Freedom's Just Another Word
For Nothing Left To Lose

By Jim Kirwan

The idea of America has long been synonymous with "Freedom" almost from the very beginning. Yet what too few still fail to realize is that Freedom, was never meant to apply to everyone in this nation"far from it. The native population was almost immediately targeted for extermination. Slaves were obviously not included, nor were women and children. As the years went by changes within were undertaken to add new rights and new freedoms to the Constitution, for those living here. Yet even as that process went forward the US was taking away rights and human life in very large numbers, in their political quest to fulfill what they called America's Manifest Destiny.,
The world was much larger then, so it took a great deal more time to discover what was actually happening anywhere in the world during those formative years. The young Empire took full advantage of this situation, as her creators began to lay their plans for conquest. WWI reestablished old links with the continent, and rekindled the original passions that had been so important to the fledgling Empire in the first place. Maps of the world were redrawn between the Great Wars, and then the Great & the Ambitious, launched WWII. Since both wars had the same bankers, and the same grand plans in mind -- the outcomes in both cases were predictable. But there was a problem. . .
After the war, retuning American GI's used their GI Bill to get a college education -- and so many took advantage of that windfall, that their numbers actually slowed the plans of the New World Order considerably. The idea before the war, had been to dumb down education in order to create less friction for the industrialists and the bankers, who only needed workers, not people that might actually begin to think for themselves. As Critical Thinking, began to catch on this became a major part in many professions. To counter this trend The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973, to put a permanent end to this runaway society that then threatened to break free from the plans of the Globalists and their New World Order.(1)
What came from that first international meeting was that too many people had too much free time, on their hands: and since this concept endangered the entire thrust of long range plans, it was decided by the Trilateralists, that people everywhere would need to work harder for less money. To that end"it would no longer be possible for one American-wage-earner to support an entire family on a single income. At this point wages for working people began to stagnate, and the world began to change to fit the new paradigm.
Since the early 1940's a still struggling "corporate America" had been working on a template that was richly endowed with contributions from psy-ops and from blatantly propagandistic Hollywood-produced films; basically to convince Americans of the specialness of their new and very muscular nation"especially when it came to "our place" in the world. "Freedom" by that time had become a natural assumption, something that every American simply "had." Except of course the black's and the other people of color, along with most women (women technically gained "right to vote" in 1920) -- but for many, nothing much had changed in the dominating Victorian world of middle-middle American life.
But by the 1950's "Freedom" still had a ring to it, and after Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post finished their new global media-campaign: "America" herself was transformed into a kind of real-life fairy tale"a story that many Americans had come to believe while they also completely forgot about what might have really happened on their way to their domination of the planet. This new and very convenient marriage of publicity and politics had it's beginnings in the shamelessly produced and completely naïve Newsreels, that were shown every week in every movie theater during the Second World War. This is where Media today got its inspiration as well, to "preach to" rather than to inform the public of anything. It was a stupendous campaign, and almost no one even saw it coming. Ronnie Reagan was one of the by-products of this travesty that played so fast and loose with what remained of the true facts concerning the budding American Empire.
Through the late 1950's, the age of The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit was born, grew up and died, with the advent of the Hippies that arrived to shatter their ideal of Mass-Consumerism Gone-Wild. Children from all over the country ran away to find some fragment of life -- to smell the flowers--or to find free love. This too was soon co-opted, but the old guard of Robber-Baron-Days had been infuriated by what they saw. To them this was an outrage that had insulted their here-to-for unchallenged Daddyism: that brutal and humorless damnation that ruled those early days when there were no controls on anything they wanted. Lesser beings then had only endless slavish work, in impossible conditions, no benefits, but plenty of servitude and poverty for those who actually found a "job." The 1960's celebrated everything that hated the Robber-Barons and all their tyrannies, so the new old-men, rededicated all their efforts to return to those long lost days of absolute power once again. Enter "The Crazies" from the cabinet of Gerald R. Ford, still freshly splattered by the Nixon years. (2)
The Vietnam War finally ended, and was immediately thrown into the incinerator of history, as if it never happened: just as the Media was being bought up by the newly powerful multi-nationals, now fresh from gorging their fill, on all the now vulnerable little but successful business that would be swallowed up by the huge conglomerates that would rip off massive pieces of those once successful acquisitions, and then dump the rest for scrap. A lot of jobs and industries began to disappear"but "what the hell, this was America, there,d always be another job!" It was during this period that America went from the world's manufacturing heavy-weight and the international leader in business and industry to a nation of pink-collar industries and a rent-an-everything society, where prosperity had once been "King."
Ronnie presided over this particular folly. He took this nation from the largest Creditor Nation in the world to the World's Leading Debtor Nation during his eight years on the throne. It was "the Gipper" that gave us all an early grave, with ever more limited possibilities for any kind of future in those fast approaching "Golden Years" that seem to shrink with every passing president.
