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Concentration Camps

From Name Withheld

I was born in 1941 in the town of Doetinchem, the Netherlands. My father was a member of the underground, and was also head of Civil Defense which made  him not subject to curfew.
In the war, all young Dutch men were required to go to Germany, not to concentration camps, but to work in German factories to  keep the war machine going, since all German men were at the front. 
Some young Dutch did not want to go. We had one of those hiding in our home with false papers. 
Subsequently, the underground brought to our house an Austrian defector, so HE hid in our house. Then the Gestapo came and checked out the size of our home to  see if there was a spare room for some of their people. They took our salon and we were henceforth not allowed to enter. 
I was small. From the moment I have any memory, I heard nightly bombers droning overhead on their way to Germany with the air-raid sirens going, the searchlight scanning the air the anti-aircraft guns popping away. About one to two hours later they would return. 
This became so normal for me that after the war ended I had a difficult time sleeping not hearing the nightly overflights. April 19, 1945, the allies, thinking they had reached Germany bombed us. They took pictures. Two days later they came again and bombed us some more, and on April 23rd the French, already free, bombed us also, for good measure.
My maternal grandparents had a safe house for Jews. They were Christian Reformed people. My grandmother wore on her coatsleeve the yellow star of David, even though she was not a Jewess.
She visited her daughter every day which necessitated her passing a German checkpoint. They got to know her as the cookie lady..."just ignore her." This suited her fine because eventually she had to move some Jewish people through that checkpoint, a few at a time, and the Nazis at the checkpoint just waved them on. The women who looked particularly Semitic had their hair dyed with peroxide. She was a very gutsy lady, my little grandmother.
I grew up believing that 6 million Jews were exterminated during the  Holocaust and 6 million others, although the others are never discussed. 
Recently, I have done some research, and since I also speak German I read the Wannsee Conference Minutes which is purported to be THE manuscript that tells the world about the Endlösung which is translated as final solution, meaning extermination. 
Except that the 'final solution' in the minutes speaks about the emigration/evacuation of all Jews from Germany proper as well as any Nazi-occupied territory...first they were to go to Madagascar, but later to Eastern Europe.
Reference is made of a dispute over money with the French. A large part of these minutes also discusses the sterilization of the Mishlingen (mixed blood).
How this would be accomplished legally via the German Court system and what the response from the Vatican might be.
There is no discussion whatsoever of exterminating anyone.
I have posted some of my findings on a forum and am vilified. I am called an anti-Semite etc. I have never been an anti-Semite and am not one now.
I see Zionism as having embellished this holocaust for their own agenda. And the world has given  Israel a blank check to terrorize the Palestinians for the past 60 years. So, today I decided to check on some Dutch sites to see what THEY have  discovered.
In my search, I wanted to find out where the Dutch people are gaining their  information on the war and the holocaust. Because in my own schooling in Holland, the war was NOT part of any curriculum. People lived it and wanted to  forget. Also what do THE DUTCH believe today??
So I bumped into a seemingly legitimate Dutch site.
Part of their site speaks of Dutch 'Concentration Camps.' I am familiar only with ONE in Westerbork. But what do I know....really! But then they mentioned MY hometown...Doetinchem.
I was stunned and decided that this required some investigating. Like, where was this little camp to which special Jews were brought,  (those collaborating with the Nazis) to subsequently be shipped off to German or Polish camps.
It was a Villa called Bouchina.
So, I kept searching for a picture of this Villa, or to get an address. The name meant nothing to me.
Finally, a photo. I recognized it instantly. It is a photo and the address of our Christian Reformed parsonage (it even refers to it as the parsonage) in which I lived shortly after the war, for about 6 weeks, when my mother was ill and recuperating. I lived with the minister and his wife. So, I called my 94 year old mother still living in Doetinchem. And I told  her.
It took me forever explaining to her what I had found and where this information came from.
"Where does this come from," she asked???
Did she know about this? "No!"
Would "vader" have known about this, he was in the underground. "Yes, I would think so"
At that time Ds van Pernis lived in the parsonage, according to her and afterward Ds Wassing and his wife with whom I lived. Ds means Reverend.
This information is new and was discovered in 2002 when someone made the astounding discovery. The site was asking people for information of the interior of the Villa or any other information they may have because 
people are getting older and may die and valuable information may be lost.
(They don't want to run out of business.) So, I wrote them. Then I went to their forum and registered. 
The very first thing I was informed of is that any dispute or questioning the extermination of 6 million Jews is NOT permitted.
So I asked them to remove my name from their list. The site works hand-in-hand with the Israeli Holocaust Museum and gets all its information from Israel which feeds it. Very "unbiased."
Talk about Zionist propaganda. 
Unbelievable. One could not make this up.
It upsets me beyond belief.
I sent this information to a friend who told me to pass it on to you. You  may use it but may not print my name, since it would interfere with me obtaining work. And it would endanger my life. These are very powerful people.



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