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Ted Lang

The embarrassing debacle of our sell-out political leaders and 2008 presidential hopefuls falling over themselves and elbowing each other to the podium of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting held in Washington, DC between March 11th and 13th demonstrated clearly that our leaders put Israel first and America last. Fittingly, the hate conference was launched on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath.
AIPAC has been exposed. Its role in putting America and its military needlessly in harm's way in Iraq, and now their smashing success in terrifying Nancy Pelosi into removing any and all restrictions formerly placed on the criminal Bush regime, ensures that an attack on Iran is imminent and no longer avoidable. Bush is a mass murdering criminal maniac, and also totally anti-American. His imprisoning two Border Patrol officers for doing their duty in protecting America and trying to keep a dangerous drug smuggler from delivering huge quantities of narcotics into this country from Mexico, not only confirms Bush's contempt and hatred for US, but our rules and laws as well. And considering Bush's love for Mexico and his addiction to criminal intrigue, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Bush is part and parcel of the illegal drug traffic operation originating in Mexico.
And as the Bush regime abolishes our borders in the Southwest, his airport Gestapo keep wanding and x-raying US, purportedly to keep US safe from our enemies. If we no longer have a safe border in the southern part of our country, why do we need the Department of Homeland Security and its TSA? It's clear that Bush's geopolitical philosophy coincides totally with that of the global one-world communist government philosophy so crucial to the geopolitical objectives of the Zionist international bankers and their New World Order. 
Bush is perfect for the role of the American "transitionor," a lawless tyrant postured to negate both our laws and national purpose, and the one selected by the bankers to impose police state tactics against US thereby converting Zionist mass media-imposed "political correctness" into law. A perfect example of this legislative conversion and initiative is the current drive in Congress for "hate crimes" legislation. Partisan affiliation is, understandably, again a mere distraction to facilitate the Zionist divide-and-conquer strategy to render resistance to thought crimes legislation totally ineffectual.
That AIPAC totally controls American foreign policy in the Middle East is now completely unchallengeable considering the disgusting humbling of American political notables at AIPAC's 2007 Policy Conference. Vice President Dick Cheney chose the AIPAC conference as the legitimate venue to lambaste and attack the United States Congress for their "disloyalty" to America and its military by showing signs of balking as regards the continued funding for our illegal, unjust, unconstitutional and unnecessary invasion of Iraq that has cost our military so dearly, and which continues to dangerously threaten the stability of our economy.
And any and all attempts to terminate the slaughter of innocent Iraqi citizens, and/or any attempt to stop the AIPAC-ordered invasion of Iran, will invoke the smear of "anti-Semitism." But if trying to deal justly and honorably with Jews, Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East is marginalized with the epitaph of "anti-Semitism," can we then assume that torture, the mass murders of defenseless women and schoolchildren in Palestine, the torture of defenseless prisoners, and the violations of the Geneva Conventions and United Nations' Resolutions are pro-Semitic and therefore pro-Jewish? Are the world's greatest atrocities now attributable to all Jews?
Wasn't that the gross and inappropriate generalization that brought down Henry Ford's arguments in 1921 in his now-Fahrenheit 451-banned book, "The International Jew?" Isn't this what also negated Adolf Hitler's complaints against the "Jewish bankers" in his "Mein Kampf" of 1926? Isn't this the kind of generalization that both Christian and Jewish Zionists have always hidden behind, that of smearing anyone who disagrees with the horrors and terrorism of Zionism as simply being anti-Jewish? Isn't this the trap that Charles Lindbergh and Mel Gibson fell into? Isn't that why these truth tellers are always stopped even before they can initiate an intelligent debate on this extremely vital subject?
Every responsible American patriot, even those who take extra precautions separating Zionists from Jews, is smeared all the same by the evildoers. The so-called "Reverend" John Hagee addressed the AIPAC hate cabal reversing once again the roles of those actually being discriminated against, and persecuted, and tortured, and mass murdered in their own land, and identified as victims of Zionist horror. It is they, the victims, who are now being called the real threat as was the objective of the role reversal propaganda of Hitler's Nazis in 1938 Germany. But it is Hagee, and AIPAC, and Israel, and Bush, and Cheney who are the 2007 carbon copies of 1938 Nazi Germany! The world fears and hates US and Israel.
The alternate media, America's real free and independent press and voice of the people, has now once and for all exposed AIPAC for what it is: America's one and only political party. AIPAC is the astonishingly rich and powerful party/lobby that controls ALL politicians in America. Even a now-retired former president, Jimmy Carter, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, cannot stand up to the unlimited American political power of AIPAC. Congressional representatives Paul Findlay and Cynthia McKinney can testify to the all encompassing power and terror of AIPAC.
After Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed out in her address at the AIPAC 2007 Policy Conference that the war in Iraq had "failed on all three accounts," specifically that it failed to make US safer, failed to make our military stronger, and failed to make the Middle East more stable, her honest and truthful observations were received by the "America last" traitors and agents of a foreign power with boos and hisses and a mild "polite" applause. Who the hell are these traitors and enemies of America to criticize our leaders and representatives for correctly assessing our losses in the insane and unjust invasion they helped initiate? And why do our representatives and leaders fawn over them in hopes of winning their favor? We all know the answer: money!
