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Release Date: June 10, 2007
Please file your new or older UFO sighting to: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=Report_a_UFO as it is much appreciated. The older UFO/sighting reports I have found to be just fascinating and such great cases. The reason why I mention the older UFO sightings is that witnesses sometimes feel since what they saw goes back many years, the witness may think the report is not important. Each and every report, know matter when it took place is very valuable to have or know about.
Also on a side note, I will be out of town for a week coming up quickly, so please know I will reply to all of the reports as soon as I get back home. I will be leaving this week.
A Bell Shaped Object And Glowing White Being (Abduction Experience)
A few weeks ago I was having trouble falling asleep (again) and my thoughts kept returning to the experience of May 1984 in Kirkland, WA concerning the 
ball of white light. I managed to break through the fear barrier and move forward a little in recalling what happened after getting inside the bell-shaped craft. Then I hit another sticking point, where in the experience I was taken into a room at the end of a long tunnel.
Just last night as I was trying to drop off to sleep, images of the inside of this room and what happened there sort of bubbled up from what I have recently come to call my 'memory museum'. I picture this as the basement of a museum -- the subconscious -- where problematic artifacts (memories) are hidden away from view. What follows is an account of the rest of the May 1984 experience, which I have related as honestly and accurately as possible.
For years I had racked my brains trying to recall if there was more to this than just a transient, weird electrical phenomenon. At this point I'm wondering if the sizzling ball of light might have just been a ruse to get me outside. When I first woke up at the beginning of this event there was also a bright light shining from outside, through the closed curtains in my bedroom. This may have been a separate light used to attract my attention and make me believe that the building was on fire.
The neighboring house where the 'electrical malfunction' was taking place was the residence of an elderly lady who I privately called the 'crazy lady'. This refers to an elderly woman, about 75 years old at the time who lived alone in a small cottage next to the 5-plex that I was living in at the time. Previous to this event, during the late Fall, I recall driving home one night near midnight and seeing the 'crazy lady' sweeping leaves off the sidewalk in front of her house. I suppose there was just barely enough light for her to see, but it struck me as somewhat odd for an elderly lady to be doing yard work in the moonlight.
Back to the incident of the hissing ball of light: I was trying to look over the top of the fence to determine what the heck was going on. The garbage dumpster was located at this corner of the apartment building, and I pulled out some boxes to stand on to get a better view. I was planning to scramble over the fence to alert the 'crazy lady' about a fire in her backyard. Just as I was ready to make my leap I heard a voice saying something like "get away from the fence!" Well, this sure surprised me, and I reflexively obeyed, looking around for the person who had made this command. Nobody was in sight. Next I heard -- I suppose mentally -- less distinct but still commanding demands for me to move over to the edge of the parking lot. Probably from a mix of curiosity and training to follow orders, I ventured over to the point where the pavement adjoined the weedy corner of the lot. This was when I saw the bell-shaped object with the two 'chubby children' 
standing near it, nestled in the brambles.
As you may recall from my previous email, I ended up inside this small, bell-shaped 'craft' and felt a sickening effect of falling. It seemed like I was falling back-first. Imagine standing with your rear facing the edge of a cliff and then falling over, going down, down, down, totally out of control, just plummeting like a rock. And as recounted earlier, I may have blacked out during this descent-like phase because the next memory I have is of standing up, sort of teetering, and seeing about a half-dozen of the dwarves doing something around me.
At this point I seem to have gathered my wits sufficiently to be able to complain about my bare feet. They had been cut a little in climbing down through the brambles, and I was really upset about this. The scrapes were minor but they seemed to be the point were my rational mind could focus its alarm, fear and anger about being whisked away by strange beings. The little chubbies were putting some kind of salve on my feet and then fitted a pair of their boots on me, sans socks. These didn't fit very well but under the circumstances were better than walking around barefooted and accomplished the job, at least temporarily, of getting me to shut up.
I was struggling to figure out where I was. The room I was in was like a cavern, seemingly carved out of solid rock, and dimly illuminated by a few wall lights. Very approximately it was in the range of some 12m to 15m in span, with a tall, rounded ceiling and was connected to a large, shadowy 'tunnel' leading one direction and a very brightly lit opening leading to the opposite way. The surfaces of the walls of this cavernous space were lumpy but also shiny. The air was warm and somewhat humid. Maybe the walls were wet? Either that or just smoothed or polished -- vitrified?-- somehow.
