Silence - A Nemesis
More Deadly Than Bullets
Jim Kirwan

War represents the failure of people to come to any form of a solution that does not involve the extermination of those who oppose them. Leaders in the world have always tried to avoid this colossal failure that lies just below the pinnacle of greed and repression: Because in the end, wars only create more wars and huge profits for those who fight them, while leaving the societies that pay for them in ruins. With that thought in mind, it must be said that both of the Decider's administrations have only been about "War, War & Lots More War."

'War' has changed dramatically since the days of WWII, when armies fought with armies. In those days whole countries went to war: today those not living in the war zones can afford to stay at home and watch; allowing their citizens to basically ignore what their armies are doing in the field. This was a purposeful decision taken to allow the expenditure of trillions of tax dollars to be siphoned off into the pockets of those who arranged these obscene and perpetual blood-baths, for private profit and personal political gain.

One instance: "On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the Pentagon had lost, by the estimate he chose to use for his speech, $2.3 trillion dollars. Many of you good readers know about this and are asking where the money went? That's a good question, but what really intrigues me is: Where did it come from?

If you add up the entire US defense budgets from 1996 to 2001, you only come up with circa $1.6 trillion. Yet, according to Rummy, not only was that much money lost, but an ADDITIONAL $700 billion dollars has disappeared. Remember, we're talking about $2.3 trillion dollars missing.

Exact figures vary by source, but are close to each other, so I'll deal in round numbers. To come up with $2.3 trillion dollars of military spending, you have to add up all the defense budgets from about 1991 to 2001. For all those years, the Pentagon spent hundreds of billions and didn't get a single receipt nor account for a single dime?



Not possible, and no one's claiming that it happened. The missing money was part of some budget, but it's bigger than the defense budgets we're to believe it's a part of, so it was a part of some OTHER budget, one we don't know about.

1996 through 2001 is a lot of years for the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to fail to notice that the entire defense budget went missing. I don't believe they did fail to notice it, because the missing money wasn't on the books to begin with. It couldn't have been; it's more money than we gave them. This is not an accounting error. We know the soldiers and sailors got paid, the tanks and planes got bought, and the missiles got purchased, because the companies that made them cashed the checks, and the banks issued statements showing that the money went out and to whom it went. We know that most of that money got properly accounted for, because the GAO and OMB have been checking figures, making recommendations for savings, etc., and would have spotted a gap of any real size. We also suspect the usual drugs, cars, mansions, and hookers of all ages and sexes. But all these only add up to the official hundreds of billions, not the missing thousands of billions.

Most of the missing money could never have been part of a defense budget, and could not have come from our government. It had to have come from someone else, someone who MUST want the Pentagon to do something for them. Nobody gives gifts that big but God." (1)

There might be additional clues to this mystery in Chalmers Johnson's new book "Nemesis," Chalmers Johnson, former consultant to the CIA since its inception in and around the time that the government began development of the A bomb, the UC Berkley professor, explains that Americans, including members of Congress, are not privy to virtually any of the military expenditures made by the secret American government. Secret prisons, star wars programs, some 700 known military bases around the world and other secret arms development programs are all part of our military industrial complex. The government prints and fabricates money out of thin air. When you are the only super power in the world, you do what you want until Nemesis, the god of retribution bites you in the ass. According to Chalmers, Nemesis is in our House. Watch your butts!"

Yes of course it's about the money, about who steals it, and how that money gets spent. But it's also about exactly how the truth of this is allowed to remain hidden. The Afghan-Iraq War is a massively criminal affair that has been carried out as a psy-ops operation upon the people of the United States so that the war itself need-never-end.

To do this, the truth of all that happened from 911 forward had to remain hidden from the public: and compartmentalization was chosen as the most effective way to silence all criticism. In addition huge government agencies were created (like Homeland Security & FEMA) to block effective complaints from the public or even from other agencies within the government. This method maximized the illicit theft of funds, sheltered the commission of massive crimes against humanity, and facilitated the rape and plunder of the established social safety nets, along with the murder of education and language: And all of that in the name of continuing-national- security interests. By compartmentalizing everything, all 'issues' were reduced to labels or slogans that epitomized an absolute blind-faith compliance with the policies issued by the Outlaw-regime still in power.

There was also the added bonus of trivializing all opposition, to the war and to the outsourcing of millions of jobs, by simply labeling those complaints as "not-supporting the troops." The troops meanwhile were being told that the way they should handle the stress of war was to "simply take all those contradictions that they individually faced in the wars, and put them in a metaphorical shoe box-put the lid on them and then forget them." Meanwhile the public is not shown the horrors of what the troops and their mercenary partners-in-occupation do to ordinary civilians that are caught up in the wars. Thus making it far easier for the home-front to simply treat the wars as an ongoing consequence of being the world's leading Super-power. That is perhaps the most egregious mistake of all.

All of this has hampered real answers but has not been able to stop those seeking to know what-really-happened, as well as who were responsible for this seemingly endless list of crimes and illegal actions that have conspired to keep this charade intact. To get to this point has taken the revenge seeking Robber-Barons over half-a- century. With the theft of the presidency by the Decider, the gloves came off: and now we can begin to see what all these endless charades have truly been about.

