A Thank You In Order
From xxx 
May 11, 2007 

My name is xxx and I have had the Morgellons plague since 1994. I have never "formally" emailed you. I did once in a panic but I'm good at the moment. I just listened to your 8th Special Program on Morgellons. It brought back so much I have really hit home and brought me to tears.
I ran away from home in 1998 and spent the next 7 years trying to live.  Thank God my son was as clever as he was or I could very well be that bag lady on the park bench. He tricked me into moving back home.
You know the gory details we all suffer, so I won't elaborate. I just wanted to say, if it had not been for your 6th Morgellons Special that I FORCED my husband to listen to, I still would not have a shred of credibility...even after so many years. 
For that alone...the respect of my husband and his acknowledgment of my sanity...I could never repay you - ever. If not another person on earth believed me, I had to have my husband's acknowledgment. He still tries to ignore it and doesn't want to believe it, but no words need to be said...HE KNOWS NOW. And this has made my life so much more bearable. 
Financially, I would have never made it on my own and my lifelong friends could only give so much without suffering themselves. And believe me, I am alive today because of the character and integrity I had established with them long before contracting this nightmare. They held me up and fed me.
Why is it no high political figure or seriously important person has Morgellons?
How did they get immunity? There is something that will stop it, of that I am certain. I believe to this day that certain genetics are being targeted.
The incredibly brave and honorable people who have been on your programs give me courage and hope. Sunny was very cool...and I live her pain...sabotaged, yes, spied on, yes, all of it...and we were poor to begin with! 
When I walked away, I just imagined it had all burned down, my home, my stuff, all of it....gone.
And I did learn, Jeff, as you said, it's just 'stuff.' 
I am blessed in many ways that I am not paralyzed, have Parkinson's or something else. I would be a very poor patient. I kept thinking the Lord was punishing me for being vain...for making fun of others....sanity is hard to keep through this disease. 
I would appreciate your passing on my gratefulness and total respect for everyone who has given so much of what very little they have left. It is incredibly embarassing and humiliating and I still have not come out of the closet in so many areas of what existence I have.
I have been very active since 1998 in my own way. Once I got over the Nuspa 'RESEARCH' site, I began to see the real implications of was mind boggling back then! As Cliff said, "innately" you know Morgellons is something very evil...I did, right from the get-go. 
So, enough of taking your time.  I thank God that some people will risk so much to help others...and you will be blessed. I try to forgive the "perpetrators" in my heart,  and my mind...and say 'God knows' all of it, and everything is for the good for those who believe. But DAMN!...I must be pretty weak in that aspect...I'm trying, though.
I have posted a lot on various blogs, forums, etc...under the handle Maggie Mae. I think I must be able to do more, be more open, but it is so very tiring. I
just wanted to say thank you for verifying my sanity and vindicating me, and may everyone helping in any way, be blessed by God Himself.
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