There were small gauge rail tracks on the floor. This worried me because at the time I was standing near some and in my nerve-racked condition was concerned about a train coming by. These tracks curved around the space I was now in, leading towards the 'tunnel' and out towards the doorway to the bright light at the other end. At the dark 'tunnel' end it was just possible to see a row of about a dozen or so of the small, bell-shaped craft'. These appeared a rusty, brown-black in exterior color. Right next to these was a row of what clearly looked to me like small helicopters. Each row of these objects was positioned on the tracks. It looked as though they could be moved along the tracks.
The overall logistics of this was made a little clearer when I paid attention to a large adjoining niche on the far wall of the cavern I was in. A blue-white light that seemed to extend upwards as a shaft illuminated this space. Was this how I was brought 'down' to here? Was this shaft the means by which the helicopters and bell-craft came and went?
While attempting to make some sense of all of this, I saw a small train of golf cart-like carriages entering the cavern I was in, riding along the tracks in the floor. Each cart had two seats. I was placed in one of these on the left side with a dwarf seated next to me on the right. The seats were a little too small for my body, so I had to hold on so as not to fall out. A pair of dark-tinted goggles was handed to me by a dwarf and by gestures I was instructed to put them on. Our small open train was headed to the brightly-lit opening leading out of the 'arrival' room, and I figured that the eye protection had something to do with the fiercely bright light we were apparently going to enter.
Our train left the 'arrival' room and was now in this incredibly bright, huge cavernous space. Even with the tinted goggles on the light was very bright. Maybe the chubby next to me read my thoughts because when I was wondering what the heck this was about I mentally heard the word 'crucible'. The most intense part of this light seemed to be in a tunnel leading perpendicularly away from us. In hindsight, I wonder if there was some kind of tunnel boring process being used.
We continued on through the bright cavern and then entered a tunnel cut roughly into the stone. The bore of the tunnel was rectangular, very approximately about 6m wide and 3m high. At first the light of the bright cavern lit up the passage but this eventually faded away into darkness. I took off my goggles in order to see but could only just make out the dark, rough texture of the walls of our route. This tunnel seemed to go on forever. My very rough estimate is that we were traveling about 20 km/h for at least five minutes (it seemed like more) making this section about 1.6 km long.
Nearing the end of this stretch of tunnel there was a low level of light. This was enough for me to see that the surfaces of the walls in this area had been smoothed down flat, contrasting with the roughly cut stone in the preceding stretch of passageway. Eventually we reached a 'T' intersection where there were some wall lights (the source of the light) and apparently some natural light (?) from a shaft on the left side of the 'T'. Our train stopped here. After adjusting my eyes a little I determined that there was a smooth sheet of water pouring down this shaft. This brought in fresh, cool air and was a small relief from the ordeal of the previous long ride. A tunnel on the right side of the 'T' continued on into the darkness - for how long? The walls here were polished and dramatically showed off the grains and patterns in the stone. I thought I got a mental impression from one of the dwarves stating that this was the 'old area'.
We climbed out of the open cars and now stood at the central part of this intersection. Doors were set into a recess in the rock with the wall lights positioned on either side of this access point, giving off a soft glow. I gazed at the continuing tunnel at the right of the T intersection and saw that the rail tracks continued on in that direction. I suddenly felt a tsunami wave of panic realizing that this tunnel went down even deeper into the rock. Apparently the team of about a half dozen dwarves sensed my panic and stood around me, forming a ring, probably with the intention of preventing me from running away.
My prior recollection was that these stout people had a skin color of black maybe with a slight blue tint, but at this point they began to glow a very bright blue! It was as though they were putting on a display of some kind, like grotesque, blue lawn ornaments. This combined with the surreal events that led up to this point was too much for my poor brain to handle. I was way over my 'psychological red line' and now stood in a near state of paralysis - my dwarf-booted feet seemingly glued to the floor - unable to budge. But the circle of dwarves around me began to move towards the door, which was now open, giving me no choice but to be herded into the chamber.
This chamber was also poorly illuminated, with the main source of light coming from a somewhat tall (about 2m?), standing figure wearing a white robe. It was glowing like the dwarves but gave off white light rather than blue. This was sufficient for me to see that the room I was now in was a rectangular, smooth-walled rock chamber about 6m by 12m with a ceiling height of maybe some 3m. There was a table in the center of the room that looked like it had been carved intact out of the same rock as the walls. I was alone with this standing figure, the dwarves having left.
The figure commanded my attention mainly because it was the only thing in the room besides the table. It seemed as though it was floating just a little above the floor. Its robe-covered shape was in general human-like, with a head, arms, torso and legs but there were no discernable facial features on its light bulb-shaped head that I could make out. Standing motionless, this glowing 'alien' didn't display any signs of being alive. (In hindsight, I think that it was simply a model placed in the room, a sort of dummy ET.)
