The V-Tech Massacre -
Real-Life Manchurian Candidate

Source Undetermined

Virginia Tech University student eyewitnesses repeatedly recall the robotic, detached demeanor of the killer, Seung-Hui Cho.
* he killed with unconscious abandon
* his victims were random
* he did not kill in self-defense
This type behaviour can be construed as indicative of mind control, and/or advanced behavioural modification through the use of mechanical devices such as computer micro-chip implants.
After shooting his first victims, gunman Seung-Hui Cho sent video footage and photographs of himself to US TV network NBC News before going on to kill another 30 more.
Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, VA.
Blacksburg, VA houses a US government ABOVE TOP SECRET underground laboratory (in the side of a local Blacksburg mountain) that develops in conjunction with DARPA, weapons such as human robotic mind control programming
Virginia Tech focus:
* bio mechanics and tissue cell engineering
* biomedical engineering
* DNA splicing
* studies the impact of new technologies on human behavior
* departments for disaster-related trauma in children reporting directly to Laura Bush
* works on human, crop, and animal diseases
* helps advance science similar to insect/disease-resistant crop seed from Monsanto
More on Virginia Tech:
* has on-campus experts in avian influenza H5N1, "the bird flu"
* active partner with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
* actively works on neuroengineering projects (mind control)
* Virginia Tech students are frequently recruited by the CIA
V-Tech received and continues to receive grants for millions from DARPA
DARPA - a key to what is eroding the soul of America - and the world
Robotics experiment conducted at Virginia Tech University.
DARPA's list of interests: ($500 million spent since 2001)
* superior artificial intelligence technology
* mind-controlled battle robots
* un-manned airplanes that can be flown with nothing more than thought
* remote voice command systems
* autonomous pre-programmed combat soldiers
* advanced human chip implant devices
DARPA is the Pentagon's research arm.
DARPA together with Virginia Tech University is heavily involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology with special emphasis on diagnosis of the human brain to test nanoparticles.
Goals of the V-Tech student slaughter:
* real-world application of the "perfect weapon"
* garner support for gun control/ban
* create diversions
same day of debate to stop war funding/pulling troops out (Congress, DOD, Pentagon, WH)
Alberto Gonzales/state attorneys firing AIPAC Spy Trial
Cover up/defense:
* deliver to the public a single, lone-nut fall guy
Support groups:
* mainstream media
* expert psychiatric analysis of scapegoat
* breadcrumb trail of manufactured evidence
* naive, ignorant public
Virginia Tech University
* all new Virginia Tech buildings on campus are constructed of native limestone (same as Egyptian Great Pyramid) a neutral substance with stable frequency transfer and resonance response
* Virginia Tech is one of only three public universities in the United States to support both a military and a non-military student lifestyle
* most Virginia Tech alumni are, or have been actively involved with NASA
* Virginia Tech University boasts a high-performance-grid computing network; connects with the National Lambda Rail, a national fiber-optic backbone linking research laboratories with supercomputing, storage and visualization capabilities
The emotionless "Manchurian Candidate" speaks about his brothers/sisters (brotherhood?)
Virginia Tech brings together the best minds in the country who are interested in technology thereby creating a pool of potential candidates from which DARPA, the CIA and other government agencies can actively solicit recruits into their "brotherhood" -- a campaign to erect a superior "race" of mechanically engineered beings while simultaneouly reducing human populations and enslaving humans to serve their future robot masters.
Virginia Tech encourages an authoritarian/military mindset.



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