The Passover War On Easter Day?
Holy Days, Hypocrites & 700 Thespians

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to

Rumors of war, amid a war of rumors. What is a war veteran to do? Should I stand, once again, on some busy city street, as I did for many weekends in 2003 before the fraudulent war was launched against Iraq? If I believed my effort would slow the war by a single day, I'd protest again. Indeed, I have thought of dressing like the Easter bunny, my sign held aloft, with the message: "What's In YOUR Easter basket? Another Pre-emptive War? Christ Is Risen--Will You?"
As a person of Jewish and Christian heritage, I find it fascinating and disturbing that most Americans are not even having a debate, however meek and mild, about attacking Iran. Maybe March Madness has left everyone clinically insane, or maybe too many episodes of American Idol has left us wholly befuddled, surrounded by false gods dancing with the stars.
Passover used to represent a time when Jewish people were huge underdogs, living under the boot heel of tyrannical Egypt. According to popular belief, an angel of death "passed over" the Jewish abodes and killed the first born children of the Egyptians about 1236 BCE.
Flash forward three thousand years. Some of the more powerful descendants of those formerly enslaved Jewish people insist on starting a pre-emptive war with Iran, conducted by their Christian proxies (us) in our empire far mightier than anything enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians in the time of the pharaohs.
Massive coincidence or malignant intention? A war rumored (planned) to start sometime between Passover and Easter Sunday? If I were the god of Christians and Jews I would be greatly angered by the blasphemy. So angered I might become a bit vengeful, if my followers allowed it to happen.
Passover and Easter. Two of the holiest of holy days to each religion. Perhaps the powerful blasphemers and Satanists of the new world order intentionally designed an attack to fall on BOTH days (Passover begins Monday night and runs seven or eight days).
After all, the nefarious neocons, irreligious, irreverent and cruel, have conspired to commence war twice before. What difference does it make if they start one on religious holidays? Certainly they can attack with impunity. After all, what is sacred to the sacriligious? To those steeped in profanity, unopposed by the so-called good Christians and Jews who must perform the evil itself, nothing is profane.
How will those so-called good Christians and Jews, numbering in the hundreds of millions throughout these United States, Great Britain and Israel, reconcile their actions? Or inactions? Hand-wringing won't do after the bombs and missiles have fallen. Anyone who professes innocence, while attending religious service, is a damn fool or a hypocrite.
While one old veteran--me--wielding a sign on a city street won't make much difference to the decision-makers who have likely already made their decision, it might spur some so-called Christians and Jews to heed their holy books. And get off their fat, complaisant asses.
Just do it something, anything. If you throw enough marshmallows at a military tank you will eventually force it to a gooey stop.
Footnote: the bellicose Hollywood movie, "300," was released recently and enjoys continuing success. Full of caricatures and cartoon warriors and computer-generated images, the movie is a fanciful retelling of the historical battle of Thermopylae. This was the battle where 700 Thespians, assisted by 300 Spartans, slowed an attacking army of Persians. For some reason, only the Spartans are honored. Maybe because those Thespians honored Eros rather than Ares, the Greek god of war. God only knows.
For some unknown reason we Americans love our underdogs. But only in the movies. For the past several decades---maybe fifty or a hundred years or more--we Yanks have been equal to, or worse, than the Persians. The underdogs we smash and trash? Small nations weaker and unable to defend themselves, weaker even than Sparta. They are the 300 Spartans, the Nicaraguans and Dominicans and Haitians and Panamanians--and Afghanis and Iraqis. Not us. We haven't been the Spartans and Thespians since 1776.
Longtime Rense readers will recognize I have forecast a joint US/ Israeli/ British attack on Iran for 18 months. I take pleasure in being wrong, but no credit for the godly power that has restrained or suppressed the evil intentions of the planners.



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