For a few moments I stared at the robed figure. Then by some means I received instructions to lie down on the table. Feeling rather intimidated by the proximity of a 2m tall glowing ET, I complied. Anyway, the doors to the chamber had been closed so I had nowhere to run or to hide. My body now on the table, my awareness seems to have relocated somewhere up near the ceiling a few meters away. At this stage I didn't have any feeling of hot, cold, comfort or discomfort, or for that matter stress or anxiety. I was more like a detached observer looking down at my body and the nearby glowing white figure. From this new perspective I could also see that there was a row of what looked like windows at the top of one of the walls. I had the unpleasant sensation that there were people on the other side of the windows watching.
What followed was, to the best of my understanding, a search through my mind. I could sense an entrance and then navigation through my memories. At first it was as though a quick but thorough scan of my life, from beginning to end, was being conducted. This lasted a short time followed by more detailed scanning of certain sections of my memory that had apparently been determined to be significant. The memories along with the physical sensations and emotional responses associated with them were being restimulated.
From my detached vantage point I wondered, why? A mental message came in reply, "for replicates". The impression I had was that physical and emotional stimuli, extracted from my life experiences, was being archived. It would subsequently be part of a library, available for use in replicas of human beings. I thought that the general idea involved -- correct or not -- was that 'fake' humans were being programmed with memory segments mined from 'real' humans so that they could function reasonably well in a human social environment. It also seemed to be the case that performing the data extraction in such an isolated location was analogous to making studio music recordings in an insulated, controlled environment, free from extraneous noise.
The next memory I have of this experience is of stumbling back to the front door of my apartment. I was exhausted and just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep. In the morning I woke up feeling agitated. I remembered the sizzling white ball of light but at that time had no recollection of the other parts of the experience other than a vague thought that I had seen an old, rusty car down in the weed infested part of the yard. Something wasn't quite right, I felt, and I went over to the neighbor's yard to the west of me and tried to determine if they might have seen anything unusual that night. Their bedroom windows faced the weedy area and I was concerned that they might have seen something. It was a strange thought with mixed emotions. I felt nervous and almost guilty about something they might have gotten a glimpse of, but I couldn't remember what it might have been!
As a postscript, it might be worth mentioning that about ten years after this experience (1995 as I recall) I felt adventurous enough to have a 'soul retrieval' session. I had read a book about this subject and thought it would be interesting to give it a try. The result of the session was that three pieces of my 'soul' were retrieved. Nina, the lady who did the shamanic journey work, was particularly troubled by what she saw happen to me in one of the soul-thefts. This incident involved my having been taken to a location deep underground, being placed on a table in a dark room carved into rock and having an entity of some kind do something bad to me. At the time of the session, this didn't have any particular meaning to me other than just causing a really creepy feeling. In retrospect its 
interesting that what Nina described matches what I have just recently been able to recall about this 1984 abduction experience.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Winnipeg, Manitoba Witness Drives Directly Underneath A Saucer Shaped UFO
Date: February 4, 1996
Time: 11:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: TransCanada Highway #1 at MB highway #5 intersection.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Saucer.
Full Description of event/sighting: I've seen what I would consider to be actual UFO's three times in my life - one during the day and two nighttime sightings. This isn't counting odd lights or some object that is so far away it could be anything, which I have also witnessed on several occasions, these were actual craft that I could see clearly.  
The most memorable encounter of the three happened on the night of February 4, 1996 at about 11:00 at night. While driving on the main highway in rural Manitoba one night, I drove directly underneath a saucer-shaped UFO hovering about 50 feet above the road. At the time I was living in Brandon and the man I was dating lived in Winnipeg, about 200 km away. Every Friday night after work I would make the two-hour drive into Winnipeg and then return home Sunday night, usually leaving around 9:00. I would invariably be tired and anxious to get home, so the bright street lights at the Carberry intersection at Highway 5 on the TransCanada Highway (a.k.a. the #1) was always a landmark that I watched for because it meant I only had half an hour left before I was home.
On this particular night it was quite cold (although not abnormally so for February in Manitoba) and I had left Winnipeg at around 9:30. After checking my watch and doing some calculations I was thinking that by the time I hit the intersection it would be almost exactly 11:00, which meant I would be home by 11:30. Having driven this stretch of highway often I knew exactly when to expect to be able to see the Carberry lights. As they came into view, I noticed immediately that there were two other lights hovering just above the familiar streetlights. I kept watching these lights as I drove towards them and they didn't move at all, up or down or side to side. I simply couldn't imagine what they could be. I later calculated that from the time I first saw the lights to the time I reached the intersection was about 7 km, so they were in my line of vision continuously for approximately 4-5 minutes before I reached them. As I got closer I could tell that these lights were hovering about 10-15 feet above the height of the streetlights.
