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Fourth Of July Card
From Judy Andreas

By Judy Andreas

Unhappy Fourth Of July, America.  

Are you ready for your annual celebration?  

As you don your party hat, take a good hard look into the mirror of your soul. Do you like what you see?    Can you beautify the face of hypocrisy with a chorus of The Star Spangled Banner?

On holidays such as this one, I long for those blissful days of my childhood; those days when the Fourth of July meant a joyous celebration of birth. We had claimed our independence from Great Britain and a new world (without the word "order" ) had been born.  America was our land of opportunity and people came here to realize The American Dream. When did the dream morph into a nightmare? And when will we wake up? 

What will you be doing on July 4th? Will you be singing "God Bless America"? Will you be barbecuing large hunks of flesh and washing them down with a "cold one"? "Pass the genetically modified cob of corn, please"

Will you be frolicking at your picnic, ooo-ing and ah - ing as fireworks flash over the evening sky? They are far more attractive than the daily decoration of chemtrails.

Can you play The 1812 Overture loudly enough to deafen and deaden the sounds of the devastation being done in our name? 

Can you close your eyes tightly enough to blot out the pictures of the mutilated bodies of death and dying as we bring "freedom" to other lands?

Wave your Chinese made American Flag and we will all play "Let's Pretend". 

I regretfully inform you that I will not be attending your party this year. My holiday spirit died along with The American Dream. And while you are singing "and the rockets red glare", try to forget that others will be listening to the "bombs bursting in air".


Judy Andreas



"Good-bye America ... you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can't make you be that country unless you want it"

-Cindy Sheehan

Copyright: 2007




I just read your piece on Rense ... and I can totally identify with your sentiments. Along those lines, for some time now, I have not pledged "allegiance to the Flag" either (and I am a staunchly patriotic American), as those who may surround me in such events wouldn't think twice about betraying their nation (or even their own families) for a lousy buck - even their very own soldiers dying in the US's unlawful wars ..

The US has become a nation driven by GREED and AVARICE .. at every level. I am a poor person and I see vileness everywhere I look - even within the churches I used to attend ... worshipping at the altar of .. the Federal Reserve Note rather than the altar unto God!

God bless you for being honest and frank to those who will read your piece. Do not shrink from your beliefs, but be resolute and strong in your faith in God - and in Him alone!

Agreed my dear...I am so disgusted that I go days without being on the computer and avoiding the activism I was so dedicated to...Not enough of the "US" gives a Damn...Pitiful, just pitiful
Love to you,
Dear Judy,
This is so moving and sad. May I circulate it?
Couldn't have said it any better.... 
Wow, Judy.  Excellent.
Love, D
You wrote...''Can you play the 1812 Overture loud enough to deafen and deaden the sounds of the devastation that is being done in our names''
Half of the sheeple don't know what the war of 1812 overture is or was, such a shame..That you and I and all our Internet friends we correspond with are peaching to our own little enlightened choir The people that should be getting our messages are so self absorbed so far from the mark that the anvil of truth could hit them on the side of their heads and they still wouldn't know what hit them.
But you wrote such a beautiful thought provoking essay Judy that I was moved to tears. I glad to know such a gifted human being a you. There would be no reason to go on with out good decent people like you out there.
Your message was just beautiful. Sad, too, but beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Good morning.
This was a good piece.  Naturally, I thoroughly agree even though I wish that I could disagree!
I liked that short blurb because there was nothing in it but the painful truth, no excuses, no apologies, no flowers, nothing, but cold, hard reality. Articles like that serve a real purpose.
Hi Judy
I appreciated your non-jingoist view of this celebration; very refreshing. I would like to point out something that I notice in many of the great progressive writers (yes, I think you qualify). In the past it was necessary, and to some small degree may still be necessary, to give credence to the mythological backdrop of the creation of America.
As is the case with all cultures, Americans are wont to simplify history into an indoctrination of the soul which does not require thought to carry our mores through time. This is necessary to the degree that our limited minds can remember and our culture values education. I think it is high time that we toss out our childish world views and call a corpse a corpse, a waste of life a shame, and recognize that the American dream is currently still just a dream.  
Julius Caesar...or is it Orange Julius Caesar?
This Indian will be having fun on the 4th...as I drive into town to a whiteman friend's home, for burgers, hotdoggies, and other food. No alcohol. He also puts up a swimming pool in his backyard each summer.
You may know the words under the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill translate out to...New Order of the Ages...
You may know the men that founded your Nation were Deists & Freemasons for the most part, and they patterened your Nation after the Empire of Rome.
When I still young I watched a movie about Rome, and knew from that movie that our visitors to Turtle Island had set up their Nation after Rome.
Regardless my life came from God, not anyone's Nation, political party, religion, or church.
I enjoy everyday...which includes getting out into Nature..and writing & recording music.
I just basically ignore your world such as it is...& don't let if affect any of my happiness, as I am just happy to be a part of God's creation..and to see God's creation...which doesn't have a thing to do with either Columbus or the Pilgrims arrival...or the way Europeans live & think upon the Earth.
I live my life in peace...as human beings are already plenty good enough at harming one another as it is upon the Earth without my adding anything to things.
As I am just passing through this world..such as it is...and never believed the fairy tale taught in the European style of schools in the first place.
Is interesting that only a scant 112 years of rounding up the last of the Tribes...the number of people of your Nation who are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth about all the problems of your Nation.
Didn't found your Nation. Didn't build your Nation. I have no interest in solving the problems of your Nation. I just don't have any desire to be a problem to your Nation...as your Nation already has more than enough problems.
Love & Peace 
Djenane Kamil
Hello, Judy!
I would like to congratulate for the 4th of July card you wrote. A friend forwarded it to me, and reading it, I put myself in your place, and realised how utterly sad and betrayed Americans like you must be feeling now. I am an Egyptian woman, who, when in school, had one dream, to join the American University in Cairo. I did that, and loved it. I later went on a scholarship to America, and loved it. Later still, I went on various trips there, and loved all of it. I admire the American spirit of research, of innovation, the amazing intellectual elite in your country, whether in science, industry, or the arts and literature. I found Americans kind, generous and helpful. Now I actually feel betrayed, that I fell for all that. 
I know it is not the man/woman in the street who outlines the criminal policies of the administration, but he/she knows close to nothing about the rest of the world, and even the rest of America, that extends beyond the borders of his/her home state. In a democracy, where it is the people who choose their leaders, this is lethal, and we see the result in the morass your administration has put you in lately. I no longer watch any western TV channels, especially not the American ones, because I simply do not trust them to tell the truth. A week ago, I was zapping from channel to channel when I was stopped by a sign on MSNBC, showing: " Breaking News" !! I stopped what I was doing, and waited with apprehension, since we hardly ever hear a good piece of news now. The breaking news, you will not believe it, was that Paris Hilton had come out of jail. We saw her kissing her Dad, and filmed by cameras in a helicopter, we saw a long caravan of limousines riding toward her parents' home. This is simply pathetic.
Many thanks you for your work, Judy, and good luck on your mission. 
Best wishes to you from Egypt. Gratefully,                               
Djenane Kamil



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