Chemo/Radiation 'Therapy'
May Fuel Cancer Spread


Note - Funny how this story appears not in the American controlled mainstream media but in Iran's So, after how many decades of AMA radiation torture and chemotherapy toxic poisoning and suffering has 'science' now begun to 'discover' and face the obvious? Answer: close to 100 years. The 'therapy' offered by the medical-pharmaceutical cartel - and the gigantic profit center called the 'war on cancer' (the average cancer patient generates over half a MILLION dollars in cancer industry revenue now) - has to be stopped and replaced with an enlightened new paradigm of TRUE healing. And it starts with people learning to eat healthy and wholesome food and changing self-destructive lifestyles. The 'war' on cancer is a fraud, a monumental grant-gorging and profit-generating deception which has needlessly led to the excruciating deaths of hundreds of millions of people. So much 'progress' in this hoax of a 'war' has been made that cancer now strikes one out of every two Americans during their lifetime. Suggested reading: The writings of Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD in the archives. Just for fun, read the book 'Hitler's War On Cancer' to see an intelligent national anti-cancer program. - JR
Treatment May Fuel Cancer's Spread
Treating cancer with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation may sometimes cause tumors to spread, researchers say.
Tests in mice show that using the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin or radiation both raised levels of TGF-beta, which in turn helped breast cancer tumors spread to the lung.
But using an antibody to block TGF-beta stopped the process, Dr. Carlos Arteaga and colleagues at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee have reported.
"We'll be looking to see in what proportion of patients the serum and tumor TGF-beta goes up, and whether the increase correlates with the inability of the therapy to eliminate the cancer in the breast," Arteaga said.
Higher levels of TGF-beta after treatment may be a way to predict which patients are likely to have their cancer come back after treatment, Arteaga added.
TGF-beta, however, is not the only element that is having this effect. Many other compounds, including some immune system signaling chemicals, are also associated with tumor spread and growth.
Researchers are also testing drugs that interfere with TGF-beta to see if they improve chances of survival.



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