If the poles are approximately 30 feet and the UFO was 15 feet above them, that would make it only about 50 feet off the ground, extremely close. As I approached the intersection I could tell that whatever this thing was, it was on the other side of the streetlights so I couldn't really see anything more than a dark saucer shape as I drove through the intersection because of the glare from the streetlights. It wasn't until I was completely through the intersection could I look up and clearly see the UFO. I was driving in the passing lane because as I was coming up to the intersection there was a white van in the right hand lane that wasn't traveling quite as fast as I was, so I was in the left lane, or passing lane, going by it (the #1 is a divided highway). We were traveling fairly close together as we passed through the intersection, so I know someone else had to be seeing what I was seeing. I also saw two other vehicles on the other side of the highway headed east towards Winnipeg and knew that they must be seeing this thing too.  
I had kept my eye on the object the entire time as I got closer to it because I knew it had to be something very unusual. As I drove through the intersection and got past the glare, it suddenly came into sharp view. I was going to drive directly underneath it, it was right in front of me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was round and flat, the typical "flying saucer" shape. I couldn't see the top of it of course as I was now quite close to it, but the bottom was very clear. The two lights that I had seen as I was approaching it were on the bottom of the craft and were different colours, but I honestly can't remember what they were, blue and white or yellow, I believe. There was also a third light (this one was red, if I remember correctly) that I had been unable to see until I was closer.
I remember thinking at the time that the craft perhaps had been tilted slightly towards the west with the side that was furthest from me (as I approached it) being slightly higher and that was why I hadn't seen the third light until then, or perhaps the convex bottom had prevented me from seeing it earlier. The lights were set in a triangular pattern equidistant from each other. It was hovering over the left lane of the westbound highway, not in the middle, so my car drove directly underneath. As I looked up at it through the windshield I thought how it looked just like something out of a movie. It was metallic, dark but shiny, reflecting the lights from below. It was covered with what looked like machinery of some sort, all curvy tubes and pipes, all over the bottom of it except around the edge. It was approximately 35-40 feet across and I did not hear any noise emanating from it (but I was traveling at about 90 km per hour so the road noise may have drowned out any subtle sounds it may have been making). As I mentioned it was only about 50 feet above me so I got a really good, close look at it, and the light from the intersection was illuminating it quite well.
I have wished heartily ever since that I had stopped that night but I didn't, for several reasons. First, it was late and I was tired and I had to be at work at 7:00 the next morning so I really wanted to get home to bed. Secondly, it was the middle of winter and it was, as I said earlier, fairly cold. Also, I was by myself and was a little frightened by what I was seeing - if I had been with someone else I probably would have been braver. And I was in the passing lane and the white van was still too close for me to change lanes again safely, and you shouldn't stop on the shoulder of the passing lane. However, I did get a really good look as I drove towards it and then under it.  
It may or may not be pertinent to note that there is a Canadian Forces army base in Shilo about 25 miles southwest of this intersection. Anyway, that's what I saw that night. I did arrive home at 11:30, so there was no weird time loss or anything like that. I'd be interested to know if anyone else reported seeing anything there that night, as there were definitely other witnesses.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Black Triangle Sighting Outside Of Stockton, Alabama
Date: April 25, 2002
Time: Approx: 10:15 p.m.
Here is the information on the Black Triangle sighting which occurred on April 25, 2002 just outside of Stockton, Alabama. This area for the most part is quite rural. At the time of the sighting I was living in Rabun, Alabama and worked for a man in Stockton. The road which runs between Rabun and Stockton, County Rd 94, also known as "Maytower Rd" has an old fire tower on it and I guess that's where the naming comes from. This is a road well known to me as I traveled it every day to and from work for 10 years. Also a friend of mine lived just off this road very close to the sighting location.Here is a map showing the Mobile, Alabama area.
I have highlighted three areas on this map. Satsuma, where I now live. Rabun, where I lived during the sighting, and Stockton, where the sighting took place.The next map shows a closer view of the sighting area, including Stockton and Rabun.
I was heading home that night out of Stockton and took the right turn on Co Rd 94 as I had so many times. The time was about 10:15pm.After proceeding about a half mile down the road I noticed a car had just turned off HWY 59 onto Co Rd 94 behind me. Being in no hurry I knew the car would soon be on my rear as I was only going 45 and most run 55-60 on this rural country road. As I entered the curve the car was now a 1/4 mile behind me and closing.Just as I started to enter the apex of the curve that's when the triangle, which was blocked by the overhanging trees,  came into view. The three lights were out of place. As many times as I have been around this curve there were never any lights there.I slowed my car to a crawl, rolled the window down, and hung my head out in amazement. I knew what it was instantly. The lights were like none I have ever seen. Such a pure white they were.
