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I have been telling people this for years,  all you need is a ECG of the brain to see the truth .. it totally desynchronizes the brain and cause us to loose our psychic mind ... yes our psychic mind, we are Human not slaves to the race of beings that control us ... this doesn't mean much to most ...
Garlic is not only repulsive to any one that eats it for hours ... but it makes us stupid slow and simple ... this is hard for most people to grasp,  do the ECG and do the experiment yourselves ... read this article on this and you will be amazed it does clean the blood but it also destroys the total  mind synchronization of the two hemispheres .. I was heart broken,  when I heard of this because I love the smell of garlic and onions ... but oh well ... once you find out they are a neuro poison then it makes al the sense in the world when you eat it ... what happens to you ! ... you smell awful and are totally repulsed by others . most are generally being nice not to tell you ... YOU STINK .. stay your distance !  
it is also the best organic insect killer, too, is there a reason why no bug will eat garlic or any of the onion family...because it kills them.
The reason garlic is so toxic, the sulphone hydroxyl ion penetrates the blood brain barrier, just like DMSO, and is a specific poison for higher life forms and brain cells. We discovered this much to our horror, when I was the world's largest manufacturer of ethical EEG biofeedback equipment. We'd have people come back from lunch that looked clinically dead on the encephalograph, which we used to calibrate their progress. "Well, what happened?" " Well, I went to an Italian restaurant and there was some garlic in my salad dressing!"
So we had 'em sign things that they won't touch garlic before classes or we were wasting their time, and money and my time. I guess those of you who are pilots or have been in flight tests... I was in flight test engineering in Doc Hallan's group in the 1950's. The flight surgeon would come around every month and remind all of us: "Don't you dare touch any garlic 72 hours before you fly one of our airplanes, because it'll double or triple your reaction time. You're three times slower than you would be if you'd [not] had a few drops of garlic."
Well, we didn't know why for 20 years later, until I owned the Alpha-Metrics Corporation. We were building biofeedback equipment and found out that garlic totally desynchronizes your brain waves. So I funded a study at Stanford and, sure enough, they found that it's a poison. You can rub a clove of garlic on your foot - on the sole of your foot - and you can smell it shortly later on your wrists. So it penetrates the body. This is why DMSO smells a lot like garlic: that sulphone hydroxyl ion penetrates all the barriers including the corpus callosum in the brain. Any of you who are organic gardeners know that if you don't want to use DDT, garlic will kill anything in the way of insects. Now, most people have heard most of their lives that garlic is good for you, and we put those people in the same class of ignorance as the mothers who at the turn of the century would buy morphine sulphate in the drugstore and give it to their babies to put 'em to sleep. If you have any patients who have low-grade headaches or attention deficit [disorder], they can't quite focus on the computer in the afternoon, just do an experiment - you owe it to yourselves. Take those people off garlic and see how much better they get, very,very shortly. And then let them eat a little garlic after about three weeks. They'll say: "My God, I had no idea that this was the cause of our problems." And this includes the de-skunked garlic's, Kyolic, some of the other products. Very unpopular, but I've got to tell you the truth. (Source: From a lecture by Dr Robert [Bob] C. Beck, DSc., given at the Whole Life Expo, Seattle, WA, USA, in March 1996)
Bob Beck also found in his research on human brain function in the 1980's that garlic has a detrimental effect on the brain and researching this further he learned that many yoga groups and philosophical teachings caution against the use of garlic and onions as they are known to interfere with meditation practices. Some aware individuals have actually described themselves as experiencing brain fog after having garlic.
The Harmful Effects of Garlic
Garlic is toxic to humans because its sulphone hydroxyl ions penetrate the blood-brain barrier and are poisonous to brain cells.(1) For precisely the same reason the garlic family of plants has been widely recognized as being harmful to dogs.(2)
As far back as the 1950s it was known that garlic reduced reaction time by two to three times when consumed by pilots taking flight tests. This is because the toxic effects of garlic desynchronize brain waves.
The Taoists realized thousands of years ago that plants of the alliaceous family were detrimental to humans.(3) They labeled this group of plants ­ onions, garlic, leeks, chives and spring onions ­ the 'five spicy-scented plants.' They noticed that onions are harmful to the lungs, garlic to the heart, leeks to the spleen, chives to the liver and spring onions to the kidneys. Hindus also avoid this group, which they have called the 'five pungent plants.'(4) As well as producing offensive breath and body odour, these plants induce aggravation, agitation, anxiety and aggression. Thus they are harmful physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Even when garlic is used as food in Chinese culture it is considered harmful to the stomach, liver and eyes, and a cause of dizziness and scattered energy when consumed in immoderate amounts.(5) Nor is garlic always seen as having entirely beneficial properties in Western cooking and medicine. It is widely accepted among health care professionals that, as well as killing harmful bacteria, garlic also destroys beneficial bacteria,(6) which are essential to the proper functioning of the digestive system. Furthermore, Ken Bergeron, in Professional Vegetarian Cooking, p. 16, writes: "garlic in the raw state can carry harmful (potentially fatal) botulism bacteria." Perhaps it is with an awareness of this that the Roman poet Horace wrote of garlic that it is "more harmful than hemlock."(7)
In the practice of Reiki, we have noticed that garlic and onions are some of the first toxic substances that are expelled from a person's system ­ along with tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical medications. This makes it apparent that alliaceous plants have a negative effect on the human body and should be avoided for health reasons. Homeopathic medicine comes to the same conclusion when it recognizes that red onion produces a dry cough, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and other familiar cold-related symptoms when consumed.(8)
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Jon Gentry 
Dear Jeff & Staff -
Reiki Detector on a Garlic High
Dear Rense Audience. I have another type of detector which I have internalized. This informs me when someone is "out of alignment," let's say. I am sorry for the Reiki Masters that garlic disrupts their testing and makes them stupid, slow and simple. This seems to be obvious from this article which maudlinizes the subject of garlic, misrepresenting benefits as detriment and is utterly simplistic in its approach. Yes, garlic is a known mild depressant. Yes, garlic can be poisonous. Chefs are trained to avoid letting an open cut contact garlic or its juices. But you don't put garlic direct into the bloodstream, you digest it.
If this text from the Reiki Empowerment Seminars was accurate it would inform participants that for the purposes of Reiki garlic should be avoided.
Likewise, there are Raja yoga techniques you don't want to be practicing after consuming quantities of garlic. It is said to slow the heart and cause it to beat heavy. All these things are true I'm sure. But yoga treatise also warn of other stimulants and depressants, such as coffee & tea, alcohol, tobacco. 
Probably don't want to be consuming or using these things if you're on a meditation retreat.
But garlic's health benefits as a natural antibiotic and antifungal agent far outweigh its detriment for the majority of people who are not Reiki Masters or focusing on their third eye. And garlic protects the heart by warding off the very real danger of infection spreading to the heart valves. Garlic is actually a part of heart protection protocols as well as anti-aging formulas.
Now to the meat of the matter. Why would garlic disturb an ECG? Could it be possible that the subject in question had some type of bacterial, fungal or parasitic die-off event after consuming the garlic? This simplistic approach admits no distinction between cleanup and garbage.
This actually is very reminiscent of an engineer's approach to systems analysis. Figure out what you want the thing to do, then eradicate anything extraneous as an unwelcome anomaly. Perhaps if developed the idea has potential, an honorary degree at some technical school. But we'd be throwing garlic on the dustbin of history rather than seeing its rich contribution to regional and ethnic diets, ignoring the wisdom of many an herbalist or natural healer. That's just wrong. Garlic's benefit outweighs its "harmfulness."
Jon Gentry



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