Thought Police Keel-Haul
A Navy Catholic

By Harmony Grant

Last year, the human-rights director for the city of St. Paul removed an Easter bunny displayed by a secretary. "I sent an email that Easter is viewed as a Christian holiday and advised that it be taken down. It wasn't a big deal," the director said. (Michael Barone, US News & World Report blog, April 2006)
But it is a big deal. Christian symbols are apparently too offensive to be seen. According to <>, Rabbi Rami Shaprio is encouraging everyone to write their local papers and demand that Easter bunnies everywhere be renamed. It doesn't take much. In 2001, a Jewish resident of Walnut Creek, CA, complained about the Easter bunny. After this single complaint, the city renamed it the "Spring Bunny."
You know who might have had a problem with this? John Jay, James Madison, John Adams- and George Washington, who kissed the Bible after taking his oath of office and wrote, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible." The founding fathers, who gave us our freedom, stated clearly that we have <>Christianity to thank.
If the brilliant men who wrote our Constitution were alive and talking this way today, they'd doubtless be defamed by the Anti-Defamation League as "Christian supremacists" and as "radical traditionalists" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Our nation's first chief justice, John Jay, went farther than most modern fundamentalists, saying boldly, "It is the duty - as well as the privilege and interest - of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." If SPLC had their way, John Jay would surely have been discredited right out of the Supreme Court building! In that case, he could join Lt. Cmdr. John Sharpe on the unemployment couch.
The Strange Case of Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe
On March 7, Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe was relieved of duty on the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, for alleged participation in an "organization that espouses supremacist causes." Sharpe had been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center for leading the Legion of St. Louis and the IHS Press, which SPLC calls "nakedly antisemitic." The Center lists Sharpe as one of the "Dirty Dozen" ­Catholic people/organizations which they call "radical traditionalist" hate groups. Sharpe founded the Legion of St. Louis, described by SPLC as "if it's not the worst group we profiled in terms of anti-Semitism, is right up there." (AP, March 11) 
"What do you mean, anti semitic?" counters Sharpe. "Have I advocated harming people because they're Jewish, hating people because they're Jewish, having any attitude to them because they're Jewish or any other religion? Absolutely not." (Steven Vegh, The Virginian-Pilot, March 10, 2007)
Sharpe says his IHS Press publishes old titles by Catholic writers such as G. K. Chesterton; he founded the legion in 2000 as a "Web-based forum for discussion on how Catholicism related to contemporary social and economic issues," and the site was only active for 2 years. (AP, March 11, 2007) So basically, Sharpe was dishonored and relieved of duty because of a Catholic publishing company and a politically incorrect website dismantled five years ago.
Brother André Marie of Saint Benedict Center says "Virulently standing up for Catholic doctrine and the Rule of Christ the King are becoming hate crimes now and Catholic men should not stand for that one bit." In a letter to the Navy Times, Brother Marie writes, "I know John to be a fine Christian man, not a "supremacist" or "anti-Semite" by any stretch of a rational man's imagination."
Saint Benedict Center praises Sharpe as a talented Catholic publisher and one of their conference speakers. They call his relief from duty one finger of a greater assault on Catholicism by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Lessons in Hate from SPLC
SPLC has indeed waged war against traditional Catholics, especially those savvy to the contemporary Judaic assault on Christian values, symbols, and beliefs in the west. In fact, SPLC accuses "extremist Catholics" of possibly forming "the largest group of antisemites"!
Their Winter 2007 Intelligence Report on the "Dirty Dozen" estimates the number of American "radical traditionalists" at 100,000. The "Dirty Dozen" list includes Catholic Apologetics Int., one of whose crimes was to publish an NPN article by Rev. Ted Pike. The twelve are targeted by SPLC for exposing, discussing, and criticizing Jewish leadership of social progressive causes and anti-Christianity.
Along with the "Dirty Dozen" report, the SPLC site denounces "racist" Pat Buchanan's immigration book and seeks to taint a coalition of psychologists who believe homosexuality can be cured with the charge of "racism." The site also blacklists "Christian nativists" (who want limited and legal immigration) and the Minute Men.
