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Bird Flu Hit Central Viet Nam
By Quang Thuan
VIET NAM, Nghe An -- Almost 250 ducks in central Viet Nam have been killed by the bird flu
virus since 1 May 2007, the country's 1st outbreak of the disease in more than a month, local health authorities reported.
Animal health staff in Nghe An Province have culled the remaining 360 ducks from the infected flock. The group had not been vaccinated against bird flu.
Dien Tho commune, where the flock was raised, has now been quarantined and disinfected.
The tests showed the ducks were infected with H5 virus, and further tests will be carried out to determine whether it is H5N1, the deadly strain that has killed 42 Vietnamese, the world's 2nd highest death toll after Indonesia's 74.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said last month [April 2007] that Viet Nam and 5 other developing countries would receive up to USD 2.5 million from donations made by the US and Japan.
The United Nations health agency also urged Viet Nam to accelerate poultry vaccinations and target more ducks in its anti-bird flu campaign. Thanks to the campaign, Viet Nam has had no human cases since November 2005.
8500 chickens culled in 3 Savar farms
The Daily Star - Bangladesh
Vol. 5 No 1040
BANGLADES (Savar) -- Some 8500 chickens were culled in 3 poultry farms here (Unb, Savar)
evening following detection of bird flu in a nearby farm.
Joint forces and livestock officials culled 4000 chickens in Masum Poultry Farm of Abdul Karim, 2500 chickens in Lamia Poultry Farm of Anwar Hossain and 2000 chickens in Patuakhali Poultry Farm-2 of Joynal Abedin.
On Thursday [3 May 2007], 1500 chickens were culled in Patuakhali Poultry Farm in Rajason area following detection of bird flu.
After that, the government took a decision to cull the chickens of the farms within a one-km area of the affected farm, and reported the decision to the farm owners through a notification.
It also imposed a ban on transportation of poultry products in the affected area.
On Thursday [3 May 2007] night, 2000 chickens of Khulna Poultry Farm of Maulana Alamgir Hossain at Rajason were also culled.
The farm owners, however, claimed the disease to be "Ranikhet" [see comment].
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