As I sat there in dis-belief this craft just slid right up to me at a speed of 40 mph(best guess) and slowed. Now the car behind me is on my tail so I pulled forward about 500 feet to Jay Rd.Turning in Jay Rd I stopped and the car behind me took off. I guess they wanted no part of it. They had to have seen it.You couldn't miss it!
So here we are all alone, just the triangle and me. I'm sitting in my car hanging out the driver's side window just blown away by what I am looking at.The craft came to a complete stop at the apex of the curve and just sat there.A distance of about 500 feet from my location I watched it for what seemed like a lifetime but was really only about a minute to a minute and a half. It appeared to be somewhere between 50-70 feet in length and made no sound. It looked to be about 30 feet above the tree tops. I can't say how thick it was due to the darkness and the craft's bright lights, which appeared to be 3-4 feet across in size. They pointed down but no light reflected off the trees. It was quite strange.
After the 60-90 seconds passed that I had watched this thing I noticed a set of headlights coming down Jay road. The road which I am sitting on. So I decided I would back out into Co Rd 94 and move toward the craft. When I got about half the distance to it , the craft started to move. gaining speed until it disappeared. I continued back into Stockton trying to locate it but never saw it again.
The road which I sat on, Jay Rd, is the very road that my friend lived on. The car coming down the road toward me that night was coming from my friend's house. I did not find this out until the following day. . The car coming down Jay Rd would not have been able to see the craft until they reached Co Rd 94, which at that point it was gone. I find myself looking back on this asking what would I have done differently? Why didn't I get out in the curve and stop the car behind me? Why did I not wait for the car on Jay road to get to me and confront them? I guess because I was in shock just seeing this craft. So many others have seen it before but now its right in front of me. Clear thought was not an option at this point.
The next day I called my friend to asked if anyone there had see it. They did not. However there was the strange phone call that he received. It would seem that 2 days after this sighting my friend came home from work. He frames houses for a living. Upon arriving home he checked his telephone caller ID and found a strange number on it .Curious about it he dialed the number. What he got was a FAA answering machine! He hung the phone up and that was the last of it.He never received any more calls from them. Soon after this sighting I bought a camcorder. Never again would I see such a sight and not be able to capture it. I spent many nights after this sighting putting many miles on my car looking for it, but had no luck. Since then I have also bought several cameras. One being a D-SLR. This is my true account of what happened that night just outside Stockton , Alabama.
In closing let me state the following. Some people might think it would be so cool to see such an object up close as I did. Its been 5 years since the sighting and not hardly a day goes by that I don't think about it. Its not something that's easy to live with. Most people don't care to hear about something that they don't understand. So you are left to carry the memory around, alone.Its like a curse. Just be careful what you wish for.
Thank you to the witness for the excellent report, maps and graphic.
Maps and diagrams can be viewed at: 
Rochester, New York Confirmation On Ontario, Canada UFO Sightings !
Date: Ongoing !
HBCC UFO Research note: The person who wrote the short report below is referring to the many sightings that have taken pace over Ontario, Canada this year (2007) The articles the fellow refers to can be found at:
UFO Sightings Keep Rolling In From Ontario Canada
UFO Flap Over Ontario Canada In March 2007
Also this is important to note that close to the Canadian border American folks are witnessing the same types of object in the skies.
Hey, I read your article about the current flap, and how many of them have been seen in Ontario. Well I live just south of the lake in Rochester, NY and I've seen them too. I saw both a triangular aircraft, and a formation that looked just like the Phoenix lights. I just thought that you should know that Ontario's visitors have been straying to the south too lol.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Satsuma And Rabun Alabama Amazing Sighting
Date: December 2006
Time: Daylight sighting.
HBCC UFO Research Note: The witness who sent in the footage and below report I did speak to on the telephone today (June 6, 2007) and interviewed the fellow for the radio show I host called the "Vike Report" The witness related some amazing sightings, one was a classic Black Triangle craft which was right in front of him. His interview will be aired on June 17, 2007 which is a Sunday night, check the HBCC UFO Research website for the time for the show in your area.
Brian, I wanted to pass along some more footage of the sighting which to place back in December of last year. I had sent you part of that video but in the second half I tried to zoom in on the object . Anyway I'm attaching the video to this email. Here is a still from it showing two other objects passing by at high speed.