With these catastrophic reshufflings, many of the long simmering criminal-plans of the neo-cons finally began to come into flower. The language began to crumble under siege from both the left and right, just as an ever-greater need for real political knowledge began again to become a requirement for everyday survival. (3)
As The Trilateral Commission's sabotage of the "American Dream" was finally beginning to pay off, each new situation within the nation continued to worsen. Yet all of this made a perfect breeding ground for the last and final grasp of all that had eluded them for way too long. So with the Decider"that quasi-human shell that appeared to be human"but who was not as advertised: they could finally take those forever forbidden steps that would finally crush the life out of liberty and make a public mockery of "freedom."
Having created the events of 911, that gave them the license they needed to enslave the once tentatively free nation into a police-state without an end in sight: they soon began the total lockdown of the nation by implementing the National Security Council in place of Congress or the Courts: and so began this Great Imbalance in the scales of Justice that has brought us all to the open Gates of Hell itself.
Many have decried the critics of this Outlaw-band of Privateers, choosing instead to cite that tired old litany about Constitutional law, and a Free Republic, and the two party system and all those other parts of the now dead government that once held some power in this land. But they have overlooked some key points that can shed a bit more light on the human and political condition in the United States of Now!
For instance many have forgotten that we have not had free speech during any presidential election since that disaster on the streets of Chicago, at the 1968 Democratic Convention. Every presidential convention since that time"now 39 years ago"has denied the public the right to publicly confront political candidates with questions that do not agree with the candidate's point-of-view. Americans have apparently forgotten how to question anything -- anymore. But whatever that case might be -- it is clear that as a people we do not challenge those who seek high political office in this land. At least we haven,t done so since 1968. Now we have everything all locked down into political "Free Speech Zones" miles from any of the real action, and that is never covered by any inquiring media cameras.
Once these practices became the fact"what else could we expect but rigged ballot boxes, totally corrupted elections in which the candidates from both sides use the same speech writers, and the same funders and the same marketing companies. And most importantly both sides have sworn total allegiance to Israel over and above any consideration for actual American Interests in the World: whether those are national or international in scope. This government is full of appointees that hold dual passports, even the Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is an Israeli with an ugly past. I would give you the links to that past except that they,ve been scrubbed for our national security protection no doubt.
America without her "freedoms" is like a queen without her court. What is the point of that sculpture in New York Harbor that she supposedly stands for? "No real Questions" That's the new motto of this empire that has repulsed the world with our arrogance and lies, recast by criminals that stand only for themselves in a world gone mad with Terror, for the Crimes about-to-be committed, in the names of every one of us.
Here's just one example: "The master plan, it seems, is to move perhaps 40 million high-skill American jobs to other countries. U.S. workers have not been consulted.
Princeton economist Alan Blinder predicts that these choice jobs could be lost in a mere decade or two. We speak of computer programming, bookkeeping, graphic design and other careers once thought firmly planted in American soil. For perspective, 40 million is more than twice the total number of people now employed in manufacturing.
{Once again that's Forty Million Jobs -- more than twice the number of those now employed in US manufacturing}
Blinder was taken aback when, sitting in at the business summit in Davos, Switzerland, he heard U.S. executives talk enthusiastically about all the professional jobs they could outsource to lower-wage countries. And he's a free trader." (4)
Then finally today in the War-on-Iraq: the one that according to the Decider we are supposedly winning now, because he got his "pulse" and he's fairly certain that the money will soon follow. In that war today"236 Iraqi's were murdered.
On the box this was just a three second announcement in-between interviews with yet another student, teacher, bus driver, etc., in the Virginia Tech killing. NO, the President will not be rushing to Baghdad to offer comfort - there will be no counselors - or ministers sent to comfort the relatives, of these dead. We are told that the students at VT will be traumatized for life, most likely, and we were reminded how gifted and talented those who died were (true). Yet there's this great disconnect with everyone in this nation with the terrible suffering of those who experience a massacre of 4 to 6 times the tragedy of Virginia Tech DAILY - But do we care?  And in Iraq, there's no round the clock coverage, not even a single name of any Iraqi victim is mentioned.,
Is it only US casualties that can feel pain or suffer loss"one has to wonder at the lopsided coverage of so much blatant carnage? How exactly does it matter that we are free and they are not? They may numerically suffer far more, but we suffer out of ignorance"believing as we seem to, that "we" are free and have a democratic system. At least they know that the USA is killing them: we just nod and stare and then refuse to note the fact that it is we who are the real prisoners here, because at least the Iraqi's are resisting those that have come to kill them. We won,t even question what is happening; to who we used to be, or what we have become!
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4) US Plans to move 40 million high-skill jobs overseas



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