadvantaged throw-away people off to fight, so that the children of the privileged can maintain their little bubbles of safety in that world-of-real-life-horrors, that very few of them could ever survive in: much less "prosper."
The paper world that has ruled this country and for the most part this continent-is a fraud because it pretends to protect the public, but it only applies to the few. The tumult of the damaged and the disaffected know this for the fact that it is. While the children of the elite simply accept these 'facts' as the basis for their rights to continue with the status quo that they shall one day inherit. The elite fail to credit the numbers of those who oppose them, primarily because these grievances have always existed, and the great unwashed have not risen in revolt. That seeming 'silence' has always been seen by the elite, as 'acceptance and compliance' by those 'others' with their tyrannies and lies. That's about to change-precisely because of the numbers and the depths of the real and bloody grievances against these same elites worldwide.
In Palestine, in Gaza, in Lebanon, and in literally dozens of other places the world is documenting our global invasions by the neo- colonialists into those reluctant places that have steadfastly refused to welcome us. Nature has laws that cannot be violated- because those violations create imbalances in life itself. The backlash is not in question-it's only a matter of time.
As if any more proof were needed, about the farce of this 'national-outpouring' of grief over the fate of 33 dead and twenty-something injured: just look at what this did to those real events that could actually have begun to alter life in these United States. The hearings concerning the completely corrupted US Attorney General was postponed (in deference to the grief of so many). Yet the whole world knows that this so-called nation is rotten to the core, and that if anything is to ever change then some of those who have corrupted the laws must be held personally to account. The fact that 'America' cannot handle more than one thing at once is proof enough of the farce of American political life. But to postpone the investigation into why there is no 'justice' in the US "CRIMINAL" Justice System-is itself a massive indictment of the entire farce by which this nation claims its false-flag of legitimacy in the wider-world.(2)
The Disunited States of North America is a land in need of cleansing because it cannot continue as this two-headed monster that it has become. The paper world must find ways to accommodate the real world problems of the majority of the people here. If this cannot be accomplished-then the entire sordid affair will have to finish tearing itself apart, just as the Decider and his creators have envisioned that, for all of us.
So before the huge and mellow-dramatic farce begins in earnest-why not step back and look again at who we say we are, and then test that theory by actually trying to look at what we continue to do each and every day in so many far-flung places in the world, as well as here at home. Watch the film in the first footnote below- and know-that yes it can and did happen here: and unless all of us are finally outraged by these crimes: Then we and all our pretensions will disappear into the ugly footnotes of whatever rises up, to bury us as the monsters we've become.
If this is not done soon ­ then there will be real events concerning Massacres, but no headlines to report on them.
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