Bush Is Mobilizing The
ENTIRE National Guard

Voice of the White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- I have two subjects to deal with today. The first is the completely disastrous military situation in Iraq and the second deals with deliberately poisoned food in the United States. In the first matter, it will soon become public that Bush is going to extend the tours of duty for troops to 15 months or, with some clever interpretation of the rules, to 20 months.
In addition to these draconian measures, be advised that a classified Pentagon report confirms what we already knew: that Bush is ordering all, repeat all, National Guard units activated (in discreet stages) for immediate shipment to Iraq. Legally, Bush can do this, but the political uproar is going to be immense. "National Guard (In Federal Status) And Reserve Mobilized As Of April 11, 2007
This week, the Army, Navy and Air Force announced an increase, while the Marine Corps and Coast Guard had a decrease. The net collective result is 1,030 more reservists mobilized than last week.
At any given time, services may mobilize some units and individuals while demobilizing others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease. Total number currently on active duty in support of the partial mobilization for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 63,689; Navy Reserve, 6,404; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 5,079; Marine Corps Reserve, 5,514; and the Coast Guard Reserve, 302. This brings the total National Guard and Reserve personnel, who have been mobilized, to 80,988, including both units and individual augmentees."
The press is being strongly advised by the White House and the DoD to "play this down" lest it cause "unnecessary political problems."
Also, there is a plan to reactivate many ex-soldiers who have completed their service within the past five years. This will be guaranteed to create even greater uproar but Bush is determined to do this and in the end, he will have his way regardless of Congress or the opinions of the American public.
The new "surge" troops are not properly armed; have absolutely no body armor, for example, and not is, or will be available, and the casualties are soaring. Bush's goal of crushing any Iraqi resistance to the American occupation has been doomed from the start but no one dares to advise him of this dismal and growingly obvious fact.
Bush obviously has a death wish but unfortunately, the casualty rates of both American military personnel and the Iraqi civilian population (ca. 600,000 in four years) have absolutely no effect on him.
Another Pentagon report on desertions in addition to a new one under date of April 9, 2007, speak of the exploding rate of desertions and the very strong possibility of mutiny. The Pentagon hopes that such rebellions would be in Iraq where they can be ruthlessly dealt with out of sight of the increasingly enraged American public. Shooting dozens of soldiers would be much easier in the privacy of Baghadad barracks rather then at Ft. Bliss.
Also, it is interesting to note that the highly sophisticated roadside bombs that are inflicting many deaths and terrible injuries were not manufactured in Iran but in Iraq! A bomb-making factory was recently uncovered (a full report will be printed here soon) in Baghdad and both the Pentagon and the White House were fully advised. The American media has been ordered to shut this off because Bush demanded it.



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