SPLC was founded in 1971 by Morris Dees and Joe Levin, Jewish lawyers in Montgomery, Alabama. Dees is famous for bankrupting far-right organizations through litigation. In 1981, the Center began monitoring "hate groups," and now produces a quarterly Intelligence Report. The Center's "Teaching Tolerance" K-12 education program produces an award-winning magazine read by "more than 500,000 educators."
Why Can't We All Get Along?
Why is there such antagonism from Jews against Christians? Since 1948, America has given away $100,000,000,000 to Israel. Evangelicals like John Hagee are more hawkishly supportive of Israel's wars than many Israelis! Why the hostility?
Modern Judaism is a primarily a humanist cult based on the myth of Jewish supremacy. Jews are bound together by the myth of "blameless victimhood" especially during WW2, and by the beliefs that they can trust no one but fellow Jews and goyim (even the best) irrationally oppose them. Personal testimonies of nominal Jews who have become "religious" reveal conversion stories quite unlike those of Christians, who most often report an experience with God involving guilt, repentance, forgiveness and spiritual peace. Most often, adult Jewish "conversions" happen after watching Holocaust film marathons, listening to Holocaust survivors, or reading a Shoah ode. Jews write of the sense of connection, responsibility, and honor for their dead-and those who will die if the irrational, immoral, hate-filled goy (Iran, anyone?) are not suppressed. Israeli and American Jewish leaders alike speak of Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians with often unabashed racism. If the Navy truly disciplined all who "espouse supremacist causes," how many Zionist Jews would be relieved of duty?
Christianity, on the other hand, is not about Christians the way modern Judaism is about Jews. It is about Christ. True Christianity places human interests below divine ones. Its fundamental relationship should not be man to man, but man to God. Christ taught the basic equality of souls before our Maker; He sanctioned no racial or national supremacy, but preached a kingdom "not of this world" which unites every person in every land who trusts in Him and receives His Spirit.
Thus Christianity rebukes modern Judaism by its very existence. The Spirit of Christ is irrevocably opposed to the humanist spirit of modern Judaism. They cannot be reconciled. Jews who hate Christianity and defame it at least recognize this reality, better than most Christians.
Those Christians who do recognize this battle, and speak out against the Judaic spirit attacking them, are quickly punished-as Sharpe and his Catholic friends know all too well.
The ultimate tool of Jewish punishment for Christian truthtelling is the "anti-hate" legislation of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. If a federal hate law is passed, public courthouses and military grounds won't be the only spaces patrolled by Jewish thought police-the entire United States, private and public alike, will be toured by the searing searchlight of the ADL for expressions of Christianity, or "anti-Jewish bias." All Christians may then join Sharpe in the unemployment line, or prison, whether they actually rebuke the Judaic agenda or not. It is Christ-and His teaching of spiritual equality before God, and spiritual obligation to Him- that is truly under attack, sought out for silencing and punishment.
We must be courageous and sincere enough to speak the whole truth now. Evil thrives in silence. If even a small minority of Americans humble ourselves before God and speak the whole truth, He may yet deliver our nation from the truly frightening specter of "anti-hate" legislation and a federal "Peace Department" dedicated to opposing traditional morality (See, <>'Department of Peace' Does Violence to Christian Values).
But if we can't find the guts to stand up for Christ when the worst ADL and SPLC can do is call us "anti-Semites" and alienate superficial followers, how will we stand when refusal to receive the mark of the beast means starvation and death? 
The time to speak is now, identifying ADL and liberal Jewish activism as the root of much of the rotten fruit in media, Congress, Mideast military entanglements and the globalist financial agenda.
I'm only twenty-four. But I would rather face prison for speaking the whole truth than live in comfort with the knowledge that, by my silence, I assisted evil. God told Jeremiah to speak the whole truth and "diminish not a word;" anything less empowers darkness. I can't have such complicity on my conscience either in this life or the next, where Jesus would ask, "Why couldn't you have feared and trusted Me alone? I would have taken care of you."



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