Brian, I have seen way too much when it comes to strange stuff. Remember the UFO Gulf coast flap from 1973? My sister, brother and I followed the big ball of light in the sky all the way into Mississippi one night. As did hundred's of other people. That was my first encounter. Then in 1995 while living in Rabun, Alabama I had a sighting of three red-orange balls of light. They hovered for hours about 100 yards behind my house. I made my wife come out to see these. To say she got scared would be an understatement.You may not believe this but I spent several hours that night out in the yard with my gun. They were still there when I retired at 11:00 p.m.. The next morning at 5:30am they were gone. Later in 2002 I had the honor (if you can call it that,maybe a curse instead) of seeing a black triangle. I watched this craft glide in and hover for several minutes at a distance of 500 feet at an alt of 200 feet or less. This caused me to buy a camcorder, and later two digital cameras, one of which is a SLR. Its hard to see something like this and have no way to prove it such as video/pics. This sighting gets to me more than any other that I have had. I really want to capture this craft on video. I think about this sighting quite often.
In the spring of 2004 (in Rabun) I was out in the yard at around 3:00 p.m. watching the air traffic that would pass by from time to time. I had my camcorder and was facing west. This is the direction from my location that aircraft pass by me in a north/south direction. Looking behind me I noticed my dog getting to close to the road so I called for her to come back. When I turned back around to the west I was blown away by what I saw. There just above tree height at a distance of about 1000 feet was a blue-white ball of light just sitting there. This thing slipped up behind me when I had my back turned! It sat there for several seconds then shot off to the west away from me at high speed and was gone. It was the size of a half dollar at arms length. I never thought about the camcorder. I didn't have enough time to power it on before it was gone anyway. I was in a state of shock. There are some strange things going on in this world and I have seen more that my share of it. The hard part is keeping it all inside with no one to talk to about it.
Thank you to the witness for the report, photos and footage. The photos and footage and be viewed at the HBCC UFO Research website.
Forresdale Lake South East of Perth, Australia Something Unknown Caused Circle Type Tracks
Date: April 25, 2007
Time: Afternoon.
Number of witnesses: 0
Number of objects: 0
Shape of objects: 0
Full Description of event/sighting: What I have seen is not UFO dishes or objects in the sky but it is suspected unidentified tracks on the Forrestdale Lake floor. 
I found the lake surface were pressed (like the tracks) into the ground about 5 to 10 centimeters. The track is approximately 1 foot (?) wide and on the tracks, the herbs which are lake plants were cut sharply. These tracks are circles, line which has diameter more than 5 meters, pretty big.  
I couldn't imagine what sort of machine on the earth can do like this. At first I tried to think very simply that should be cars tracks but the cars has four wheels and that is impossible to create the single track like this, and the car wheel could not cut the lake plant sharply like this (the cut like using a lawn mower cutting). Or it might be motorbikes tracks, but there are no the others tracks come in to the circle. If it is a motorbike and it should be a messy circle rather than tidy circle. if it is from the motorbike. There are only the circle tracks around there and our car tracks which are away from the circles, and just damage the lakes plants (but can't cut) when we drove on the lake for work.  
I found the circles while me and the other geologists and drilling technicians were working in the Forrestdale Lake in last month, April 2007. 
I didn't tell or talk about this with the others because I'm afraid that they are going to laugh at me, like when I told my boyfriend about this that I thought it related to UFO.    
This track is located in the western site of Forrestdale Lake, southeast of Perth that can access by commercial road. 
It probably the UFO tracks (who know) because there are many reports that seen UFO in Perth WA. One of them in the Whiteman Park which is north of Forrestdale only about 60 or 70 kilometers. (After I found the tracks, I tried to search about the UFO report in WA (Western Australia)
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Chilliwack, British Columbia A Bright Arcing Light And Unusual Red Light Maneuvering
Date: June 1, 2007
Time: 12:00 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Chilliwack 
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Large arced pulsating white light that was extremely bright. There was also a red light that went back and forth horizontally but in no particular pattern.
Full Description of event/sighting: We noticed this bright arcing (vertical) light that had another red light that moved back and forth horizontally in no particular pattern. It would pulse extremely bright, then would go back down. It stayed in one place and did not get closer, bigger, smaller, etc. It faded out 3 times to black sky. The third time it didn't come back. The only way to describe how it would fade out is to say that it faded to black. There were no sounds emanating from it. It was completely silent. I would guess that it was a few km away, high up in the sky, hovering in front of the mountain range known as Mt. Cheam and "dogface mountain". We took a picture of the object (digital). It shows a streaking red light that has a dark red outline and then changes colour to yellow. There are also small red and blue dots on the picture in various areas around the frame. There is also a white "gauzy" vertical area that is surrounding the red light. This event lasted for about 7-8 minutes. There was also a very slow moving shooting star that lasted about 8 seconds and fell in front of the object. When this happened, the light pulsed very bright. We don't know what it was, but it certainly wasn't an airplane, helicopter, etc. Could you please contact me? I would love to hear your theory on this event! Thank you.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
West Central Minnesota Object Of Interest (Photos) (Aircraft)
Date: June 3, 2007
Time: Daytime sighting.
