Truly incredible. Brad advises that he just happened across this discovery while browsing Amazon online.  He wrote the book in 1975. Note that the Five Star review was just written April 6, 2007.
Currently, Worlds Before Our Own (1978) was just republished by Anomalist Press to rave reviews.
Another Steiger classic, Atlantis Rising (1973) is soon to be republished by Galde Press.
Amazing to see how after 30 years or more people are catching up to and appreciating the brilliant foresight and research that Brad Steiger was amassing in the 1970s and presenting to the world.
Here is the new Five Star Amazon review of A Road Map Of Time
Understanding "Global Warming" - As A Weather Cycle? 
By John Carpenter "inkslinger003" (USA)
April 6, 2007
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A Roadmap of Time is a key to understanding the current Global Warming debate. Written in the early 1970's before the topic became politically charged, Brad Steiger tells the story and presents the evidence of three researchers of weather cycles. He explores the effect of weather cycles on crops, the economy, social and political changes, and population. The data bank used by these researchers is massive, spanning over 10,000 years.
And sure enough, we're in a warming pattern. But what Mr. Gore doesn't let on, is that between 100-year cycles, a 500-year cycle, and sunspot cycles, the warming cycle will end with a cold-dry period, and then a cold-wet period. Pollution of the environment may affect the weather cycle slightly, but so do volcanoes and forest fires. The prections for the year 2000, made 25 years before, are pretty accurate.
The best reason to read this book is to understand the current weather debate, free of the political baggage. Another reason is to understand and anticipate political, social, and economic trends, as the authors intended.
The book is out of print, but used copies are available. It was a 'Book of the Month Club' selection in the mid-1970's, so there are many copies out there. Get one!