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Reference: The Thing!

Date: July 5, 2006
Time: Daylight sighting.
HBCC UFO Research Note: I would like to add that there is video footage for alot of the British Columbia sightings from this witness to come. The footage is being made available very soon and will update everything as soon as things are ready. Thank you, Brian Vike.
On July 5, 2006 I was sitting at my computer editing some earlier UFO footage/pictures when I looked out my front window and saw a black bar sitting over downtown Vancouver. It began to rotate, slowly, and hide in amongst the light clouds that day. This was the first time I had seen an object shaped like this one. If it was a saucer then I could only see the edge or side of it throughout the entire sighting which lasted for around 20 minutes. I stepped outside on to my balcony and called for it to come over and it did. At that point I found myself as close to a UFO as I have ever been and I was awestruck.
This was the most convincing moment I have had in my UFO experiences and I will never forget all that occurred. For instance, when the UFO was closer I asked it if it could show me some lights or something and so along the black bar appeared a pure, clear twinkling light that passed slowly across the blackness. It was joined by another light and the two would move across the black bar, sometimes in the same direction, sometimes they would meet at center and then  separate in opposite directions. You might think that I would have great photos or video of this since the UFO was so stationary but every time I lifted the camera to take a photo the ship would power down and the black bar would get very thin and the lights would cease. Then I would lower my arm and it would power up again.
This happened a couple of times until I got the hint that this was a special moment not to be documented. Out of 75 photos there is only one that shows some detail. The UFO seemed to have a friend, a small sphere that I was unaware of during the encounter. There is some video as well but not from close up. The sighting ended with the UFO simply fading out of sight in the exact spot that I had been watching it. Without moving or flying away it slowly faded out of my sight.
Thank you to the witness for the excellent photos. Please note these photos are all copyrighted to the owner, the owner of the pictures is stated on all of the photos.
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