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Black Triangle Sighting
In Alabama

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Date: April 25, 2002
Time: Approx: 10:15 p.m.
Here is the information on the Black Triangle sighting which occurred on April 25, 2002 just outside of Stockton, Alabama. This area for the most part is quite rural. At the time of the sighting I was living in Rabun, Alabama and worked for a man in Stockton. The road which runs between Rabun and Stockton, County Rd 94, also known as "Maytower Rd" has an old fire tower on it and I guess that's where the naming comes from. This is a road well known to me as I traveled it every day to and from work for 10 years. Also a friend of mine lived just off this road very close to the sighting location.Here is a map showing the Mobile, Alabama area.
I have highlighted three areas on this map. Satsuma, where I now live. Rabun, where I lived during the sighting, and Stockton, where the sighting took place.The next map shows a closer view of the sighting area, including Stockton and Rabun.
I was heading home that night out of Stockton and took the right turn on Co Rd 94 as I had so many times. The time was about 10:15pm.After proceeding about a half mile down the road I noticed a car had just turned off HWY 59 onto Co Rd 94 behind me. Being in no hurry I knew the car would soon be on my rear as I was only going 45 and most run 55-60 on this rural country road. As I entered the curve the car was now a 1/4 mile behind me and closing.Just as I started to enter the apex of the curve that's when the triangle, which was blocked by the overhanging trees,
came into view. The three lights were out of place. As many times as I have been around this curve there were never any lights there.I slowed my car to a crawl, rolled the window down, and hung my head out in amazement. I knew what it was instantly. The lights were like none I have ever seen. Such a pure white they were.
As I sat there in dis-belief this craft just slid right up to me at a speed of 40 mph(best guess) and slowed. Now the car behind me is on my tail so I pulled forward about 500 feet to Jay Rd.Turning in Jay Rd I stopped and the car behind me took off. I guess they wanted no part of it. They had to have seen it.You couldn't miss it!
So here we are all alone, just the triangle and me. I'm sitting in my car hanging out the driver's side window just blown away by what I am looking at.The craft came to a complete stop at the apex of the curve and just sat there.A distance of about 500 feet from my location I watched it for what seemed like a lifetime but was really only about a minute to a minute and a half. It appeared to be somewhere between 50-70 feet in length and made no sound. It looked to be about 30 feet above the tree tops. I can't say how thick it was due to the darkness and the craft's bright lights, which appeared to be 3-4 feet across in size. They pointed down but no light reflected off the trees. It was quite strange.
After the 60-90 seconds passed that I had watched this thing I noticed a set of headlights coming down Jay road. The road which I am sitting on. So I decided I would back out into Co Rd 94 and move toward the craft. When I got about half the distance to it , the craft started to move. gaining speed until it disappeared. I continued back into Stockton trying to locate it but never saw it again.
The road which I sat on, Jay Rd, is the very road that my friend lived on. The car coming down the road toward me that night was coming from my friend's house. I did not find this out until the following day. . The car coming down Jay Rd would not have been able to see the craft until they reached Co Rd 94, which at that point it was gone. I find myself looking back on this asking what would I have done differently? Why didn't I get out in the curve and stop the car behind me? Why did I not wait for the car on Jay road to get to me and confront them? I guess because I was in shock just seeing this craft. So many others have seen it before but now its right in front of me. Clear thought was not an option at this point.
The next day I called my friend to asked if anyone there had see it. They did not. However there was the strange phone call that he received. It would seem that 2 days after this sighting my friend came home from work. He frames houses for a living. Upon arriving home he checked his telephone caller ID and found a strange number on it .Curious about it he dialed the number. What he got was a FAA answering machine! He hung the phone up and that was the last of it.He never received any more calls from them. Soon after this sighting I bought a camcorder. Never again would I see such a sight and not be able to capture it. I spent many nights after this sighting putting many miles on my car looking for it, but had no luck. Since then I have also bought several cameras. One being a D- SLR. This is my true account of what happened that night just outside Stockton , Alabama.
In closing let me state the following. Some people might think it would be so cool to see such an object up close as I did. Its been 5 years since the sighting and not hardly a day goes by that I don't think about it. Its not something that's easy to live with. Most people don't care to hear about something that they don't understand. So you are left to carry the memory around, alone.Its like a curse. Just be careful what you wish for.
Thank you to the witness for the excellent report, maps and graphic.
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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