Sarkozy To 'Move France
Closer To US' - Guess Again

By Dick Eastman

The Rothschild Zionists have captured France.
Sarkozy's father is Hungarian, his mother a Greek Jewess -- thus he is Jewish by Jewish reckoning from the mother's bloodline.
He won by clear game-theoretic loading of the French election process (very sophisticated "political science") with an array of fake candidates (three Trotskyite candidates to divide the traditional French left, for example) calculated (from high-speed computers and polling information) to divide and run into ditches all opposition to Zionist globalization.
Sarkozy will disolve France as a sovereign nation into the European Union where sovereignty rests with the Zionist merchant bankers who pick the leaders of the EU. As the monetary system is taken out of the hands of the people's national governments with the international (read " internationalists' ") Euro -- so now all political power will be in the hands of the chosen's chosen.
And the media is now saying -- with great satisfaction -- that Sarkozy will now move France "closer to the United States" -- meaning exactly what? Whose policy is the policy of the United States today? Whose but the international Zionist merchant bankers' ?
Sakozy promises that France will join Europe and will be more active and aggressive in fighting for what "we" (who?) believe in around the world. This, of course, means that when Hillary Clinton calls for more troops to occupy Iran -- French troops will be forthcoming. 
It also means that everything Zionist internationalist Sakozy says will now be trumpeted on our internationalist Zionist monopoly media.
Isn't it wonderful that the great countries of "Western Civilization" all agree now? Isn't it wonderful to know that "freedom" will now be pushed around the world -- that Frenchmen will be joining your American sons and daughters in maintaining the international Zionist order wherever people rise up in revolt against debt slavery and international monopoly exploitation and bankers' puppet goverments. Can't you just wait for Frenchmen and Americans to liberate Venezuela from its "freedom hating" dictator, for example.
Which brings me to another point.
Sarkozy the Jew who represente himself as a Catholic -- reminds one of certain famous Democats and Republicans we all know. Remember how John Kerry discovered that he is a Jew after he was in government. Remember, Madeline Albright (recently honored every six minutes or so by Safeway in recordings piped into all their stores for national women's month) -- remember how she, like Sarkozy, advertized herself as a Catholic -- only to find out she has been attending the ruling-elite Episcopalian church throughout her adult life -- only to find out, after the Senate hearnings! -- that she was actually the daughter of one of Stalin's Jewish commisars.   
Or take Al Gore -- whose daughter married into the Schiff merchant banking family -- a family that actually headed the Jewish community in the late 19th and early 20th century, Jacob Schiff sent here from Europe to control American banking -- and who will soon announce his run on the totally bogus issue of "global warming" (as if that is the only real issue worth discussing.) Of course, I like Ron Paul and Bob Bowman and I would work for either rather than have "Manchurian John" McCain or Hillary Clinton (whose husband, William Blyth is reputed to be the bastard of Winthrop Rockefeller, governor boss of Arkansas in the 1940s -- -- (there is a strong Rockefeller look to his face in my opinion.)
At any rate, Sarkozy is going to bring France into the European Union just like the next President will bring the US into the North American Union. Notice, by the way, that you don't hear Hillary Clinton arguing angainst the American Union. Why? Does she think opposing the Union would hurt her changes? Hell no, of course. Then it must be because she supports the disenfranchisment of the American people to an international goverment run by Zionist Jew bankers. (The North American Union will be run by people appointed by the bankers to carry out the bankers' policies -- you will have as much say as you have in the workings of the United Nations (do you remember ever voting for your representative at the United Nations?) Replacing government by the people by "upgrading" to goverment by the bankers -- sans consititution, sans representation.
By the way --  Sen. Lieberman ran for Vice President -- guess why? Why did George H. W. Bush accept the Vice Presidency from Ronald Reagan? Remember "Manchurian John" Hinkley Jr.?  Albert Gore was merely a poster boy for environmentalism to attract voters brainwashed by "pc" environmentalist indoctrination in the schools -- he was the catnip for the kitties. But you say the election of 2000 was rigged by the Republicans? I don't think so. I think the entire "hanging chad" dispute was a staged super distraction. It was during the distraction of the "hanging chad" dispute over who won the 2000 election that the entire derivatives industry was deregulated by Congress. This issue had not been brought up before the crisis.
One more thing, Ron Paul is for elimiating the Federal Reserve and he has spoken of a gold standard. This is not the solution to control by the money power. A Hillary Clinton or Manchurian John can carry out the same monetary policies that the Fed has been conducting. What is needed is a complete revision of the entire banking and credit system -- and a new policy directed by representatives of the people, not puppets of the merchant bankers. Ron Paul has not made clear that he understands the problem of a population deprived of purchasing power and pushed into debt slavery -- a gold standard would not fix that -- rather it would put us on the 19th -century course of deflation and scarce money which is always good for the bond holding class -- but death to the indepted class -- but the g. s.  would be a great windfall to those now holding all the gold. I would feel much better if Paul were a Douglas social creditor.
Good government is like good religion -- it is only understood and believed-in by people too low on the power pyramid to ever have the chance to affect things. And if the people anywhere rebel -- there is always some President Bush or Prime Minister Tony Blair or President icolas Sarkozy or "pro-market" "pro-deregulation" "pro-American" Chancellor Angela Dorthea Merkel (nee Kasner) of Germany to send in the troops to "defend your freedom" -- and of course if all that fails the merchant bankers can really get tough and bring in their real backup -- the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army to ensure that internationalist reforms are not rejected by anti-Semtic terrorists -- the "war on terror" being something that the globalists tell us will go on for many generations.
Now I will make a deal with you -- I will learn to spell and to write an organized essay if you learn to observe and think and move your ass when you are about to be eaten alive. Is it a deal?
Warm regard to all,
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington



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