Sunday June 3, 2007 an object of interest over West Central Minnesota. Moving slow and coming from the southwest moving toward the northeast. No sound. Emission distortion trail. See if someone can get more out of the photo. (Well it isn't sun reflecting off a bird unless birds now leave vapor trails, but it is also not a normal aircraft, at least not what is normally going over our area.) We watched it for about two minutes. Thanks.
Polaroid 733 - 7.0 mp - 3xoptical zoom
Hope you have a great day in B.C. !
Photos can be viewed at the HBCC UFO Research website.
Thank you to the witness for their report. Photos are copyrighted to the owner.
Above Pearson International Airport, Ontario 15 Unknown Objects
Date: June 5, 2007
Time: 10:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Above Pearson International Airport
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 15
Shape of objects: Unknown.
Full Description of event/sighting: There are still about 15-20 lights in the sky that move really fast and in a zig zag motion. When a plane goes by it dims it's lights and then the light gets bright again. One of them was also seen coming closer to the ground.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, There were a lot of moving lights at their brightest, I would say like Venus. There was one of them constantly above the airport and it kept coming towards the ground as it had started out very, very high, it looked like a star but then we saw it move towards the ground. But at no point did it fall below 6,000 to 8,000 feet. The lights were moving from north to south, but the one that really took went in the opposite direction, i.e south to north. We did not hear any sound ,the objects must have been 8,000 to 15,000 feet up in the air, tough to tell. It was a cool clear evening, no clouds and they were spread out except 4-5 that were flying pretty close to each other. Looked like fast moving stars. I noticed the same bright light over the airport yesterday and today along with 6-8 objects moving but yesterday instead of one there were 3 lights descending towards the ground.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia Bright Red Light Rising Forms A Triangle
Date: June 8, 2007
Time: Approx 10:35 p.m.
Location of Sighting: In the sky over Halifax Harbour.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: 1 Very bright red light and then 2 smaller trailing dimmer lights.(In formation of triangle).
Full Description of event/sighting: I was watching TV and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very bright red light rising very slowly into the sky. At first it appeared to be a firework or flare, but then the light suddenly changed directions and very quickly moved diagonally downward with two trailing dimmer and smaller lights appearing behind it forming a triangle. The lights then disappeared. The entire sighting lasted approximately 5 seconds.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, No problem, it was definitely a very interesting site that's for sure so I just felt I had to document it somewhere and yours was the first site I came across.
Any way in regard to your questions:
1. - I was not able to see any structure at all to the object.
2. - I did not notice any blinking or flashing of the lights, they were very bright throughout the sighting.
3. - It was a very mild night, although there did appear to be a few clouds in the sky. The lights seemed to disappear very suddenly as if behind a cloud but they
never again emerged.
4. - The object was approximately 3 miles from my location.
5. - If I was to hold my thumb up at arms length I would say the main red light was approximately half the size of my thumbnail....all 3 lights together would have
been slightly larger than my thumbnail when spread apart at their furthest just before disappearing.
6. - I live on the 9th floor of an apartment building and there is about 2.5 miles of land (mainly houses and small buildings) between myself and Halifax Harbour.
To me it appeared that the lights were over Halifax Harbour.
7. - No I did not see any other aircraft in the area during or after witnessing the lights and I remained looking for approximately 10 minutes afterward in hopes
of seeing the lights again.
8. - Like I said my original thoughts on seeing the Bright Red Light was that it was a firework or Flare and actually just as I was about to mention it to my
roommate who was in the same room the Bright Red Light very suddenly changed direction and quickly moved in a downward diagonal direction giving rise to two additional smaller trailing yellow lights that seemed further away from the Red Light as it travelled downward. Overall I watched the Red Light rise in the sky
for approximately 3 or 4 seconds and then suddenly travel downward with the two trailing lights for no more than 1 or 2 seconds. It appeared much, much too
fast to be a plane or helicopter. More like the appearance of a shooting star.
I've also attached a rough diagram that I hope will help.
If you have any other questions or happen to discover what it may have been that I witnessed please feel free to e-mail me.
To view the excellent diagram please visit: 
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Red Mountain Lookout Cucamonga, California Unknown Objects (Photos)
Date: June 8, 2007
Time: 7:15 p.m.
