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John Carman, Hero Federal
Whistleblower Held - No Bail

From Rayelan
Rumor Mill News

Note from Rayelan Allan, wife of federal whistleblower (http://www.rumormillnews.com/HARRY_MARTIN_OCTOBER_SURPRISE.htm)
Gunther Russbacher:
The only way to keep whistleblowers alive is to KEEP them in the headlines. Please do for John Carman as you would do for your own husband, son, or father. We the People are the only thing that will win his release and keep him alive until we do win his release.
I was married to an incarcerated federal whistleblower. I know that everyday is a struggle just to stay alive. There are too many ways a whistleblower can die while incarcerated. There were more attempts to kill Gunther while he was in prison than I can remember.
Two examples of whistleblowers who were murdered while in prison:
Maynard Campbell, the first person to write a book about what happened at Ruby Ridge, was stabbed to death by an unknown attacker and allowed to bleed to death.
James McDougal, the Clinton's former White Water partner, died in prison... while in solitary confinement. He was a heart patient. He had told his lawyer that he had not been given his heart medication. McDougal bragged that he had told the whole story of his involvement with Clinton in his new book. After he died, I never heard anymore about the book.
Message from Darlene Fitzgerald, whistleblower and colleague of John Carman:
Dear Friends,
Again, I am asking for your help. As we sit here today and may count our many blessings that have been bestowed upon us, others are not so lucky. My fellow whistleblower John Carman, who has no convictions, is still being incarcerated without bail in the San Diego Federal Metropolitan Detention Center on what I, and others, feel are "TRUMPED UP" charges in order to shut him up. His elderly, wheelchair bound parents have tried repeatedly to put up there home for his bond, to no avail. At one hearing they had to endure observing previously convicted, illegal aliens being released on bail, while their son is denied the same.
John Carman has never been convicted a crime, and he is an American Citizen. Further, he worked for both the Secret Service and the U.S. Customs Service for many years and maintained a security clearance for these positions. Now, magically, he is being painted by the FBI as a flight risk and a danger. Oh yes, this is the very same FBI that John and I have repeatedly EXPOSED PUBLICALLY for not investigating the corruption that we identified in my book "BorderGate." Morever, John had a web site entitled "Customs Corruption" that was posted for years and allowed easy access for frightened whistleblowers to anonymously tell their stories without the fear of retaliation that John and I and so many others have experienced. In short, John has been a thorn in the government's side for way too long and when the news got out that he was nearing completion of his tell all book I'm sure this facilitated his fate with the San Diego FBI.
Please also note that the FBI's case largely spins on the testimony of a previously convicted, illegal alien. One of the convictions of this witness was for - you'll never guess - LYING TO THE GOVERNMENT. Yet, the FBI will now rely on his testimony for their accusations against John Carman.
If you believe in American values and share my indignation at such injustice, you too will want this to be investigated. As many of you know on May 14th and 15th of this month I spoke live before a Congressional panel in Washington, D.C. I was able to secure the interest of several of our Representatives on the Judicial Oversite Committee. I hope with your help, I can get this investigated by that Committee. Please help expose this corruption by following these VERY SIMPLE instructions:
1. You may call the following phone number (202) 225-3951 - which is a direct line to the House Judiciary Committee. Please ask the aide to convey to the committee members your desire for a complete investigation. You may use the following language:
Please investigate the Darlene Fitzgerald - "BorderGate" scandal which is further detailed at her web site <http://www.BorderGate.net/>http://www.BorderGate.net.
2. You may go to my web site at: <http://www.BorderGate.net/>http://www.BorderGate.net and do the following:
a. Click on "ENTER"
b. Click on "Additional Information"
c. Click on "JUDICIARY COMMITTEE" which is in red.
d. Then simply fill out the form in your own words or you may use the following language: Please investigate the Darlene Fitzgerald - "BorderGate" scandal which is further detailed at Fitzgerald's web site <hhtp://www.BorderGate.net>hhtp://www.BorderGate.net.
These very simple steps will make a difference in getting this scandal the investigation it deserves. Thank you so much for your help.
Darlene Fitzgerald Former Special Agent Author: "BorderGate, the story the government doesn't want you to read" www.BorderGate.net darleneian@highland.net
Please forward this letter to everyone you know.
Who is John Carman?
From Whistleblower John Carman's webpage http://www.customscorruption.com/
A veteran law enforcement officer for over 25 years, John has worked for the U.S. Secret Service, San Diego Police Department, U.S. Mint Police and the U.S. Customs Service. In his capacity with the Secret Service in 1974-1977, where he served for over 3 years, John was directly involved in protection of the President, First Family, the White House, the Vice-President and his family, Ambassadors, Embassies and Heads of State.
In 1982 he served with the U.S. Mint Police for approximately 1 year while protecting millions of dollars worth of United States Gold Bullion at the Federal Depository in San Francisco. He subsequently left this position in lieu of a new position in 1983 to serve as a Customs Inspector on the U.S.-Mexican Border. During his 16 year tenure in U.S. Customs, he was ultimately promoted to a Senior Customs Inspector where he was personally responsible for apprehending record numbers of narcotics, smugglers, armed and dangerous felons, fugitives and Immigration violators. 



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