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The Illuminati Killer 'Troops'
By Michael Shore
Tel Aviv, Israel

Who really thinks "the troops" will come home soon? 

Six years have almost passed since the Illuminati contracted 911 and Bush falsely claimed "mission accomplished" in 2003. Over $500 billion dollars later {and counting}, over 140,000 U.S. troops and an additional 100,000+ Paid Military Contractor "troops" {also known as mercenaries} are still in Iraq. According to some reports, over three hundred thousand armed to the teeth U.S. "troops" and mercenary killers are occupying Iraq. And your tax dollars are being stolen by the Illuminati and their connected military contractors to support these paid troops and mercenaries in this horrendous bloodbath that has killed and wounded over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi children, women and men, along with tens of thousands of U.S.troops. Why isn't everyone on planet Earth shocked and appalled that there is currently a leader of a Nation along with his connected associates in crime, who are responsible for the killing and maiming of over 1,000,000 human beings in a war?  It's like a new "Hitler" has arrived on the scene and no one sees him? One day in the future, people will question how Bush like Hitler was allowed to rise to power by the people of his Nation and start unnecessary Illuminati "wars for profit", which kill and maim millions of innocent human beings in the most barbaric ways. The Illuminati created Hitler and the Nazis and now they have Bush et al to carry out their sick agenda.

The censored U.S. corporate Illuminati controlled mass media reports mostly U.S. government propaganda and lies, as the "war for profit" slaughter continues unabated. The Iraqi war is a huge cash cow for the Illuminati and all their connected affiliates and they're not about to just let it go. Plus more importantly, you have the TRILLIONS of dollars of Iraqi oil that has been divided up by the few Illuminati global oil monopolies.Do you think the OIL RULERS are going to just give up and abandon TRILLIONS of dollars of OIL, which is being protected by your tax dollars that pay these troops and killer mercenaries, and is the main reason the "troops" are in Iraq? Not happening. It's amazing how the Illuminati can brainwash and propagandize the American people to fund a huge military {with taxpayer dollars}, which does their bidding and protects their TRILLIONS of dollars of assets all over the world.




The Illuminati rigged fake 2006 elections were intentionally designed to give the People a majority of Democrats in the Senate and Congress in order to push the hope and belief that "now something will be done to stop this terrible war for profits". The People erroneously believed that their vote counts and they could impeach Bush et al and bring the troops home. Many people know about the rigged electronic voting machines, so obviously the Illuminati could put any candidate they want into the White House or the Congress and the Senate. There are really only two major political parties in America {which is not democracy in action} and the Illuminati control BOTH the Republican and Democratic parties.

And what was the first thing out of the mouth of the newly elected Democratic majority leader, Nancy Pelosi? She immediately stated that "impeachment was off the table". But the majority of Americans voted to impeach Bush and end the war. How could Nancy do this? Well unfortunately Nancy does what she is told by her Illuminati masters. So you still have a psychopathic killer leader in the U.S.A., who blatantly lied to the American people and the world, and started a terrible "war or profits", which has killed and wounded over 1,000,000 people and no one in the Congress or Senate can think of any way to get him and his associates in crime out of office and punished for their crimes against humanity? Did the Democrats ever hear of an "outside prosecutor"?  An outside prosecutor, Ken Starr, spent over $60,000,000 to investigate the crimes of President Clinton, who was eventually "impeached" for just having consensual sex with a woman. We're talking about something much more serious and sinister here. Why isn't an outside prosecutor brought in to investigate a leader of a Nation and his associates in crime, who lied to start a war for profits and has committed major crimes against humanity?


Not only this, instead of ending the war, the Democrats amazingly went along with Bush and managed to approve tens of thousands of additional troops {the Bush troop surge} to be immediately sent to Iraq and approved more tens of billions of dollars be appropriated for the continuance of the unnecessary Iraqi war for profits. Could someone please tell us what has changed since the elections? NOTHING. It's so easy for the Democrats to approve of over $500 billion dollars for war, but they "argue" forever with their Republican counterparts over universal health care for all Americans. Every Senator and Congressman, who has not taken action against Bush et al is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for allowing this war to happen and continue.

Or where are there leaders of Nations calling for Bush et al to be taken to the World Court and tried for crimes against humanity? If Saddam Hussein or any other "bad guy" leader did what Bush et al is doing, many leaders of Nations would be crying out for "something must be done" to stop him. The World Court is suppose to be one option. Milosevic, the past leader of Yugoslavia, was tried and convicted for crimes against humanity at the World Court; and his killing of human beings was not even close to the number of innocent people killed by the Bush regime.  As one can see, there are things that can be done to stop the war and get Bush et al out of power, but the Illuminati have a different agenda and control almost every leader of every Nation, so this unfortunately won't happen.