George Soros is a world renowned billionaire and financial wizard. Soros is Jewish. His concern for the wrong direction that AIPAC is leading US in supports the concerns of Jewish professor and intellectual Anthony Judt, as well as the analytical criticism of AIPAC voiced in the now-famous Harvard paper prepared by Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. Writing in the New York Review of Books, Soros in his piece published in the April 12th edition entitled, "On Israel, America and AIPAC" offers: "The current policy is not even questioned in the United States. While other problem areas of the Middle East are freely discussed, criticism of our policies toward Israel is very muted indeed. The debate in Israel about Israeli policy is much more open and vigorous than in the United States. This is all the more remarkable because Palestine is the issue that more than any other currently divides the United States fromEurope. Some European governments, according to reports, would like to end the economic boycott of Hamas once a unity government is successfully established. But the US has said it would not."
Soros continues: "One explanation is to be found in the pervasive influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which strongly affects both the Democratic and the Republican parties. AIPAC's mission is to ensure American support for Israel but in recent years it has overreached itself. It became closely allied with the neocons and was an enthusiastic supporter of the invasion of Iraq. It actively lobbied for the confirmation of John Bolton as USambassador to the United Nations. It continues to oppose any dialogue with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas. More recently, it was among the pressure groups that prevailed upon the Democratic House leadership to drop the requirement that the President obtain congressional approval before taking military action against Iran. AIPAC under its current leadership has clearly exceeded its mission, and far from guaranteeing Israel's existence, has endangered it."
The latter observation is right on the money. It can be shown that the majority of the Jews who are native to the nation-state of Israel are vehemently opposed to the right-wing fascist police state tactics of the Likud Party-controlled ruthless government of Israel. It can also be shown that the majority of Jews residing in the United States not only oppose the Likudniks in Israel, but are also strongly opposed to George Bush and his regime. AIPAC does not represent the majority of Jews in EITHER country!
Soros observes: "Supporters of Israel have good reason to question AIPAC's advocacy and they have begun to do so. But instead of engaging in critical self-examination, AIPAC remains intransigent. Recently, the pro-Israel lobby has gone on the offensive, accusing the so-called progressive critics of Israel's policies of fomenting anti-Semitism and endangering the very existence of the Jewish state."
Soros laments the attacks against him by fellow Jews and doesn't hesitate to quote and itemize their charges against him. It documents and reveals that which any alert observer has already surmised. Soros reveals his feelings, both as a Jew, and as an American: "I am not insensitive to this argument. It has held me back from criticizing Israeli policies in the past. I am not a Zionist, nor am I am a practicing Jew, but I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel. I did not want to provide fodder to the enemies of Israel. I rationalized my position by saying that if I wanted to voice critical views, I ought to move to Israel. But since there were many Israelis who held such views my voice was not needed, and I had many other battles to fight."
That succinctly articulates not only Soros' views as a Jew, but the views of many Americans as well, including my own. I am not pleased with the way the Jewish nation-state of Israel came into being. I am not at all comfortable with the way the modern state of Israel came into being, that being with acts of terrorism against the former peaceful Palestinian inhabitants of what is now Israeli territory. I abhor the ruthlessness and inhuman brutality of Israel, which is most definitely on a par with that of Hitler and his Nazis. A peaceful coexistence is not only possible, but was demonstrated as viable by former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. As Soros points out, AIPAC has so far overstepped its mission of protecting Israel that its posture now threatens both Israel and theUnited States.
Soros summarizes his observations in his outstanding and well-written piece: "I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC. Palestine is a place of critical importance where positive change is still possible. Iraq is largely beyond our control; but if we succeeded in settling the Palestinian problem we would be in a much better position to engage in negotiations with Iran and extricate ourselves from Iraq. The need for a peace settlement in Palestine is greater than ever. Both for the sake of Israel and the United States, it is highly desirable that the Saudi peace initiative should succeed; but AIPAC stands in the way. It continues to oppose dealing with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas."
It is important to remember that Hamas was assisted in its establishment by funding provided by the state of Israel. Israel had hoped to create an Arab/Muslim opposition movement that would challenge the authority of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization. The original Bush/Israel-sanctioned election supported a Hamas government, and as Soros points out, requires Israel and the United States to deal with that popular movement to at least bring the belligerents to the peace table. The obvious answer to peace in the Middle East is to capitalize on a "bottoms up" pressure of the people of both the Palestinian territories and Israel to pressure governments and societal and political organizations for peace.
But the suicidal tendency of AIPAC, representing the minority fascist governments of both Israel and the United States, is blocking any and all such peace initiatives. Additionally, AIPAC's pressure for US to attack Iran has been supported by the treasonous actions of so-called Speaker of the House of Representatives, Madam Nancy Pelosi. If one individual can be identified by her treasonous actions and as an anti-American traitor, it is Pelosi. She alone will bear full responsibility for the coming conflagration that will be launched by the criminal Bush regime's attacking Iran.
And this invasion and attack will serve neither Israel nor America. In fact, tiny Israel will now be at greater risk than anytime during its entire existence. The resistance demonstrated by Hezbollah when Israel launched an unjust attack against Lebanon's infrastructure has already demonstrated this. Retaliation againstIsrael need not be nuclear nor immediate; but it will be massive and total. AIPAC is America's greatest enemy, and may eventually prove to be Israel's as well.
© THEODORE E. LANG 3/31/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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