Feds Plan To Control
The US Internet

The Voice of the White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- "This report covers three subjects: The plan to take over and completely control the U.S. internet; and the Russian responses to publication of plots against Putin.
The current power structure of the United States exercises almost complete control over both the print and television media. They do not, however, control the flow of information, some it potentially disastrous, on the internet. An uncontrolled internet has exposed many lies and plots against the public safety and so, the current administration reasons, it must come under strict governmental control.
Therefore, there is now pending a joint attempt by the Department of Justice, FBI, and DEA to bring all access to the Internet within the scope of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The current CALEA legislation gives law enforcement agencies access to communications traffic under specific legal conditions and constraints.
The vehicle for this control, which is slated to be under the Department of Defense, is the so-called Internet2. This is to be a regional internet program and at present, it is controlled by the FBI but in the event this is officially expanded to take over internet control on a national level, it will then be controlled by the DoD.
At the present time, a number of very prominent and well-used internet and telecommunication services, such as Google, SBC, AOL and others, report directly to government agencies on the activities of their subscribers and users. For example, Google automatically notes any searches for subjects the government deems "inappropriate" such as interest in any group or philosophy in the Muslim world, any interest in technical subjects such as bombs or pathogens or any and all persons expressing anger with the government or any of its agencies or personnel.
Telecommunication companies fall all over each other to send daily reports on telephone, fax and other communications send or received by such of their patrons whose names have been supplied to the companies. These can be as harmless as anti-draft groups, Democrat activists, anyone expressing anti-Semitic views and so on.   



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