The Illuminati like to make it "LOOK" like something important is being done, while at the same time continuing to enhance and pursue their sick agenda for total world domination and the enslavement of humanity.For example, there currently appears to be "important" Senate and Congressional "hearings" about the Iraqi war, Gonzales firing attorneys etc., but are these hearings really changing anything? The Democrats seem to have forgotten about Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the elimination of habeas corpus, illegal wiretaps {which continue), torture in off shore American gulags, the shredding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights, the building of major detention centers by Haliburton Corp., which are planned to be used in the future as "modern day concentration camps" and the continuing buildup of private troop contractors like the Blackwater mercenary soldiers (the new Nazi SS), who operate outside the law in Iraq and the U.S.A., as they did in hurricane Katrina.


Have you ever heard one Democrat expose the highly paid U.S. government mercenaries called Private Troop Contractors and question the reason for these contractors receiving untold billions of dollars and making such huge profits? Nope, you hardly hear the Democrats question and follow through on anything of meaningful importance, because the Illuminati control both the Democrat and Republican politicians.The U.S.A. is really a ONE PARTY ILLUMINATI STATE! These Senate and Congressional hearings are a charade and staged Illuminati events to make it appear that "something is being done". Congressional and Senate investigations can be compared to having the mafia setting up their own committee to investigate their mafia crimes and no mafia criminals getting prosecuted for their crimes by this committee. Just check it out>> one Senate or Congressional hearing/investigation after another with no results and no one being prosecuted for their crimes. As soon as one investigation is over, the people forget about it, and another investigation begins, where NOTHING IS REALLY DONE. It's all a HOAX!

One only has to look at the phony 911 Commission, which came to the amazing conclusion that Ossama bin Laden pulled off the "greatest" crime in U.S. history from some cave in Afghanistan. And no Democrats (with the exception of Cynthia McKinney) ever questioned the Commission's findings and "evidence" for the crime of 911. Forget about Senate and Congressional hearings to really achieve anything important that would go against the Illuminati agenda. Surely some Democrats and Republicans have Internet access and can see all of the evidence of how the Twin Towers and Building 7 were blown up in controlled demolitions. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center, even admits on camera that Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition, which blows a major hole in the government story and propaganda because it would take weeks or months to plan and implement a controlled demolition of a 47 story building.

Which means that someone would've had to plan and put the explosive charges into Building 7 BEFORE the day that 911 happened. Larry Silverstein also has to know who put the explosives in Towers 1 and 2, which were also brought down by controlled demolitions. Silverstein should be arrested and investigated for being a MAJOR accessory to the crime of 911. Instead Larry collected over $7 billion dollars in insurance money from the destruction of the World Trade Center, which he only owned for about four months. How could the 911 Commission and Senators and Congressmen and the F.B.I and C.I A. NOT know of the details on the Larry Silverstein video, if many ordinary people were easily able to see the video on the Internet? Not only did the 911 Commission not include in it's final report any reference to Building 7 and how it just happened to implode and collapse without it being hit by a plane or anything else, but the Commission also did not include the information regarding Larry Silverstein in their bogus report. This is just one obvious example of the 911 Commission cover-up.



So what can we do to stop the evil, sick Illuminati and their agenda for total world domination? So far they have been successful in brainwashing and propagandizing the American public and the people in most countries of the world to believe the satanic message that war and the killing of millions of children, women and men is "perfectly OK" and that war and all this sick killing is "good for business" and the economy. Please call the President and Vice President and every Congressman and Senator and demand that they send their eligible children and grandchildren and their eligible relatives to the front lines of battle, if they believe war is so necessary and "just". If they don't send their children to sacrifice their lives in war (which is what they have done for the past 6 years), then there is one more major reason to demand that the troops be brought home and the mercenary Paid Military Contractors be fired immediately.

War and all the killing and destruction it produces is EVIL, barbaric and insane, and the sooner human beings wake up to this truth and the fact that a secret well organized small group of "people" do exist ( the Illuminati), who have the money and the means to use war and fear to control the masses throughout the course of history, then we can have an opportunity to expose this satanic group and stop the killing of human beings and bring PEACE to the world.




Michael Shore



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