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Hateful Quotes -
Islamic AND Talmudic

Dick Fojut 

Frosty, I'm assuming you DID write "Fort Dix Six, 911 And Muslims" that was posted recently on Rense.com - http://www.rense.com/general76/911nd.htm
I've appreciated your past and present courageous efforts to close our borders from additional millions of aliens.
But I was totally surprised by your above incredible Rense.com rant, totally DEMONIZING the religion of ISLAM itself and ALL "MUSLIMS," not only assigning "Muslims" blame for ALL (alleged) past "terror" attacks, but warning that these "MUSLIMS" are subversively trying to conquer America - and the world! And already have done so to a great degree! Like Sean Hannity on radio, you've also alleged that "Muslims" will kill ALL of us who refuse to convert to Islam!
As foundation "evidence" to support your blanket demonization of Islam and Muslims, in your "Fort Dix Six, 911 And Muslims" article, you (selectively) quoted some truly hateful passages (apparently) from the Quoran or Islamic writings (about which one Islamic writer commenting to your article, called lies).
Frosty, aren't you being UNFAIR, selecting hateful passages from Islamic writings - without quoting similar hateful passages from the Jewish TALMUD?
Are you completely unaware that equally - and even more hateful - passages can be found in the Talmud (and other Jewish literature including The Jewish Encyclopedia), such as the following, found in an article about KOL NIDRE...
The Jewish Encyclopedia gives to Jesus, among other names, the pseudonym of Balaam. And, using that name here is what is says concerning His death:
"In the process of killing Balaam, all four legal methods of execution: stoning, burning, decapitating and strangling were employed (Sanhedrin 1.c.). He met his death at the age of thirty-three; and it is stated that he had no portion of the world to come (Sanhedrin x2:90a)... ."
The basic Talmudic doctrine is more than a Master Race Complex. It is an Only Race Concept. According to the Talmud the goyim (non-Jews) rank as animals. They have no property rights, no legal rights under any code whatsoever. Now can you see why the so-called Jews claim there is only one race of man? But they don't really want you to know what that means. We are merely their "stupid goy cattle." The Golden Rule of the Talmud is "milk the goyim, but do not get caught." Rabbi ben Yohai's edict is: "Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed." (Abodan Zarah 26b).
Regarding and Gentile property rights, their possessions are "like unclaimed land in the desert." (Baba Bathra 54b).
"With respect to robbery: if one stole or robbed or seized a beautiful woman, or committed similar offenses, if these were perpetrated by one Gentile against another, the theft, etc., must not be kept, and likewise the theft from an Israelite by a gentile, but theft from a Gentile by an Israelite may be retained." (Sanhedrin 57a).
Here are further expressions of "brotherhood." Kosher-style, straight from the Talmud and its supplement, the Cabala:
Kethoboth 3b: "The seed (child) of a Christian is of no more value than that of a beast."
Baba Kama 113a: "A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian. b. "The name of God is not profaned when lying to Christians."
Hikkoth Akum X 1: "Do not save Christians in danger of death."
Kohar I 160a: "Jews must always try to deceive Christians."
Zohar I 25b: "Those who do good to Christians will never rise from the dead."
Zohar II 43a: "Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice."
Zohar II 64b: "The Christian birthrate must be materially diminished."
Frosty, you support your warning to us all to FEAR Islam and Muslims, based on the hateful statements you selected from Islamic writings. In fairness, shouldn't you also be warning us to FEAR all Jews (Talmudists) who obey the Baylonian Talmud and the hateful "directives" listed just above?



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