Leaked Secret Brit
Report - 'Bush A Madman'

By Wayne Madsen

April 25, 2007 -- Senior British civil servant David Keogh. a former communications and cipher officer at Number 10 Downing Street, is on trial at London's Old Bailey, charged with violating the Official Secrets Act for leaking a classified report on an April 2004 meeting between George W. Bush and Tony Blair. The four page report referred to Bush as a "madman." Keough is accused of slipping the report to parliamentary assistant Leo O'Connor, who then allegedly made it available to anti-war MP Anthony Clarke. O'Connor is also on trial for violating the Official Secrets Act. The Blair government accuses Keough of leaking the document to influence the 2004 presidential elections, a clear indication that Blair was interested in seeing Bush defeat his Democratic challenger John Kerry. The trial is shrouded in secrecy, a move seen as an attempt not to embarrass an already-tainted Blair.
British government secret memo summation on Bush: "He's a madman."
Keough and O'Connor are just the latest victims of the global neo-cons and their Nazi system of purging their enemies. It is a tactic their Trotskyite, Jabotinskyite, and Straussian parents and grandparents learned from the coffee houses and cell meetings in Chicago, New York, Vienna, Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, and Haifa.



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