Kill All Three Hate Bills
With One Call Or Letter!

By Rev. Ted Pike

While protest against the federal "anti-hate" bill, H.R.1592, is now widespread, virtually no Christian/conservative organizations except the National Prayer Network are alerting America about the other two hate bills in the House of Representatives: H.R. 984, "The Executive Branch Reform Act," and H.R. 808, "The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act."
The feeling of leaders is that we would do well to keep people focused on the worst of the hate bills H.R.1592. As for the others, well
I disagree. I was tempted to feel the same way in January when Sec. 220, which would impose crushing reporting requirements on small Christian/conservative lobbyists, was added to the Lobby Reform Bill. How could we effectively fight both the hate bill and Sec. 220 at the same time ­ battles on two fronts? I sounded the alarm against Sec. 220 anyway. What resulted was an upheaval of protest, smashing it in the Senate. Since then, protest against the hate bill has also dramatically increased. This proves to me that the new right is more flexible, mature, and capable of renewed protest than we might think.
Window of Opportunity
None of these hate crimes bills will probably be voted on until the House reconvenes on April 13th. What a perfect time to educate the American public and members of Congress concerning the threat to freedom also posed by the little-known H.R. 984 and H.R. 808.
During the spring recess, House staff members or recording machines will receive the following message by phone:
Please don't vote for "speech crimes" bills. These include H.R.1592, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act;" H.R.984, "The Executive Branch Reform Act;" and H.R. 808, "The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act."
A more lengthy version may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed:
Dear (House Member):
Please do not vote for the following "speech crimes" bills:
1. H.R.1592, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act." Similar hate crimes laws have taken away freedom in Canada and many European countries.
2. H.R. 984, "The Executive Branch Reform Act." This Orwellian legislation requires all federal executive branch officials to report to the government every call from concerned Americans. This violates our First Amendment rights and our right of petition.
3. H.R. 808, "The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act." This would set up a "ministry of propaganda" funded at $8.4 billion a year, dedicated to bringing "peace" through non-Christian values.
Send one letter containing my three flyers against these bills (available at <> to the House member from your district. Distribute these flyers and my two articles (See, <>Waxman's 'Speech Control' Bill Subverts Democracy) (See, <>'Department of Peace' Does Violence to Christian Values) as widely as possible.
Another Hate Bill Coming
We must react massively right now because it is no secret that ADL wants to reintroduce another monster anti-hate bill, "The Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA). This will directly lead to criminalizing churches and employers who don't hire homosexuals or fire them because they are gay. Now is the time to continue to prejudice Congress against all forms of "hate crimes," "speech crimes," or "thought control" legislation. 
Every communication to Congress NOW makes it even more difficult for ADL to take away our freedom tomorrow!



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