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Bush Appoints Another Jesuit
Catholic World Bank Chief

By Chris Maynard

(Note - To try to make the point for those who still don't quite get it. Rense.com would cover this story the same way with news and commentary no matter WHICH group had a strangle hold on much of the western world as do Zionists. This is how Mr. Maynard's commentary might read if the Jesuit Catholics wielded the massive control that Jewish Zionists do.  It's all about absolute power and the loss of our freedoms...who holds that power is  not the primary issue on the table.  -ed)
I cannot tell you how surprised I am that Bush has appointed another Jesuit Catholic to replace the Jesuit Catholic Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. That's right, George Bush, just appointed a hard core Jesuit Catholic, Robert Zoellick, to relace the corrupt Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.[1] The only other time I've ever been this surprised was when Bush appointed the Catholic Ben Bernanke to replace the Catholic Alan Greenspan as head the Federal Reserve. Of course, - I'm just kidding, these appopintments don't surprise me at all - in fact I expect more. I'm not a mathematician, but based on the fact that Jesuit Catholics only constitute approximately 2.5% of the US population, I'd say that the odds that this is just a happy accident and/or a coincidence and not a sign that a very sinister agenda is at work are close to one in a million. In other words, it isn't a coincidence, the fact of the matter is a small group of Catholics do have complete control over our economy, and they must maintain their presence in all of the important economic positions in order to continue to advance their Jesuit agenda and prevent the American people from becoming too suspicious too soon.
What really surprises me is that Bush didn't appoint a Klansman, Freemason, or a Zionist, or a crypto-Nazi to the post, I mean seriously, aren't we suppose to believe that Bush is really a Nazi? How many bloggers attempt to make the connection, surely you've read this garbage somewhere. This absolutely insane supposition encouraged me to write an essay awhile back entitled "It's The Catholics Stupid,"[2] and I haven't changed my views since. Isn't Bush supposedly a racist, despite the fact that he's the only president in American history to appoint a black as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State [Twice]? Isn't he the only President in history to appoint a Hispanic Attorney General, not to mention an unbelievable number of Jesuit Catholics to incredibly sensitive positions within the framework of the American government, like Bernanke, Zoellick, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, etc I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bush is without a doubt the most Philo-Catholic President in the history of this country, his actions show better than anything else that he is more than willing to accommodate/placate these Catholics at the expense of the American people.
For those of you still in doubt that Bush has a statistically impossible to explain number of ethnic Catholics in sensitive positions within our government, see here.[3]
They [The Jesuits who run the US Government] put Zoellick on the fast track awhile back; in January of 2005, they promoted him to the position of Deputy Secretary of State despite the fact that he has no real experience in diplomacy and is well known around the world as an Vatican Firster, but that's all the really matters isn't it? Seriously, what are the prerequisites for a position of power in the United States today? As far as I can tell, all one need do is be pro-Vatican and be willing to lie, cheat, deceive, and cover up that fact when confronted.
David Duke PhD. [You know the evil man that supposedly seeks to deceive you and I] had this to say about Zoellick's unqualified appointment to State more than two years ago:
"It is no accident that Robert Zoellick was in line with the loudest chicken-hawks in promoting the Iraq War, and at the same time acted to increase our unemployment lines in America. Robert Zoellick has been instrumental in fostering outsourcing of American jobs to the Third World. He has been fostering more trade with Red China (and yes, it is still RED) Robert Zoellick's appointment is symbolic of the Jesuit hold over the government of the United States.[4]"
Does Dr. Duke sound ignorant, hateful and irrational now? Does he? Could it be that you and I have been deceived? Could it be that people like David Duke, those willing to openly criticize the Vatican and organized Catholicism, really aren't the vile `haters' we've been led to believe they are? I think so and if you're thinking properly you'll think so too.
The truth is we've all been misled and we're paying a heavy price today for our naivety and trust. We sat back and condemned our fellow man for racism and anti-Catholicism when they first spoke up about the growing power of organized Catholicism in this country and its usurpation of the American media and now we can clearly see the results. We labeled our friends and family `bigots' when they initially pointed out the tremendous number of Catholics furtively advancing the gay and feminist agendas, yet when it comes right down to it, they were right and we were wrong. The fact is, Catholics do dominate both the gay and feminist movements,[5] they always have and they always will, because it is the Catholics that can rely on positive media coverage, not the dissident voices of others. Wake up and do it quickly!
This Catholic monopoly of our media has gotten to the point today where it, the media, can take a fantastic story that never happened, like the Duke LaCrosse 'Rape' case and make it big news, they can sensationalize it for their own purposes; four rich white kids rape a black stripper! What a coup, what an incredible way to incite hatred against whites, but then the very same media can effectively suppress a true story, like what happened last January in Knoxville Tennessee, when five blacks, including a black female carjacked two white kids, kidnapped them, and then subjected both to anal and oral sodomy over an extended period of time, Channon Christian, the female was actually gang raped over two days, ending of course in the amputation of her breasts, the pouring of Drano down her throat [to eliminate the DNA evidence found in the perpetrators sperm] and finally her murder by suffocation.
It's a hate crime when the Catholic media[6] fabricates a story involving White perpetrators and Black victims, but it isn't a hate crime when Blacks torture and murder Whites. Why is that?
Wake up America, there isn't much more time.



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