With the barriers against giving money to foreign nations destroyed, and the disease of Israel's blood-lust to conquer the entire middle-east in full throttle: the following contributory thoughts can finally be seen for what they are ­ the slight of hand that by-passed the congress and that has helped to keep this nation permanently in the dark.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Classified intelligence bills often are unread. Nearly all members of the House of Representatives opted out of a chance to read this year's classified intelligence bill, and then voted on secret provisions they knew almost nothing about.

The Bill, which passed by 327 to 96 in April, authorized the Bush administration's plans for fighting the war on terrorism. Many members say they faced an untenable choice: Either consent to a review process so secretive that they could never mention anything about it in House debates, under the threat of prosecution, or vote on classified provisions they knew nothing about. Most chose to know nothing.

Only about a dozen House members scheduled time this year to read the classified sections of the intelligence bill, according to a House Intelligence Committee spokesman. The estimate dovetailed with a Globe survey sent to all members of the House, in which the vast majority of the respondents-including eight out of 10 in the Massachusetts

delegation -- said they typically don't read the classified parts of intelligence bills.

``It's a trap," said Representative Russ Carnahan, Democrat of Missouri, referring to the rule that members must refrain from discussing items in the bill. ``Either way, you're flying blind." The failure to read the bill, however, calls into question the vows of many House members to provide greater oversight of intelligence in the wake of pre-9/11 failures, mistakes about Iraq's weapons capability, and revelations about spying on Americans."

This legislative blindfolding then led directly to this: "In the old, pre-Homeland, United States of America, a person had to be convicted of murder, by a jury of peers, in a public, open trial, on the basis of evidence without a reasonable doubt, and with the opportunity for fair representation and appeal to the justice system to rule out mistakes and prosecutorial fraud. Oh, but that was before The Homeland was created, and as we're told over and over again, in the Homeland, everything changed.

At first, it was a scandal that the President of the United States had claimed the power to set up his own courts, outside of the judicial branch of government, to force people through military tribunals that would be little more than kangaroo courts. Now, it appears that Mr. Bush, the Master of our Homeland, has decided that he does not have to give prisoners any trial at all, ever. He can just lock them up, forever." (2)

With these two key pieces of the charade in place: the Decider and his lackeys could finally open the US Treasury to Israel for whatever that little and still unfinished country might wish to do with our money and our troops. It is this particular fascination with the supremacy of 'Israel' that has driven the multi- national bankers and the NWO to pursue their rogue interests, against the wishes of virtually all the people of the entire planet. Thus this final capitulation to the ultimate manipulation of the congress of the United States to forcibly favor Israel in all votes on foreign policy or funding. This was the last piece of the plan for The Greater State of Israel. (3)

Societies are built upon mutual trust between individuals and their governments and furthered by those truths that are commonly recognized by most of the societies thus created. What the cabals have done, over time, is to trash the truth while elevating greed to a level of 'value' that it never had, in this society, before Reagan anointed it as "GOOD." This pronouncement was followed by the dismemberment of both the spirit and the letter of the laws-in favor of the Outlaws and the Privateers-at the expense of the law- abiding. Enter the very public theft of the Presidency and the public's non-reaction to the sheer scale of that theft; and the stage was set for all that has transpired under the banner of the New World Order.

The people of this nation are currently affixed to a police-state mentality that has no room for who they used to be, much less for who they might want to become. With Greenspan and Kissinger calling for mandatory maximums, on all jobs such as doctors and airline pilots now hold-to be scaled back to no more than $15 an hour- the handwriting is writ large upon the walls of this society, that continue to close in upon us daily. As Rosie O'Donnell found out when she tried to use her program to ask some clearly disturbing questions about what happened to Building 7 of the World Trade Towers on 911: The visceral response to her questions clearly showed the world, that we are no longer a free people. Many have tried the door, and have discovered that we've been locked in to an invisible free-speech zone ­ that no one is allowed to question. Yet the Decider cannot define his "Mission-in-Iraq" any more than Cheney can explain his 'Stand Down Order' that he gave to the Air Force on 911. And as Kurt Vonnegut said so well. . . "And so it goes!"

Any person seeking funding for any project would expect to be asked to show proof of the viability of their plans for their project before demanding evermore from the bankers. The Decider has decided that he no longer needs to justify anything he says or does ­ because it's His-WAR, and he's the Decider. The congress is having trouble explaining to anyone why the people they're investigating need to be sworn in, and their testimony needs to be heard in public. Apparently they've all forgotten ­ that that is why it's called an investigation! The congress should tell the Pentagon and the Tarnished House that they can use the missing $2.3 trillion to fund the remainder of their war, when they finally grow a spine and end this pitiful charade. If this place doesn't begin to return to a government of laws, not men and women, there won't be much left to fight over anymore.

We have let the fear and paranoia overrun our common sense-and in the process we have sacrificed the very things that the Courts, the Congress and the Office of the Presidency are supposed to protect and defend above all else. In that bargain with the devil, we've surrendered all our rights to a bunch of criminals without even a hint of actual resistance. However one day those shoe-boxes filled with horror shall be opened and the returning troops will remember what they did: and from that moment on everything will irrevocably begin to come apart.

We cannot lie about what we have become, any more than we can continue to cover-up the truth of 911-it will all come out-the sooner the better. In the meanwhile a great many people that have placed all their 'faith' in Silence, may come to realize that Silence alone can represent the Nemesis: and that can be far more deadly than bullets have ever been. . .

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