Friday, June 8, 2007.
Ok, these are not drops of water on the camera lens, nor are they birds, insects or any know aircraft that I am aware of.
This image is from the <>http://www.fsvisimages.com/all.html site, it was taken from the Red Mtn Lookout - Cucamonga, California, South Vista and I captured it at 7:15 PM. West Coast Time.
What's interesting are the two objects in the upper right hand corner of the image, they look for all the world like something of a biological nature and there is little doubt that these objects are solid but solid what?
Objects, copied, cut and enlarged as much as possible before they become distorted.
The only words that I can think of that define this image capture are "Absolutely amazing".
If these were seen under a microscope they would seem to be granules of pollen or diatoms but these objects are huge by any standard of measurement, the clarity is very good given that the light of the setting sun is shining directly on them.
So, what do we have here, UFO's or some form of biological life living within our atmosphere, quite obviously we have more questions than we are getting answers from our Government, I'm not so naive that I believe that our Government does not know what these things are, I think that it's time we where given some real truth, not just what they decide to tell us.
Photos can be viewed at: 
Thank you to the person for sending along these pictures and report.
Willetton, Western Australia A Huge Unknown Craft
Date: June 9, 2007
Time: 11:35 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Willetton
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Large, circular.
Full Description of event/sighting: I was leaving work and walking to my car when I saw a large object fairly low in the sky. I was stopped in my tracks because it was just so large. 
It was moving across the sky from a North Easterly direction, I thought it must have been a helicopter with its spot light pointing right in my direction. That would maybe explain the size of the light. Then I realized that: 
A. -  It was the same colour as one of our orange street lights.
B. - Our police choppers use white spot lights.
C. - The light didn't move, and I could see no "beam" of light that such powerful search lights emit.  
D. - It was moving too fast, definitely too fast to be a chopper, but within reach of a jet.
It wasn't a chopper, I thought it would have to be an air craft of some sort. After watching it for another minute I was certain that:
A. -  There were no leading lights, wing lights or whatever they are called. They blink, each air craft has multiples of them and they are different colours. We have a small air port nearby (Jandakot) and there are often prop driven planes in the air. Likewise there is a larger air port (international) further to the east. So aircraft are a common and familiar for me sight.
B. - It was just too big to be a jet, if it was a jet, I should be able to hear it. It wasn't a cigar shape or anything stupid like that, it was just a big orange ball that was slightly squashed in the middle.
I started recording it for a few seconds on my phone, but stopped. I felt silly thinking it could be something unexplained. Sure it was huge, had no leading lights and was moving faster than a prop plane or helicopter could move, but still, this is Perth! And a camera phone isn't exactly a worthy medium.
It was just as I was thinking the above when it moved. It moved so damn fast, right towards the ocean (West). The light seemed to halve in size, but that could've just been due to the fact that it moved so fast. A building obstructed it after a second but as I sprinted to the side of the building to get a clear view it was already gone.
We (Australia) do not have a single damn jet that can move that fast, it cleared the sky in seconds! Every hair on my body stood on end at that point. I've just spent the last half hour staring in awe at the sky, yes my neck is sore and no I didn't see this thing again.
What I did see however were numerous planes, a few far to the east where our cities main airport is, and a prop driven one heading to the smaller Jandakot airport. Not a single one of them looked anything like this thing. Out of curiosity I tried recording one of them with my phone so I could compare the results. Standing in my backyard I recorded a small propelled craft, looking at the recording I could barely see it. Looking at the few seconds of footage taken from a well lit car park (much more light pollution than my back yard has) the difference is amazing. That's how big this damn thing was, you can actually see it in a quick recording taken from a crappy Nokia in a well lit car park. Am I kicking myself for not recording as long as possible, more than anyone can know, I just want to be able to watch it again, so I never forget. :(
A believer is born, Sigh, I don' think I'll look at the sky in the same way again. The skeptic in me says "come on", and is going to make me check out to see if America have any carriers stationed offshore of Fremantle. It could've been a Super Hornet, but realistically there's no chance. They would not have been authorized for such a low fly over, plus they are noisy as hell, and if it had poured on the juice to get moving that fast the light would not have diminished but flared bright and hot.
Hrmm, sorry this is so long. In a way writing it out so clearly will help me remember the event, it's one that I think is worth doing so too.
Oh, one last thing, this is almost certainly completely coincidental but it certainly added in some way to the sight. My car's central locking wouldn't work! Hah, first time that's ever happened (ever), though it started working after I tried half a dozen more times. But anyway, there were no power outs etc, my phone was working after all, just thought I'd mention it.
Once again, sorry for the length.
Thank you to the witness for the wonderful report.
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